Aspergers, Conversation and Imagination

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy, and I am going to talk about my imagination.

Yes I'm in a new room again, this is my new room. So you'll see this more than the green one. So anyway, I'm thinking there might be a relationship between my Aspergers and my imagination. I am in constant use of my imagination. It's not because I've practiced to do so - I'm usually having a minor out of body experience, a sensation I'm a foreign organism in slow motion. I know this probably makes me seem extremely Schizotypal but whatever.

Another issue we have here is that I am - because I am emotionally quite a bit younger than I am intellectually and my actual age… my conversations are influenced. So my conversations are very influenced by the fact that emotionally I might be a younger teen and intellectually I am way beyond that. The conversations I have are very one-way other than my monologues. The other person has to do the heavy lifting to talk with me.

So yeah there's the extreme issue with small-talk, like Aspies do tend to have, so talking is not my department. Although I write a lot, and when I write, I write a lot of dialogue, because my characters have a lot to say to each other. Even the main female character, Erika, who is socially oblivious, can converse better than I do. So what is it exactly that my characters have that I don't? And if I identify that and mimic it, could I fit in with NT's when I wanted to?

Asperger's and conversation and imaginationFor some reason my character's conversations are relatively, you know, believable. And they're just normal conversations that regular people would have but if I'm in that situation I don't function correctly. People I made up in my head and write about do. So is Aspergers related? I was thinking it might be because I have time to process what's going to be said by each character when I'm writing and I don't have time to process things in person, ‘cause when I d I get looked at with that usual "you gonna reply?" or people will just lose interest and run off before I process what they said. So…forget talking. Of course I could always blame in on the fact my characters can't interrupt another when they speak and people do. I really hate that. I really hate that… when I'm talking everybody else has to shut up. So, there's that… correlation with Aspergers and Conversation, and imagination.

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