Conversing with other aspies

By Jessika Endsley

Because I am very open about having Aspergers and because I have a YouTube channel talking about it among other psychological things, I tend to have lots of conversations with other Aspies/Autistic Spectrum people. While I do like this, and I'm glad I can talk to people I have a common diagnosis with + help them, sometimes other Aspies drive me crazy.

We are obsessive people. Aspies obsess over their obsessions, over schedules, certain other people. Due to being so limited in interests, Aspies talk about the same things over and over. We can be redundant. So when I'm talking to someone for two hours and we both talk but never actually respond to what eachother says, I appreciate the NT's who can deal with me forcing them into serial-killer-world because that's all I'm really interested in.

Aspie-on-aspie-communicationBecause as an Aspie, I don't care about all those dogs you just got, or your doorknobs, or the biology of muskrats. Just like you don't care about which suicide methods are most and least useful.

Aspies are fetishists. I don't have any articles to quote or any research on this, but I can speak from experience of talking to other Aspies that Aspie sexuality is often rooted in something good or something bad from childhood and often these fetishes are a part of the regular obsession. If you're an Aspie and are mad about this, all I'm asking: ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT SEXUALLY WEIRD? [and/or do something mundane in place of sexual activity]

And Aspies want YOU to understand and try their fetish. Whether it's, for some reason, lifting heavy objects, or perfume bottles, or something gross with bodily fluids, YOU are going to hear about it and YOU are going to be asked about what fucked up stuff you do to others or to yourself. I think I learned to STFU on this one very young.

Lots of meticulous questions. I understand the urge to do this, to very particular people I have an affinity for, but people don't always take it well when you ask them tons of small stupid questions like "how many minutes did you sleep." No one cares except for YOU. Because you live in your own world. I appreciate and understand that because I do too. But it's a very different world from each and every other Aspie and theirs is different from mine. I am just as annoying as they are.

Lastly, being an Aspie often comes with a few screwy emotions that we don't know what to do with. We get very lonely and feel isolated a lot so we will try to ask if you follow almost any of the same daily routines we do - even the ones that are followed by most people - to find common ground. Sometimes the only common ground I have with people is that we both need oxygen, so questions can get a dumb as "So do you wake up every day?"

So this is me bitching more or less at myself about myself.

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