Asperger's and INTJ personality

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy and I am reporting some recent research I've been doing between similarities of people with Asperger's and their Myers-Briggs personality types. I haven't had many subjects to work with based on one website, but based on the research I have gotten, it has been slightly remarkable in similarities between the types and people with Asperger's syndrome.

The types I've gotten from people with Asperger's, when I got them to take the test, including myself, are: INTJ, INTJ, ENTJ, INTP, INTJ, INTJ and a random ISTP. The most noticeable thing about this is obviously, it's primarily INTJ's. No "F's" whatsoever, so the feeling type is out of the question, which would be pretty apparent considering people with Asperger's tend to lack empathy all together. So do INTJs, probably more so other than any other TJ type, according to Myers-Briggs.

So, the common themes I found between people with Asperger's and the people who are simply INTJs are:

Perfectionism. INTJs display this and Asperger's also display this, although someone diagnosed with Asperger's it is going to be seen more as a dysfunction rather than just a personality trait.

Bluntness of speech. People with Asperger's are blatantly known for having absolutely no awareness of how to be polite. They often come across as rude when they have absolutely no clue that they are coming across rude. They think what they are saying is perfectly normal and polite, but the lack of social awareness for anyone on the Autistic Spectrum is going to be pretty obvious, and it's going to be obvious in people who are INTJs because we lack empathy. We just do. Anyone who studies Myers-Briggs and knows about the types individually will know that INTJs often come off as extremely blunt, possibly crude, unfriendly and aloof, which brings me to the next thing of people with Asperger's appearing to be aloof.

We are extremely socially awkward.. INTJs might not come off as socially awkward as someone with Asperger's, but it is a common theme. But someone without the supposed "dysfunction" that is Asperger's Syndrome will be able to control or feign politeness for the sake of social, you know, peace.

Aspergers and INTJ personalityThe next thing would be a preference for the sciences and non-fantasy reading material, career, anything. INTJ's are very much geared towards the sciences and are more commonly left-brained. People with Asperger's often don't have the capacity to deal with or be interested in much of fantasy at all. They tend to like the concrete, memorizing license plates, learning about the innards of computers, just having very scientific obsessions-limited obsessions, at that. Now an INTJ without Asperger's is likely to have a wider range of obsessions or interests or hobbies. Someone with Asperger's is going to be very limited. Mine, for example, is personality typology, which is what I am talking to you all about right now. Also, I have basically three interests. It's all psychology based. I'm not going to go into all of it, because, I mean, I'm not going to start talking about how I like serial killers, and by like I mean study, not like I idolize serial killers. Yeah, people with Asperger's don't tend to lean towards anything fantasy-related. It's very uncommon in people with Asperger's and a lot of times anyone on the autistic spectrum at all.

INTJs and people with Asperger's are extremely bad at interpersonal relationships. It's been called the INTJ Achilles' heel. INTJs themselves, without Asperger's, just won't get it. They won't understand how to make a connection with another person. They just aren't aware. People with Asperger's can try and try and try to make that connection but the lack of empathy and seeing people as "foreign humans" and often feeling as though they are aliens in human bodies, which I've talked to several other people with Asperger's about and they've agreed of having that same sensation of being outside of humans and looking in at them, it becomes very difficult to make connections so relationships can become extremely difficult for both the non-Asperger's or non-INTJ partner and for the INTJ or Asperger's person, especially if they are INTJ and Asperger's, which it appears is extremely common.

Neither INTJs nor people with Aperger's tend to grasp social rituals. The difference in this is that INTJs without Asperger's are more likely to be able to figure out what is acceptable and what is not acceptable socially and follow a script just to get through social things they have to do. People with Asperger's are more inclined to just have random outbursts of things that are totally not acceptable and then wonder why people are looking at them funny. But even though the INTJ might be able to mimic the social ritual, they don't quite understand the theory behind it. They just do it because they have to.

After this research, the main question is: Would the people with Asperger's have an INTJ personality type if they do not have the neurological issue of Asperger's Syndrome? Would they be an entirely different type on the Myers-Briggs indicator? Would they have the same? That's basically what I'm trying to figure out right now. I don't know if the Asperger's lends to the type as much as I mean another type with the mental illness, if you want to term it an illness, which I wouldn't. If they didn't have Asperger's, would they still be an INTJ? Or would there less of "T's" in my research and there would be more "F" types, feeling types, perceiving types? There's only two perceiver types in my research, and that's pretty common because people with Asperger's don't like their schedules to be interrupted and they can be very anal about it and it will upset them greatly if their schedules are interrupted. So, I am assuming the INTP and the ISTP are more high-functioning on the Spectrum.

So, any input on if the Asperger's is what makes these particular subjects INTJ's or if the INTJ type could actually induce Asperger's, Any comments are welcome, any input. Thank you for listening and I will be talking more about Myers-Briggs at a later date. Thank you.

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