Isolationist on young 20's extroverted life

By Jessika Endsley

[below is an extremist point of view on humanity based on observations of college life. if you are easily offended, click the red "x" at the top right hand corner of your screen.]

It is the beginning of the school year, which for me and the people reading this tends to mean college. You may have been told that college is less clique-y than highschool. Let me tell you a thing.

That's bullshit.

Of course the main thing that would come to mind when you think of college+clique = fraternity/sorority. That in itself annoys me enough. Fraternities tend to be full of guys who all dress alike, get drunk together, date-rape together and throw parties that are loud and annoy the living fuck out of me. There are very few exceptions to this rule as there are fraternities that function on a MILDLY different wavelength. The stereotype is true. I'm being an extreme asshole on purpose.

sororitySororities are worse. As someone who was nearly in one, I know what these people are like. They are the epitome of female stereotype - extroverted whores who cake on makeup and can't stand to be alone. Unlike fraternities, there is no exception to this rule. If you're in a sorority, you're a caked up whore with a negative number IQ and you're too much of a dolt to stand on your own as a female. You need other cakes up whores to follow around. I'm being an extreme asshole on purpose. Not sorry.

There is no logical point to either of these things other than to be part of a group. People want to believe they can trust one another once they are done with the hazing and swear to an oath; they want to believe these new people are their brothers and sisters. They're wrong. Those people will betray you just as quickly if not more quickly than someone outside of your fraternity or sorority. I have seen it happen and anyone who ever thought they could trust someone because of an oath or tradition is very insecure and has no insight into what human beings actually are.

Then there are those who join clubs and sports. Christian fellowships, science clubs, and yes, even psychology clubs. Study groups. Why are you doing this? Yes, I understand that you have common interests with other people and that not everyone is introverted to the extreme like I am. Not everyone is a lone wolf like I am. Society wouldn't function if everyone were to be the same, but nevertheless, I feel the need to point out how fucking illogical what the lot of you are doing.

You can do those things alone. What does having constant feedback about your religion or interest have to do with anything? You just want human interaction. You want to be in a group. I don't get it but I do know it's part of the general human makeup to be a social creature. What I don't get is how you don't see the danger in it. You're putting yourself in prime position to be betrayed. You put so much emotion into believing these people care about you and can be trusted, you put so much into wanting to not be alone and to not be paranoid.

I really, really hate to break this to you but you're being an idiot. There is nothing special about writing some Greek word all over the place or doing stupid and embarrassing things to be brought into a group of people who are going to, in the end, mean nothing. Being in a group of people and being expected to have collective trust for most people seems to be the end all be all and for me it's like being in jail.

Be a little more selective. I believe people should live as they see fit, and if that means joining a group, then fine. I simply do not understand the thought process of other people my age and why they feel the need to join a group. Why can't you stand on your own? But of course, people will tell me that I am lonely and I need friends. People who hear my views like I have written here will try to bite back with "WELL AT LEAST I HAVE FRIENDS!"

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1.  EKay    Saturday, July 30, 2016

This is something Elliot Rodger would write up. The whole point of clubs is to find and socialise with people that have similar interests as you, to make friends easier as a freshman.

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