Alyssa Bustamante: Murderer and Victim

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy and I'm going to talk about Alyssa Bustamante. I just made this video but it was all over the place because I'm very hyper today.

Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante is described as a thrill killer and a lot of people call her a psychopath which I very much disagree with and I would like to explain why. Also, she may get out of prison someday, she was sentenced to life with possibility of parole and I hope she gets out. And I'm gonna have to explain why and I'm going to get attacked anyway but, I'll do it.

This is what happened, Alyssa was 15 and her diary was used in her trial. She wrote: "I strangled them and slit their throats and stabbed them. Now they're dead. I don't know how to feel ATM. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'Oh My Gawd. I can't do this' feeling it's pretty enjoyable. I'm kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I got to go to church now LOL." She scribbled over this but they were able to see underneath it using something. And she's not a psychopath, psychopaths first of all, aren't gonna feel shaky after doing something like that. They are mega ego won't allow it, I believe that Alyssa Bustamante official diagnosis is or should be borderline personality disorder with psychotic features and anti-social features obviously. You may need to reference my other videos about the two the things but borderline personality disorder is the same cluster as psychopathy and narcissism but they're not the same. I will describe the timeline what happened...involving the murder of the nine-year old Elizabeth Olten. I have a pill under my tongue it's making me talk stupid.

Okay that's better, I already sound stupid I don't need something else makin' me sound even more stupid. Okay, January 28, 1994 Alyssa is born to a broken family, her mother abandoned her when she was younger and her father is still in prison for an undisclosed crime, I think it was aggravated battery of some kind. 2007 to October 2009, Bustamante overdoses on painkillers and begin to self-mutilate, carving the word hate into her arm. She was diagnosed with severe depression and put on anti-depressants. She changes her lists of hobbies in an online profile to include killing people and cutting.

Okay I'm probably the same general age group as Alyssa Bustamante, I'm a little older I think she's 19 now I'm 22 but, I was part of the e-mail crowd as a teenager. I had friends who would openly self-injure and I didn't do a whole lot to hide mine. Putting killing people on your profile and stuff was not that uncommon and still isn't. For teenagers, stupid thing...yes, but it's not entirely uncommon and does not automatically equal you know you're a murderer. So, she put that out there and as much as you know...I'm saying it's not uncommon. That is a severe cry for attention, there's no way that people on her YouTube, the people who knew her could talk not to the adults in her life and say, "Look this girl is openly talking about being violent and she has pictures of herself with fresh cuts on her arm." Okay? Where were the adults? And also liked to add that the prior motivation for psychopath-sociopath is self-preservation there, for they are highly unlikely to self-injure and they do not commit suicide. October 16th 2009, Alyssa Bustamante digs two graves a week before Elizabeth Olten is murdered. Police had not released any information who's meant for the second grave. Some people think it was, they were meant for her brothers, I think that's a possibility but it was all premeditated very much so. But, she may have dug the graves simply to feel what it would it be like to dig graves. She may have meant it for her brothers and then realized that it would be too obvious that she become the suspect. Or she may have meant one grave to be for the victim and one grave to be for her. It may have been symbolic in a way, we don't know what's going through her mind. I definitely think that the second grave was meant for her.

October 21st 2009, Olten goes missing around 6:15 PM after supposedly walking home from friend's house. Bustamante lures Olten into the woods by asking her younger sister to invite Olten over to play. October 29th...October 21st 2009, sorry I have problems with numbers, Alyssa Bustamante stabbed Elizabeth Olten, strangled her to death then cuts her throat. She wants to know what it felt like to kill someone? I think everyone has thought about that, or at least had conversation about it. I mean what if someone breaks into your house and they're trying to kill you and you killed them? What would you feel like afterwards?...would you feel traumatized?...would you feel empowered? You know it's not insane to think about those things, however acting on them is not socially acceptable. I feel that her ability to make decisions was severely compromised by the Prozac she was on. My mom died when I was 16, and they put me on Prozac a year later to help me deal with the 'pain'. And if I was sad, before being put on Prozac I was a new kind of crazy once I was on didn't work well.This is before they knew I had Asperger's, schizotypal and ADHD they just thought that I had depression from my mom dying which should be expected. Prozac is an awful drug I have met very few people, "Yeah, Prozac really helped me in the long run." October 22nd 2009, FBI is called in to help, searched for Elizabeth Olten, volunteers come to try on one location and cellphone's signals in the woods behind Olten's home. October 23rd 2009, searchers found the body of nine-year old Elizabeth Olten. October 24th 2009, Alyssa Bustamante 15, is charged of first degree murder so, she didn't last long between actually killing and then getting caught. Getting someone to lure someone for you is a big mistake there, this was not well-thought out and I believed that obviously her judgement was very compromised. October 28th 2009, Olten is laid to rest in a pink casket.

November 18th 2009, Alyssa Bustamante is certified as an adult indicted. I hate that word.Defense attorney, pleaded with Judge to leave the case to juvenile court arguing that federal prison would be destined for it's crimes, the judge rejects the arguments. She's put on suicide watch in prison, she's been committed before, she's openly self-injuring even posting it online. If you look up pictures of her you will see picture of her holding the gun to her head. And there's pictures of her with lipstick drawn like smeared like blood, not uncommon to take pictures like that wherein you know in some circles. But, in that picture you can see fresh cuts on all of her arm like she did not hide it, they did nothing to help this obviously sick and...demented, I don't like using that word. But, demented girl who's openly having aggressive thoughts and feelings which was amplified when she was on Prozac, yet again where were the adults? I mean how much longer could you possibly be going to miss signals like that? Let me see what's written in here, May 11th 2010 through August 28th 2010, Bustamante denied the right to continue her high school education behind bars. The attorney protests the judge's ruling as such she's protected by Missouri law in the Missouri Constitution that gives her the right to an education. I mean what is taking away her education gonna do even if you never get out of prison what's it hurting to allow her to learn. I mean really just take her out of school which is a prison and put her in another prison, what's the difference if you're combining the two? August 30th 2010, prosecutors request the knife allegedly used in Olten's murder and Bustamante's cloths for DNA testing. The test consumes a full sample leaving nothing for the defense to test independently.

October 16th 2010, Bustamante lawyers take the question of her continued education to the supreme court and it's rejected nyaa. This stuff I'm reading it doesn't matter for what I'm talking about. And March of 2011 she continues to plea not guilty...okay, January 9th 2012, Alyssa Bustamante withdraws not guilty plea for first degree murder. And then the next day she plead guilty for second degree murder and armed criminal action and exchange for giving up her right to a jury trial. Good decision because no jury is going to be objective empathize with this girl. That same day the judge asked Bustamante if she was aware of her actions and the consequences when she murdered the nine-year old Olten girl, Bustamante replied yes. February 7th 2012, closing arguments are made for sentencing for her hearing, Alyssa should get out jail the same day, Elizabeth gets out of grave according to the grandmother of Olten. Lots of emotions coming from family members things that I'm not concerning myself with right now. On February 8th she's sentenced to life in prison for second degree murder and 30 years for armed criminal action. The sentences to be served consecutively, she was not denied the possibility of parole. On February 8, Bustamante speaks to the Olten family, expressing remorse for the murder of Elizabeth and she said, "If I can give my life to get her back I would, I'm sorry." Okay this girl had issues with cutting, bulimia, I've read anyway, very aggressive thoughts, suicidality, suicide attempts. Psychopaths do not do these things. That is not their function. I believe she had borderline personality disorder and that even though the courts don't define personality disorders as insanity and therefore she cannot really plea insanity unless its psychotic features are extreme. I feel that due to her age, the circumstances and the medication...that she should be released in prison at some point. And at the very least put in mental institution rather than just being know death row or just in prison forever so, that's my opinion on it.

I feel that the adults are also responsible for the nine-year old's death for not doing a good job, there's a girl who was crying for attention and saying you know, "Look, like it's all right here look at me I'm scarred up, I cut myself, I openly talked about wanting to kill people." No one's doing anything and then she did it so, I believed that there were two victims that day and Bustamante was one of them. If you're going to comment please shut up your emotions about it a little. I would rather keep this a little objective to talk about the psychology of it rather than hear a bunch of...dribble about, "She's going to hell, she's evil! Oh that's bad." Yes, killing a nine year old girl is bad but, separate yourself from that for a moment and think about Bustamante herself. And if you have an opposing opinion which I'm sure most of you will about her getting out of jail, please be factual about it so, I'm going to ignore and or block you so, that's my deal. I become very interested in this case because someone told me a few years ago after reading my novel "Euthanasia" that, "Hey look, it's a news article about a real-life version of your main character!" And there are some similarities so, I got interested I found the address to write to her which I believe I will. And just comment for whatever also, there's supposedly a movie called "My name is A" but, I cannot find it but, I can find the trailers for it and, I have a sneaking suspicion that it doesn't actually exist so, thoughts on that. Thank you and have fabulous day!

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1.  hill    Saturday, May 2, 2015

I think you have hit the nail on the head here, though her psychopathology is eerily similar to that of a disorganized killer. BPD with significant antisocial traits would explain her panic and physiological reaction to the crime.

2.  lizzyborden3    Tuesday, May 26, 2015

There were so many rumors during the case that it is crazy and sadly those rumors are still believe to be true by ppl!

1) There were 2 graves yes but one of them just only an attempt and wasn't fully dig since it was fill with rocks and roots so there goes the wanting to kill her brothers which doesnt make sense since before moving in with the grandparents Alyssa was taking care of them and still was at the grandparent!

2) I totally agree with you regarding the hobbies listed on youtube! Hell, I had a myspace that had statuses so much worse than that as well as photos taken from gore site! So it was no biggies but ppl needs to find demons everywhere so this was played out to the maximum! Same with the blurred out diary page!

3) lots of sites and medias were saying she was violent to others etc but in reality she wasn't violent at all beside to her own self and was rather friendly with everybody (as her friends and other classmates were saying)

4) You mentioned the personality disorder.... Actually the shrink at the prison diagnostic center mentioned that they found Alyssa had a borderline personality disorder as well as being the most extreme case of cutting they ever saw with over 300 cut marks, cigarette burns, biting marks, scarving in her arms! Here's my problem ; when Alyssa attempted to her life when she was 13yo (she did other suicide attempts before and after per ppl close to her and her diary writings), she received intensive in and out patient care! If it was that intensive then how come the shrinks visiting her at her home never noticed the newly freshed cut marks nor the borderline personality disorder and it had to be discovered by the prison psy?

5) The most interesting point - You mentioned the blood on a knife and muddy clothes with blood on it! The defense couldnt test it for themselve as the prosecution took it all BUT it turned out that the blood on the clothes was the one from Alyssa herself! They never found the murder weapon at all! The only thing they test was a box-cutter that Alyssa was using to cut herself and once again the only blood they found was the one from Alyssa. Richardson also admitted that the boxcutter and the wounds on Elizabeth's body didnt fit together and that the knife used would have to have been way bigger but then my question is : where is the murder weapon then? If Alyssa had done it alone where is the bloody clothes that has EO blood on it because remember she is supposed to have stabbed and slit her throat but they never found any blood from Elizabeth anywhere in the house nor bloody clothes/murder weapon on the crime scene! A lot of ppl including friends of hers and non-friends think someone else was involved and that she was just helping that other person but I guess we will never know (the bf had been interviewed many time by the FBI and he also failed polygraph tests and he moved away not long after the incident)

6) Another important thing in my opinion is why was it the same judge who sentenced her and also who took care to reject her appeal! Shouldnt it have been a different judge because I dont think a judge would overturn their own sentence etc....

7) Why was her mental illness not a factor in the 'trial' but was when EO mother sued the grandparents, hospital and doctors treating her? If it wasnt valid in the trial it shouldnt have been in the 'money hungry trial'! On top of that it was the same judge that sentenced, refused the appeal from Alyssa.... and she awarded 400 000$ to Elizabeth's mother! Hmmmm!

There are many other things like that which doesnt fit in this case!

3.  Drat    Thursday, April 21, 2016

Not everyone who is depressed or borderline or psychopathic kills someone. A little girl who she had no real need .( even if there was a need) to kill. I say she moves next door to a youngster that you love. Of course when bad things happen to us it's always different. I don't think anyone should separate from the killing. It's like saying look at hiltler..not a bad guy liked art and wanted Germany to be a better place. Just separate yourself from the fact that he killed six million people. There's no known fact that Psychopaths can be even cured and if she is a psychopath which there's evidence for that it is likely that she will kill again.

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