Alone time for introvert aspie

By Jessika Endsley

As an introvert, I highly value my solitude. This is something I don't see in many others, especially my age. I do like my time with others and as a teenager, I spent a lot of my time with friends and was somewhat social. But at the end of each social event I would look forward to the time I would spend alone. And of course, once I accept someone as my sidekick, they can have alone time in my vicinity.

HOWEVER, extended alone time is a tricky thing for me I suppose. I have to do it right. I've been accused of derealization. =)

I don't know how many people other than me go to bookstores now, but there are a LOT of self-help and self-discovery books out there. People don't know who the fuck they are, evidently. Is this because of the input of characters from TV overwhelming the mind, and with faux-people set in the mind as the norm? With the typical mimicking behavior displayed by humans and other primates, are people mimicking so many different people, most of whom are not real, and losing a sense of their organic identity? Are people sharing memories that never happened?

I don't have this particular problem. I spend a lot of time alone. I spend a lot of time by myself. I will go to the movies alone, I will go to the park alone, I go get my tattoos alone. Many people observe their partners on dates in these situations. They want to see how that person reacts, what they dislike and like about an experience and how they display that outwardly. What they need to do, is use this same practice of observation on themselves.

Because those self-help books tell you to do stupid shit.

Sensory overload, people. Just because I have Aspergers and you don't doesn't mean you can't get sensory overload to the point that you have an identity crisis.

solitudePhotography: J. Endsley

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