About OwnShrink.com

OwnShrink.com means "Be your own shrink" in the sense that the more insight you have into your own mental condition and that of others, the easier it will be to overcome negative aspects and the better you can utilize positive aspects. Personality disorders are common but still vastly misunderstood, in spite of being highly influential to society. Without high functioning autism, society would not have reached the current technological level. Without psychopaths, there would likely be a lot less war and financial crises. On the other hand, all personality disorders have useful functions in society as well. Many articles on this site are written and videotaped by Jessika Endsley.

Jessika Endsley

Jessika Endsley is a poet, author, painter and creative artist and she studies psychology. Her first novel in a trilogy is called Euthanasia. She has Asperger's and an INTJ personality type.

Her expertise includes personality disorders and serial killers. Endsley does original research and develops new theories. She has extensive experience counseling people with personality disorders and published articles and videos about a variety of topics within her expertise.

Endsley does not mince words, explaining complex psychological phenomena in simple, sometimes hard-hitting terms.



Sarah Morton

Sarah Morton

Sarah Morton is a columnist in the Dutch media and blogs, writes books and gives lectures on the challenges children face in today's fast-paced, demanding society, especially touching upon the issues faced by children with autism. She has been diagnosed with autism herself. She wrote autobiographical works and books on the emotional perspectives of children as they grow up, from womb to early teens. Sarah has been interviewed for various TV programs in the Netherlands and strives for an understanding of young people, especially those on the autism spectrum.


Sarah Vaughter

Sarah owns this site. More about Sarah here.