Psychology Explained

By Jessika Endsley


High fetal testosterone and Aspergers Syndrome

High fetal testosterone is linked to low empathy and low mind reading abilities AKA facial recognition that would allow one to know what emotion another person is feeling. High Fetal Testosterone is also linked to Psychopathy and Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

The female brain is typically wired for empathy, communicating and maternal feelings. The male brain is stereotypically wired for understanding and creating systems. Females are more likely to go to other people. More likely to talk, gossip, ask for relationship advice, talk about their nail polish - I don't know what they talk about or what they do because I'm not one of them in the head.

And males obviously prefer to work with things, objects, and even when working with people: Systems. And of course, they display less empathy. Most people are balanced brained to some degree. A female will typically lean more towards a female brain and a male typically more towards a male brain. That doesn't mean there aren't females who lean towards systemizing and males who have more empathy than other males but people with AS typically have the extreme male brain.

Testosterone-AspergersSystemizing, extremely low empathy, analyzing. Females with Aspergers Syndrome, because of this often feel androgynous due to these fetal testosterone levels that predisposed them to the syndrome. Also males with Aspergers syndrome have the extreme male brain. That's why both male and female Aspies seem weird. It's because it's an extreme and extreme is always seen as out of the ordinary. So even though a male Aspie will have male tendencies - primarily only male tendencies - it's so extreme that it's noteworthy and recognizable. Less empathy, which comes along with high testosterone equals more self-centeredness. Aspies are self-absorbed we just are because we have limited range of interest and if you aren't talking about what we would like to go on a monologue about or you aren't talking about something that's in our interest field, quite frankly we probably don't care about what you're saying and we won't be able to recognize normally when you would like us to shut up about what it is we're talking about.

So the Aspergers brain is extreme and in most cases it's an extreme male brain. There are exceptions obviously. I do know some highly empathetic Aspies but they do experience their emotions differently from what I've observed of NT people. So, most males do empathize stereotypical less than the female, but we all have your place in this little world including us Aspies… I will leave you on the note that high testosterone levels are related to having good looks!