Asperger's and INTJ personality

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy and I am reporting some recent research I've been doing between similarities of people with Asperger's and their Myers-Briggs personality types. I haven't had many subjects to work with based on one website, but based on the research I have gotten, it has been slightly remarkable in similarities between the types and people with Asperger's syndrome.

The types I've gotten from people with Asperger's, when I got them to take the test, including myself, are: INTJ, INTJ, ENTJ, INTP, INTJ, INTJ and a random ISTP. The most noticeable thing about this is obviously, it's primarily INTJ's. No "F's" whatsoever, so the feeling type is out of the question, which would be pretty apparent considering people with Asperger's tend to lack empathy all together. So do INTJs, probably more so other than any other TJ type, according to Myers-Briggs.

So, the common themes I found between people with Asperger's and the people who are simply INTJs are:

Perfectionism. INTJs display this and Asperger's also display this, although someone diagnosed with Asperger's it is going to be seen more as a dysfunction rather than just a personality trait.

Bluntness of speech. People with Asperger's are blatantly known for having absolutely no awareness of how to be polite. They often come across as rude when they have absolutely no clue that they are coming across rude. They think what they are saying is perfectly normal and polite, but the lack of social awareness for anyone on the Autistic Spectrum is going to be pretty obvious, and it's going to be obvious in people who are INTJs because we lack empathy. We just do. Anyone who studies Myers-Briggs and knows about the types individually will know that INTJs often come off as extremely blunt, possibly crude, unfriendly and aloof, which brings me to the next thing of people with Asperger's appearing to be aloof.

We are extremely socially awkward.. INTJs might not come off as socially awkward as someone with Asperger's, but it is a common theme. But someone without the supposed "dysfunction" that is Asperger's Syndrome will be able to control or feign politeness for the sake of social, you know, peace.

Aspergers and INTJ personalityThe next thing would be a preference for the sciences and non-fantasy reading material, career, anything. INTJ's are very much geared towards the sciences and are more commonly left-brained. People with Asperger's often don't have the capacity to deal with or be interested in much of fantasy at all. They tend to like the concrete, memorizing license plates, learning about the innards of computers, just having very scientific obsessions-limited obsessions, at that. Now an INTJ without Asperger's is likely to have a wider range of obsessions or interests or hobbies. Someone with Asperger's is going to be very limited. Mine, for example, is personality typology, which is what I am talking to you all about right now. Also, I have basically three interests. It's all psychology based. I'm not going to go into all of it, because, I mean, I'm not going to start talking about how I like serial killers, and by like I mean study, not like I idolize serial killers. Yeah, people with Asperger's don't tend to lean towards anything fantasy-related. It's very uncommon in people with Asperger's and a lot of times anyone on the autistic spectrum at all.

INTJs and people with Asperger's are extremely bad at interpersonal relationships. It's been called the INTJ Achilles' heel. INTJs themselves, without Asperger's, just won't get it. They won't understand how to make a connection with another person. They just aren't aware. People with Asperger's can try and try and try to make that connection but the lack of empathy and seeing people as "foreign humans" and often feeling as though they are aliens in human bodies, which I've talked to several other people with Asperger's about and they've agreed of having that same sensation of being outside of humans and looking in at them, it becomes very difficult to make connections so relationships can become extremely difficult for both the non-Asperger's or non-INTJ partner and for the INTJ or Asperger's person, especially if they are INTJ and Asperger's, which it appears is extremely common.

Neither INTJs nor people with Aperger's tend to grasp social rituals. The difference in this is that INTJs without Asperger's are more likely to be able to figure out what is acceptable and what is not acceptable socially and follow a script just to get through social things they have to do. People with Asperger's are more inclined to just have random outbursts of things that are totally not acceptable and then wonder why people are looking at them funny. But even though the INTJ might be able to mimic the social ritual, they don't quite understand the theory behind it. They just do it because they have to.

After this research, the main question is: Would the people with Asperger's have an INTJ personality type if they do not have the neurological issue of Asperger's Syndrome? Would they be an entirely different type on the Myers-Briggs indicator? Would they have the same? That's basically what I'm trying to figure out right now. I don't know if the Asperger's lends to the type as much as I mean another type with the mental illness, if you want to term it an illness, which I wouldn't. If they didn't have Asperger's, would they still be an INTJ? Or would there less of "T's" in my research and there would be more "F" types, feeling types, perceiving types? There's only two perceiver types in my research, and that's pretty common because people with Asperger's don't like their schedules to be interrupted and they can be very anal about it and it will upset them greatly if their schedules are interrupted. So, I am assuming the INTP and the ISTP are more high-functioning on the Spectrum.

So, any input on if the Asperger's is what makes these particular subjects INTJ's or if the INTJ type could actually induce Asperger's, Any comments are welcome, any input. Thank you for listening and I will be talking more about Myers-Briggs at a later date. Thank you.

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1.  Lobber    Sunday, August 30, 2015

I am an INTJ with self diagnosed aspergers syndrome. On Tuesday I see a doctor to get an official diagnosis. I'm a 42 year old virgin who's never had a girlfriend. Being both of these has been fatal to my social life. I am extremely lonely. I've detected that several women in the past have expressed interest in me, upon reflection and hindsight. I've been in love with more than a dozen women. Some of them have even known about it. I cannot read non verbal communication. People tell me I'm very handsome, and one called me desirable in a sexual way (paraphrased). I have a hard time believing this. I am extremely intelligent, witty, funny, and creative. Although I do like fantasy, so I'm not quite what you might expect. There is more, but insufficient time to elaborate further.

2.  Georgia Sand    Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I stopped reading after "lack empathy altogether". Seriously? Screw you.

3.  Michelle Abrahmz    Monday, September 14, 2015

INTJ type cannot induce Asperger's, it's impossible. Aspergers as part of the autism spectrum disorder, is about how the brain is wired from birth or just after. Personality traits develop as a result of how you perceive the world and how you perceive the world is a result of how you are wired. INTJ is a group of personality traits - so this comes after how the brain wires. It does not create the initial wiring of the brain.

Some traits can happen later on because we respond to the consequences of our actions, so we do something and it has a result. We then repeat the action because we liked the result or we change it because we didn't. This can shape your patterns or behaviour over time, but the initial cause of the loop is the first action, which is based on how you perceive the world and are wired.

I don't think you can draw a connection between personality type and whether someone will like fiction or not. A well know psychologist in Australia who specialises in Aspergers, especially with girls, has found a higher percentage of girls with ASD prefer fiction.

Also, there is the science based, "geeky" aspect of fiction. Many high functioning ASD people love sci-fi, especially star wars, star trek and even shows like orphan black. Not for the interpersonal relationships of the characters or even character development, but because of geeky science talk, a story format they can understand (hero's journey comes to mind) and exciting gizmos. Science fiction tends to be more action based which is also preferable to many with ASD.

At the end of it all, people with ASD have many traits in common, but you can't say they all have or like or all don't have or like. It's called a spectrum disorder for a reason. Many commonalities but also many differences. Each person with ASD is still a unique person. ASD can explain why they behave in certain ways but it's not a 'one size fits all' label.

4.  Michelle Abrahmz    Monday, September 14, 2015

True. People with ASD don't lack empathy, they just process it differently. It's only termed lacking empathy by neurotypical people because it's experienced/expressed differently.

5.  Michelle Abrahmz    Monday, September 14, 2015

Also many NT people are fascinated with serial killers - I'm one of them. I don't idolise them, but am interested in how their minds work, what the contributing factors that lead to them acting out their desires.

6.  QTo TheA    Monday, September 28, 2015

MBTI types are wired differently, hence why they perceive the world differently from each other, everything you've just typed this can be broken down into the great 'Nature vs Nurture' debate, and you've simply attributed MBTI as merely nurture which is totally incorrect, as the MBTI types are code lettered preferences that indicate cognitive functions - conscious and unconscioues, what priority and combination they are used in and what orientation they take.

Just like an acorn that's destined to become nothing other than an oak by nature, regardless of how it is nurtured, so to is the same true of MBTI types.

And traits develop later on because as a person of a certain MBTI type matures, their weaker cognitive functions in their stack becomes more awakened after they've developed their predominant functions, so yes, age is also a factor in all the types.

Next, Aspergers was never part of Autism, Hans Asperger never ever considered it Autistic, and it wasn't a disorder but a 'syndrome' - all a syndrome is is a set of prsonality characteristics that co-exist together, so by that definition, every MBTI type can be called a syndrome by default as well. Hans simply observed a few children that shared some personality characteristics that he recognised in himself and simply gave his name as a label for it, it was only added to ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) - which is a true disorder, by Lorna Wing in 1981, there is a difference between Lorna Wings re-invented label of Aspergers and Hans Aspergers true original version of Aspergers. He'd openly laugh today if he saw anyone try to attribute his name to Autism. There is a clear difference between the two as all CT scans have verified. And there's in-fact a lesser gulf between Autism and NT than there is between Autism and Aspergers.

And when you read the typical Aspergers information online, in a book or anywhere else, it simply reads more like personality traits and characteristics than an actual disorder like proper Autism is.

This stereotype of them being geeky and Nerdy is likely just INTPs misdiagnosed with the label according to what is really their normal type development, and the stereotype of them being robotic and stubborn ect is likely just being an INTJ who was misdiagnosed with it also, these two are particularly prone to being misdiagnosed with it, especially if only mild to moderate cases.

Aspergers has been re-invented and re-defined to often to have any validity anymore, I'm not surprised to see it was eliminated as a result in all revised manuals.

7.  QTo TheA    Monday, September 28, 2015

Again, another mere personality trait characteristic that you are attributing to Aspergers and using that as a blanket term to describe typically consistent characteristics that are pretty common in NT Rational types, whether INTJ, ENTJ, INTP or ENTP.

'Correlation over causation' in other words. Normal type characteristics that correlate with a DSM label.

8.  QTo TheA    Monday, September 28, 2015

All the MBTI types, every type of people in the world, all process things differently based on their natural type.

'Neurotypical people' is an ignorant label to tar people with, as this assumes they are all the same type and all process everything the same way when they don't, there are at least 16 main types out there, all distinct from each other in how they 'process', condensing everybody down to merely one demographic called 'Neurotypical' is as inaccurate as it is ignorant.

9.  QTo TheA    Monday, September 28, 2015

The idea that neurological wiring gives you a condition that society uses to label you as the cause what personality type you are is complete nonsense, why don't you research the fact that many people of the condition (especially those who've only been diagnosed with minor to moderate) are really just INTP/J types that were unlucky enough to be around people of completely opposite temperaments like the SJs of the education establishment that strictly emphasize conformity and NFs who strictly operate mostly everything based on feelings?

I am an ENTP and I have seen first hand how this works and plays out, I know INTPs and INTJs who've been misdiagnosed on the bases of having ignorant parents who never took the time to understand their type and why they are the way they are, instead, they instantly assumed they have to always be wrong because they don't operate as a type from their own temperament and their are vast differences in how they see the world.

And at this rate, when we look at Aspergers itself, it simply just reads more like a personality checklist than a disorder, could that be why they eliminated Aspergers after only 17 years of research and concluding it was not sufficient enough to qualify as a disorder on it's own? Probably because we ended up with an over-diagnosed culture of people of other temperaments like SJs, NFs, and SPs looking at NT types as different due to their extreme rarity? - They do after all only comprise 5% to 10% of the population, and the INTJs are already rare as it is, never mind the other three NT types as well.

I'd advice researching Robert Chesters' work, he produced an article in the Journal of typology in 2006 - a few years before Aspergers was eliminated as a separate condition - called The Journal of Typology - exploring this very topic.

10.  Stefan    Friday, October 9, 2015

I question your information, "left brain", "lack empathy". Come on girl! Get with the times. INTJ is a personality type Asperger's is a social defect. I'm shocked at these comments and your information regarding the subject. INTJ's can connect with people. It's a matter of acquiring knowledge. There are so many other concepts to consider. This whole schedule aspect is true, but people with Asperger's also have trouble following and setting up said schedule. Personality comes first and the social defect comes second. Through practice and due-diligence a lot of the short comings can be improved. It's a matter of how well the person with Asperger's knows themselves. Yes Asperger's will be changed to ASD. It's not disappearing by any means. All this misinformation on the web is preposterous. You're contributing to the spreading of the propaganda.

11.  Sammie    Thursday, October 29, 2015

INTJs do not lack empathy. They can feel love, hate, and everything in between. The only thing with this personality type is their reluctance to express their emotions. There is a significant difference between not feeling and not expressing. I, myself, am INTJ and I can assure you that I am most definitely capable of emotions. The people who lack empathy are psychopaths. I will give you credit, however, by saying that a lot of psychopaths are, in fact, INTJs. Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, and Jeffrey Dahmer are among these people. Also, it is highly unlikely for an INTJ personality to cause Asperger's. INTJ is a personality type, not a social defect. Also, the idea that INTJs merely mimic people in order to fit social norms is ridiculous and the claim that they are unable to understand the meaning behind these actions is, to say the least, insulting. INTJs are actually quite intelligent, hence the "I" in INTJ. We are quite capable of understanding social cues an being polite. While some are more blunt than others, this is not a characteristic of all INTJs. If you have in fact taken the online personality test, you will recall there were percentages given for each pf the four parts of your personality. These percentages represent the degree of the train. For instance, I received a 73% in the thinking category, which means that I am 73% more likely to act or be influenced by logic than I am by emotion, but the emotion is still there, even if it is only 27%. There are different levels of every personality type and, although this analysis may be accurate for you, it does not represent the INTJ population as a whole.

12.  c2gemineyes    Monday, February 22, 2016

My husband is classic textbook NPD & his Meyers & Briggs resulted as INTJ. I have the same type of question. So are all NPD's INTJ's or relatively speaking?

13.  Bibi Bobo    Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I have always known that a lot of people mistrust my personality type, but I didn't call it "INTJ" until I was screened out of so many jobs by the personality test, that I had to ask why. I screened myself with an online tool, and got a red flag- INTJ. It's quite a revelation that employers can and do screen me out because people will ask me a lot of questions, and I might answer them.

14.  s.j.    Monday, March 28, 2016

What's with all you idiots proclaiming Asperger's a "social defect". It may seem "defective" to you because you are lacking empathy or any sense of caring for an unfortunate DISABLED person who doesn't fit with your preprogrammed predictable ways that everyone/everything should be. We don't fit in and we never fucking will, get it? I have Asperger's and I know that it is a DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY period. It comes from mental, emotion,and developmental maladies or disorders in our brains. Anytime someone tries to group everyone together as the same (in any walk of life) there is a problem. Stereotyping and discrimination is wrong. I am discriminated against by many neurotypical assholes every fucking day! I'll call them neurotypicals because that is what they fucking are compared to me... We are all different, even if we have similar traits and diseases...

Oh this one will throw you... I'm an Aspie AND an INFJ, so get used to it. I have an "f" feeling part to my personality because I have that ability. I'm just clueless in using any of my abilities socially... Or functionally period... But I can assure you I am the closest thing (like other infj's that make up only 1% of this population) to being psychic. I feel everything. That's part of the problem, I have TOO MUCH SENSITIVITY to every fucking thing... I see and know things (and how people feel) before they happen. Everyday I experience it. It doesn't help me socially. I am still always going to have these disabilities and I've had years of counseling, etc. I never progressed. As an adult. they refuse to treat me now and could care less because I am no longer a "child". Yet I still in reality am indeed a 15 year old in an adult's world and body. Out of place, alone, helpless at times. Not wanting anybody around me because all they do is screw everything up, control me, or hurt me. But yet NEEDING everybody just to perform the smallest tasks in life that require 500% focus and attention and repetition on my part.

I am in DDD, been a member of this department of developmental disabilities for many years,,, But they don't even care much to help me anymore (lost cause) as we are just a burden (my mom and I) to the system and this uncaring government! We struggle just to even get the benefit amounts they allotted me. They won't finance something that would truly help my quality of life. No, they couldn't give a fuck if I am in constant agony and terror here where I don't want to be! They refuse to fund things they don't want to fund, even when it completely has been proven and authorized by doctors/counselors to help me with my sensitivities and pain of everyday living that are caused by my lifelong disabilities that DDD is SUPPOSED to care about... ! Everything is a hardship to accomplish! All they do is give me a "companion" who I don't even socialize with other than them taking me for food. I have NOBODY.

Failing at everything as I've been doing forever now. I was fired or quit from every job I ever had. They hd NO patience or caring when my social and learning disabilities came out and couldn't learn the fucking jobs. Or couldn't get along with other males... They discriminated against me and bullied me (the male bosses, emplyees, and customers) as they have been doing to me through school and my entire life. I have been unable to ever get along with barren of any empathy males males period. And it makes me hate their fucking guts. I'm ashamed to even be associated as being a part of the male gender most of the time.

Yet being an INFJ means having special personality traits that could make me more successful if I comprehended how to actually use them to my benefit. I have very very limited (and limiting) interests, beliefs, etc. I am 100% stringent that everything and everyone must fall into or follow my "systems" or I quit/give up because it's too much for me to handle or do. Just as I have been reacting the same way as a young child. My daily meltdowns from asperger's are very very traumatizing to me and anyone around me... I have had physical disabilities play out in my life over the years and now I am handicapped in every way. I have NOBODY in my world left but my mom. And it fosters my mistrust and disillusionment with a system and all these bad people in it who don't care about me and never did!

I have NEVER made even one friend or done anything socially that most of you have done in their sleep. Every task is impossible and overwhelms me. I cant' even go on a computer half the time as I am too sick and can't even handle reading an email because that is too much stimulation or social interaction for me. Everything is too much!!!! I am in pain and torture everyday from pain, health issues, my other disabilities, inability to sleep or function at all. My sensitivities to noise, light, or the environment are too much to handle and prevent me from going anywhere!!! And all these things were made worse because they diagnosed me too late and I live in an area too far from any good doctors or treatment. Now i'm too sick to even go out of the house. That is my reality... Thank you.

15.  s.j.    Monday, March 28, 2016

Wrong. Stop minimizing the effect the lifelong disability of asperger's has on our world. It is most definitely part of the autistic spectrum. I suffer such debiliitating disabilities that they rival symptoms that even "classic autism" sufferers live everyday. Whether you choose to accept that reality or not. I'm tired of misnformed clueless lacking empathy baffoons trying to minimize real problems of others and insult the intelligence of those suffering from them...So shut the fuck up!

I just wish it all on you. Those who are uncaring about other's disabilities, pain, and problems. You need to experience these lifelong problems for yourself and stop passing judgement on everyone else when you have NO clue what it is to live these realities yourself. That goes for this pathetic government who is NOT about freedom. A governing entitty (including police, DEA, and other law making divisions) that mistreats and could care less about anybody's well being in this country. They group everybody together as "evil doers" and "criminals" and all the same in negative ways. They care so little they try to tell you what to do with YOUR BODY and run your life into the fukcing ground. Yet they care so little they don't actually want to help one iota. They want to 'cut' and reduce any financial help/spending or aid whatsoever they give to disabled, poor, and less fortunate human beings in america. All the politicians are no good pathetic lying creeps just like everybody else in this pseudo communistic american government. Selfish as can be without a caring bone in their spineless remorseless bodies! They only know "rules" and "laws" The kind that BENEFIT THEM ALONE! Yet refuse to enforce other "laws" that actually mean something and could benefit others... These fucking no good bastards that could care less about HUMAN BEINGS and true freedom.

16.  Jason Henry    Thursday, April 7, 2016

This is how people perceive this regardless of intention. Are you offended or something?

17.  Chuck Van Dien    Friday, August 5, 2016

Oh boy can I help here... I'm an INTJ. I work for (my guess) an ISTJ... Imagine Seldon on the Big Bang Theory X2, maybe X4. I am EXTREMELY frustrated and bothered by this person, so my words will be few (I'll end up downloading my frustration without adding anything to the study...). BIGGEST ISSUE with this Aspie is that he provides tons of information, WITHOUT any progressing to a conclusion. Is like, getting drench with water and then being responsible afterwards for (I don't know) it's chemical composition, or it's atomic weight... in other words, when you ask a specific question (we are software developers) you don't get a sentence or two that relates to your question, you get an entire etymology of the least granular aspect... and then in the end are required to draw "the proper" conclusions to arrive at 'the correct" answer... this is why "where do you want to go for lunch" (i.e. social interactions) are so hard... there is no database that supports "what do I feel like eating". And so, with the above, as an INTJ... I am capable of concluding a correct answer on OBJECTIVE subjects... but when you get into things like software rules and "how do we want this to work" is it greatly SUBJECTIVE... so, my conclusion (to the download of data) taking the USER into account... often tends to be "wrong" when compared to what this guy assumes is the correct response... ya see? If this a**hole could simply answer the question of what he wants... we'd be done... I'd code it... finished. Instead, the etymologies make me want to rip out his throat... and I know that would be wrong (at 55 years of age). But I speculate and have NO DOUBT that this guy was stuffed into a locker in 7th grade more than once by a member of the football team... and grew up with that type of thing repeating itself over and over again in various derivative modalities... My only saving grace is that I KNOW he is NOT CAPABLE of behaving any other way until he realizes he an Aspie, and who wants to LEARN THE SKILLS to work along side everyone else... I struggle with telling him (after I have secured OTHER employment). I hope this helps someone.

18.  Richard Jensen    Friday, August 12, 2016

This is a great discussion. And don't be too hard on Jessicka, she has most of this right, and if it's wrong, you can say it's wrong without being the rude person she's describing! I'm an INTJ that has scored fairly high on one of the Asperger's online tests, 36/50. As far as empathy is concerned, there is a difference between empathy and social cues. I have empathy, otherwise I'd be voting for Donald Trump, and I'm not voting for him. I care about the poor, about the mentally ill, about a lot of other people that I've never met. This does not mean that I want the govt. to spend all of its money on helping people in need. It's the social cues that INTJ's have trouble with when it comes to empathy. If someone is crying or upset about something, or really stressed out, we are not the ideal person to calm them down. We are not good psychotherapists or social workers. We don't exactly give someone a great pep talk on how beautiful the world is in order to cheer them up. This is DIFFERENT than lacking empathy. People who lack empathy simply don't care that other people's needs and problems. They may be INTJ, they may have Asperger's, but that does not mean everyone with these traits lack empathy. There is a difference between the ability to care about others and the lack of ability to have a one on one social interaction that helps someone that's emotionally upset. Certain other personality types are very good at helping someone feel better. We are horrible at that. I've told my wife many times "I'm sorry that you are upset" because I have no idea how to help her feel better. Whatever I say just makes her worse. So I just shut up. This is different than lack of empathy, where someone may instead say "Grow up, or quit crying you stupid baby", etc.

As far as Asperger's being either a social disability or a developmental (physical/organic/biochemical), as in real, problem: it may very well be a real physical lack of development somewhere in the brain. But if the majority of Aspergers "patients" for lack of a better term tend to score high on intelligence tests, then, while they have serious social defects, they should not be lumped in with Autistics, who often can't even drive a car or move out of their parents' home. An INTJ or even someone with Asperger's can have the potential to be successful and relatively "happy" if they really put their mind to it and have discipline, just like any other person. As mentioned in some of the clinical writings on this subject, there is however a limit to how successful they can be both professionally and socially. There is a brick wall that they hit due to their rigid personality regarding rituals, repetition, systems, etc. As one psychologist wrote (I'm paraphrasing): if an INTJ is bombarded with too many complex items at once, and is not given enough time to logically and objectively process them to their own satisfying conclusion, they become overwhelmed and may need to retreat from the situation because they may become very anxious and uncomfortable. They need a work environment where they have time to figure things out on their own. I had that work environment doing Molecular Biology research; unfortunately there were many problems with that field: low pay, too much politics with the PhD's, PhD's were very arrogant and also megalomaniacs, 3/4 of the projects didn't work, potential danger from chemicals, almost no chance of promotion to anything worthwhile, etc. Speaking of work, time to go back to work, will post more soon.

19.  Richard Jensen    Friday, August 12, 2016

That's the problem with INTJ's: they tell the truth too much, which hurts them in the workforce because they don't follow what I would call the Asian worker bee mentality of always making the boss feel good no matter how things are going. This is why many scientists and managers in technical fields prefer hiring people from other countries, not just because they are desperate for a work visa, but because they tell the boss what they want to hear instead of "rocking the boat" and telling the truth. And it's terrible that it happens in science most of all, even more than in the "normal" workplaces were lying is not going to cause a long-term problem with results. As in for example, if a mechanic is told to lie about exaggerating car problems to a customer, the customer may pay for unneeded repairs/maintenance, and that is not right. However, if a scientist or technician lies about their research, and it gets published with incorrect data, a drug company may come along and use that info., and next thing you know you have a drug like Vioxx that killed over 60,000 people. Lying is a terrible thing to do in the workplace, science or not (although in science it's worse because it corrupts the very essence of science itself: revealing the underlying truth about everything). I'd rather not have a job at all than to be asked to constantly lie about everything.

20.  April    Thursday, August 18, 2016

I have taken several unofficial Myers-Briggs personality tests, and I usually come out as INFJ, sometimes INTJ. I really disagree with the statement that those with Asperger's lack empathy. I was diagnosed with mild autism, and I have plenty of empathy, but it is emotional empathy rather than cognitive empathy. In fact, my emotional empathy is much stronger than most people without autism or Asperger's. I just cannot really see things from another's point of view, and if I do, it takes some time and effort to be able to imagine how they may be feeling. So I can seem very cold and unemotional at times, until I can process and understand a situation. I have to work on it. Honestly I feel that I am the polar opposite of a psychopath.

The Myers-Briggs personality tests are just a way to categorize people. People who are INTJ may just have many autistic traits. Autism is a spectrum, and NTs have autistic traits. Some have more than others, and may even be borderline autistic. Broader Autism Phenotype is one example where a person may have many traits, but not enough to be diagnosed with autism. These personality tests are really not all that accurate and can't describe a person's entire personality. People seem to want to over-simplify everything and put people into neat little categories.

21.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, August 18, 2016

Empathy can be defined and often is defined as the ability to feel the same at the other person feels at that moment, so it would be correct to say that Aspies usually feel little empathy. The misunderstanding is to confuse the word empathy with the word sympathy. Psychopaths have empathy but no sympathy. Aspies have no empathy but very much sympathy. Empathy is much less important than sympathy. Empathy is about an emotion or even an instinct, sympathy is about your intellect.

Psychopaths truly care about nothing but themselves. Aspies care very much, usually. Psychopaths are masters of manipulation because they detect how others feel and hence know what they need to be told in order to get what the psychopath wants.

Aspies do not fully understand the inner, moment-to-moment emotional world of other people but they are full of humanity and sympathy, something the psychopath lacks.

"Apies have no empathy" is wrongly interpreted as "aspies are psychopaths". Please note that the author of this article studied psychology and speaks not in laymans' terms but in professional terminology.

22.  Evan Miller    Saturday, August 20, 2016

I have aspergers, ADHD, and I am an INTJ and I disagree with your use of "Extreme" We can have trouble from time to time but everyone is different.
Also as Sammie said INTJs do not lack empathy neither do people with aspergers, Sure we find it hard but we still have it.

23.  April    Sunday, August 21, 2016

I have studied psychology for a few years, but not professionally. I specifically have studied empathy, because I did not understand how I could have very strong feelings of empathy and yet be very cold at other times. I have found that empathy is usually divided into "cognitive empathy" which is essentially the ability to understand things from another's perspective, and "affective or emotional empathy" which is more of a reflex action that occurs when one is actually able to "feel" the emotions of others. An example is crying when one sees another crying. I do that often.

In my case, I am able to understand how another feels if it is very obvious, such as when one is crying, or very happy. I can also understand when I have shared a similar experience. Television makes it easier to understand characters' states of mind, because it is very obviously pointed out. If I don't understand I appear aloof and am quite unable to be supportive.

I do also have sympathy, but that is a different feeling. I don't actually feel the emotions of others in that case. I only feel a desire to help.

Perhaps I am a little unusual compared to most others. I am very sensitive and emotional. I was not trying to disrespect the author. I just think that perhaps there is more diversity (regarding symptoms) amongst aspies than is usually talked about.

24.  bowes    Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sociopaths lack empathy, psychopaths are unstable and aggressive. If you are going to correct someone, at least be correct yourself.

25.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This is incorrect. There is no difference in behaviour between the two. "Sociopaths" is a term used by some psychologists to indicate psychopatic behavior due to nurture, psychopathy is caused by nature. (Aquired by childhood abuse vs. genetical).

I do not believe there is a distinction, I believe there is no such thing as a "sociopath" (which is merely a euphemism for "psychopath") and I subscribe to the "nature" theory. One might call a sociopath a psychopath with a low IQ, a psychopath low on the social ladder.

That psychopaths would be agressive and "unstable" (whatever that means) is a wholly incorrect generalization. Psychopaths lack a conscience and are over-represented in professions such as surgeons, judges, journalists and CEO's.

26.  Mobius    Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sorry sammie. For intj, the social cues are learned and mimicked. Not inate, replicated. Also you have said that it is highly unlikely for an intj personality to 'cause' Aspergers. That made my brain hurt. You are partially correct: We are capable (I'm capable of winning the lotto) of understanding social cues, what most of us aren't capable in a true sense is understanding what to do with that information. Nightmare. Do I hug someone, do I put on the sad face, do I smile, do i stand here, how long do I look at this person with the sad face on my head before it's weird? I may be reaching but I think you need to be less judgemental regarding aspie aut as applied to yourself...maybe just remember the fundamentals? intjudgey ? I am.

27.  Mobius    Thursday, May 11, 2017

You seem very angry. You have the ability to work out what's wrong and anger at those who don't see it your way. You are wishing your personal experiences on others. It might seem right, but it's pointless. We are not borg.

28.  Mobius    Thursday, May 11, 2017

Please stop referring to aspergers as disabled. We are not disabled, just not all thinking the same way. Maybe speak to a counselor that specialises in spectrum. Every task is not impossible or overwhelming, because here you are venting on a board about your experiences. You have a voice, a perspective, and the ability to use a computer. There are plenty of jobs in community services that need that type of person.

29.  Mobius    Thursday, May 11, 2017

Aspergers is not a social defect. I take exception to that. It's a barrier, sure. But it is not a 'defect'.

30.  Andrea Lauren Locke    Friday, May 19, 2017

This is BS. I'm INTJ and have Asperger's Syndrome. I also like fantasy movies and books. Am I all of the sudden not allowed? Am I not a true Aspie? I know lots of people with High Functioning Autism, and a lot of them like fantasy. This is how people get misdiagnosed or have their diagnosis invalidated, by so called neurotypical people that think they know everything there is to know about people like me.

31.  Alen    Monday, September 4, 2017

INTJ and formally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome on 06/06/2017 - I self diagnosed 9 years previously. I enjoy reading the whole supernatural theme in Fiction (Shifters, Vampires, Magic & Demons), and as a bi-man I unashamedly enjoy romances of all sorts lol

32.  Terence    Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I am intj-a and have had a good life. When I saw a program on the life of an Aspergers man, I was shocked at how I could relate so well.

33.  Caroline    Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I was married to an INTJ. In many ways he acted similarly to a person with Aspergers but there were definite differences. He liked having routines but wasn't married to them. He liked new experiences, especially traveling. He was addicted to fantasy computer games, porn and possibly even sex. Otherwise, he had a variety of interests.

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