Anti Social- vs Borderline Personality Disorder

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy. Now that I've gotten some sleep I'm a little more coherent and I'm going to compare and contrast antisocial personality disorder aka psychopathy or sociopathy with borderline personality disorder. There are striking similarities but they are not the same. Some of the similarities include failure to conform to social norms. Although in the antisocial person this is normally more criminal and for someone borderline it's just going to be acting out their behavior.

Lying. They both have a tendency to lie and manipulate. They both have a tendency to be impulsive, irritability and aggressiveness. Although the reasons are very different. For someone who is a psychopath, their aggressiveness is, how do I say this? It's because their frontal cortex just isn't working correctly and they see the other human being as you know, an object that they can beat or hurt or yell at. And some of the borderline it's because their emotions are strong.

Sometimes someone with borderline will also show a lack of remorse. Although, that's because they are wrapped up in themselves not because they literally can't feel remorse. So, that's how it is. Now, these can look similar, especially considering that males don't get diagnosed with borderline very easily. Um, they're more likely to be diagnosed with antisocial. And the female could be antisocial but be diagnosed as borderline because professionals tend to just look at gender way too much and not take other things into account. So there you have it. But in borderline, people feel emotionally too vulnerable. Like their emotions last longer and they are stronger, they are amplified in borderline. And the emotions might re-spark and re-spark and re-spark instead of just nothing. In a psychopath, there's no emotion there. I mean other than rage, they don't feel. They're empty. It's just the opposite of borderline. Sometimes you end up with the same outcome as with a psychopath and with a borderline but it's completely opposite, completely opposite of everything really.

Borderlines are sensitive. They take things very personally whereas a psychopath may not. And another thing is that borderlines tend to self-injure and they tend to attempt suicide, sometimes it's just for attention and sometimes it's because they really want to be self-destructive . Borderlines are known to be self-destructive. This is because of their intense emotions, not because of just being impulsive and not caring like someone with antisocial.

animalistic-psychopathThe antisocial person wants to preserve themselves more than anything, that's their top goal. They're very animalistic. This isn't so with a borderline. A borderline wants to self-destruct. And uh, the antisocial self-destructs on accident because they don't pay attention to what's legal, what's not and they, they just have strong impulses to do things that can be quite ridiculous. People with borderline feel a lot of distress. They end up with alcohol abuse, eating disorders, having unprotected sex, and doing just everything, you know? Antisocial often has substance abuse, they could have a eating disorder but this isn't due to the same reasons as a borderline. Their impulsive behavior, it presents itself the same but it's for different reasons. I feel like someone with antisocial probably would be a substance abuser because they want to feel something. They just want to feel and they can't because they are psychopaths and they don't have that emotional range that they are wanting or that they notice other people have and they don't. With a borderline it's because their emotions are so deep that they don't want to feel anything.

They both have relationship issues. A psychopath tends to go from relationship to relationship but that's because they've used you up, then they're done and they're bored. Someone with borderline can be hard to deal with. They have very black and white thinking. And they tend to go from "I love you, you're the best thing in the world, " to "I hate you, you suck. " And they can do that like in a matter of seconds and then go back and forth. That makes it very hard on the other person. Sometimes they can be a little stalky. Well, actually, both of them can be stalky. And you know, what are you stalking about? But that's because the borderline attaches to the person and they may be aware that they're a little manipulative, they may be aware of that they're, you know, hard to deal with.

For someone with antisocial, it's because they think they own you and that's just how it is. You're an object. Just remember with antisocial or psychopaths and sociopaths, you are an object, always. Self-harm and suicidal behavior. A psychopath is not going to usually try to commit suicide ever. They want to stay alive. That's their ultimate goal. They're parasitic due to this. Borderlines are not the same way. They feel so much that they often just want to end it. Even it if I'm talking about in cases where it's not for attention. I feel like suicidal gestures or a lot of suicide attempts are for attention. Not like a drama queen attention but more like a cry for help.

And I've noticed a pattern with borderlines. They tend to have been sexually abused or um, abused at all but primarily it seems they were molested. And I haven't made quite the connection yet to how that disorder develops from that but it seems like it does. A lot of people who are psychopaths have been abused, maybe not sexually but maybe sexually. And this is what makes a difference between a psychopath and a sociopath that I've talked about in another video. Psychopath is organic, sociopath is environmental. There are different types of borderline people, just like there are different types of antisocial. Let's see what this site says about it.

Okay, there's a covetous antisocial, reputation defending antisocial; and that's the most narcissistic type. The risk taking antisocial; which has traits of histrionic behavior. Nomadic antisocial; that's including schizoid and avoidant traits. And malevolent antisocial; which is sadistic and paranoid features.

A serial killer, which is what everybody thinks when they hear the word psychopath, is probably all of these types. Now, in borderline you have the impulsive type and just the borderline type. I don't know what they mean by this. But they have a discouraged borderline; that includes avoidant and depressive features. Impulsive borderline; which is histrionic and antisocial. So that's where you can get a mixture. An impulsive borderline is probably the most likely to be the one where you're like is this person really borderline or are they a psychopath? Because they have the antisocial traits. I don't know how to say this word, petulant borderline; it includes negative, passive aggressive types. And the self-destructive borderline type; which is depressive and masochistic. I've noticed lots of borderlines are masochist. And it tends to be the opposite with a psychopath. Someone with antisocial personality disorder is more likely to be a sadist.

Anyway, comparing and contrasting these two. Most people kind of suck so, don't assume that just because someone has traits of one of these or both that they have a personality disorder. Thanks to the Internet people like to self-diagnose. This isn't always bad but it usually is. Often times you are a normal person with some emotional hang-ups and so is your partner or your friend or whomever it is this is ringing a bell with. I believe it's much easier to diagnose a psychopath even though they never go out and seek treatment than it is to do so for borderline because the borderline is so complex. And when you get down to it, the psychopath is not.

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1.  jerel    Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So now we know that every single living human possesses all some of these traits on a scale of 1 -10, or maybe 10 - 20.

2.  paulamarie    Friday, December 12, 2014

The borderline personality may indeed be emotional and highly sensitive, but from what I've read, such strong emotions are usually felt toward themselves (such as pity) and not toward others, thus explaining a lack of empathy. So the emotions in a typical borderline don't really seem to be whole or complete.

3.  Jessika Endsley    Friday, December 12, 2014

Borderlines can experience extreme rage towards others, as well as some guilt (in SOME borderlines) and they do mourn and love etc. the emotions are there, but they're suppressed, amplified, and misplaced.

4.  Dissasociation Dave    Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I was diagnosed with BPD. I'm male and an introvert and I can say that empathy seems to be on overdrive 90% of the time. If my friends or family are sad, I feel it worse than they do. Especially when I can't control the situation. Sometimes though that last 10% I don't understand other people's emotions at all. This is more the dissasociation side of BPD and my high anxiety.

5.  Jessika Endsley    Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sometimes it's easier to dissacociate immediately so the enpathy isn't overwhelming

6.  gram parsons    Thursday, May 14, 2015

been diagnosed with bpd about ten years now and it is blood hellish.

it feels like im totally wired up all wrong and there aint nothing will ever cure it

7.  Matt    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In case anyone is interested,.....there are several treatments for BPD, but one is the clear stand out. DBT. Dielectric Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Therapy is "pushed" as effective by the people who offer it, but its no where near as good as DBT. When you've only been taught to use a hammer, everything start to look like a nail. DBT is the way to go. Now,...if only I could get my Daughter to accept her diagnosis, and get her into treatment. She's in total denial at the moment. I hope anyone here who has BPD,...can make use of this information about treatment.

8.  logical    Monday, August 17, 2015

gram, you're not crazy and the fact that you feel "totally wired up all wrong" tells me that you are more perceptive and in touch with what is going on in your brain than you may give yourself credit for understanding. If you're curious as to why this is happening in you, I would invite you to do a Google search for fMRI and neurobiological abnormalities in BPD. Click on the links that are academic, such as those from the NIMH (national institute of mental health). You'll be able to read about neurobiological structure abnormalities in BPD individuals, where the anterior cingulate cortex is dysfunctional (this is the region that is responsible for emotional regulation), as well as the fronto-limbic circuits (these circuits send communication from one region of the brain to another). You'll read about the hippocampus dysfunction, as well as the limbic system (responsible for fight or flight responses), especially the amydala (anger and rage). I've attached a YouTube link you can view, should you choose to do so, that is talks about the brain abnormalities in Antisocial Personality Disordered individuals. BPD neurological issues are similar to AsPD, but usually to a less severe degree. The video after it is from Stanford and is on the Limbic System. These may help give you some insight into why people without personality disorders think and can control their emotions and why personality disordered individuals have difficulty doing so. (every individual will have a variations, but the variation of personality disordered individuals is significantly different from the average individual who is non-disordered).

9.  logical    Thursday, August 20, 2015

Great insight. Their emotions are definitely whole/complete. It's true, some BPDs have very strong emotions and feelings toward themselves to the point of being completely oblivious to what's going on for others. These are the BPDs that are so difficult to deal with in close relationships because they're so self-focused. Most all BPDs are hyper-vigilant and have a strong ability to perceive the internal emotional state of others (empathy) but they don't all have the undirected/unguided ability to feel sympathy for the suffering of others.

Some of them are occasionally sadistic and enjoy seeing others suffer, but then feel internally guilty later (but they quickly push those feelings away and project responsibility onto others). They rarely apologize, and even after they apologize, there is a good chance that they will revert to their coping mechanisms and turn it around and blame someone else for what they've done. A lot of this can depend on the comorbid diagnoses a BPD may have, especially when you find a BPD with comorbid NPD or AsPD.

10.  logical    Thursday, August 20, 2015

We've known that for decades. Human behavioral traits occur on a spectrum. It's not black and white...all bad...all good. Like most everything in life, problems arise when they're one extreme or another, and when there is impulsivity driving behaviors and negative behaviors can't be controlled or redirected.

11.  stephen blaydes    Friday, August 21, 2015

psychopath and sociopath are different things. They have similar traits as they do the BPD but they are not the same. These are 3 different personality disorders.

12.  Blitz Lyter    Friday, August 28, 2015

I hate the misunderstanding between genders. It's all because males
get stuck with a label that they are supposed to be strong, suck it up,
don't show any emotions, got to be down and tough for the female, who
gets stereotyped as the emotional one.

The labels and everything that come with them seems like trying to make the whole world a Barbie and a Ken.

There are guys who are introverted or they have anxiety disorders which takes a big bite out of much of the "Ken doll" traits we get labeled with.

I've seen guys who are in relationships with girls who are totally extrovert, overly so and very dominating and some of them are even a bit hyper active.

They will kick you or punch you (Not meaning to hurt you) but simply as an expression or a reaction to something you've said, if they thought it was stupid or if you did something they didn't like. Kind of like the old punch to the shoulder.

What bothers me even more is that given as much progress as we have made, you can buy books and most of them don't even take into consideration, much less mention, guys who are gay and some prone to being more feminine,

That trait mostly goes to guys who are born physically more feminine, smaller, physically more similar to a female rather than a male, at least in weight and maybe even height in some cases.

Why else, in high school, are there different Social groups? The jocks who spend more time on the field and the introverts who rather go to the library?

I will gladly state, just for the sake of argument that I happen to be a male BPD who's disorder comes out a complete mirror to that of the female, exactly the same. I am also physically smaller and gay, just to state those facts, however build and sexuality doesn't matter, I am proof that males can display complete female BPD, even straight guys, some can be more in touch with their sensitive/emotional side.

13.  J    Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wow scarily accurate i was tortured mentally male by my mother and b f's and sexually but not penetrative and that perfectly explains male bpd great article adopted boarding school moved a lot the thing i will say i the adoption changed everything a loving mother and father who died when i was 13 my mother saved me from being a phsycho hence the borderline if its all hate phsycho or your right biological brilliant work

14.  J    Thursday, October 22, 2015

Also my two younger brother's who werent adopted in jail for murder my other siblings who were show sighns but weren't as old during the process of all this maybe age is a factor also or its inherited as my mum was 1 of 19 children and a prostitute drug abuser Christmas is interesting

15.  Egghead Einstein    Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm straight, extroverted and hyperactive diagnosed, and I agree, my empathy is so off the charts I have a hard time reading the news (so i stopped). I break down at sad movies and over-the-top joyful ones. I am aggressive until emotions hit... then I turn into a little girly man. And yes I've driven every one of my ex-girlfriends crazy. Until the last one, she was a diagnosed psychopath and she did not react to anything I did. She taught me a lot about myself and my condition, and boy oh boy did I confront that lunatic about her self-denial. I can't speak for everyone, however the borderlines I've met or seen online... we're just overly emotional to the point of wanting to kill you if you dare hurt us in even the slightest way.. not so bad... at least when things are right you'll get good loving. The socio/psycho/narcs can go fuck themselves in that regard. They keep emotions back.. we fling them at you like monkeys ;) Fling!!

16.  Tallis Spire    Sunday, February 28, 2016

I know 3 people personally who have been diagnosed with BPD including myself. My mother was diagnosed over twenty years ago. At that time, doctors' prognosis was bleak at best due to a lack of understanding in treatment which proved successful. So for my mother, I can imagine denial of her diagnosis was necessary to continue in the search for recovery. But I digress.

All three of us are quite capable of having compassion for others (aka empathy). As you've probably already read, BPDs commonly report experiencing other's emotions so deeply that it can have negative impacts on them. As a teen, I felt ostracized, bullied, and outcast. I wished some days that someone would rescue me from my life.

Naturally I was an easy target for aggressive teens because I'm a petite female. Because of my size and lack of confidence in fighting skills, it is very unnatural for me to instigate aggressive behavior. On the contrary, it wasn't uncommon for me to take up for "the underdog". All I could think of was the humiliation and fear I experienced when I was on the receiving end of the aggression. I would suddenly feel empowered to do the "right" thing rather than the smart thing. My chest puffed, back straight, and head held high, I would disrupt the bullies rescuing the others and placing myself in harms way. I made lasting enemies I'd never quarreled with prior due to my lack of ability to detach or distance myself from other's hurt.

Furthermore, I've remained in toxic relationships for years after being ready to go because I couldn't bare the thought of anyone experienving the feelings associated with abandonment. In fact, too many times I've sacrificed my own needs and wants to "protect" others from experiencing intense negative emotions.

Now yes. There are times it is easier for me to dissociate from emotions than the average person. And in the name of principles and for the sake of logic, I can be very objective when making a decision except where it is personal.

Now to explain the lack in empathy... Think of a time in your life when a conflict was emotionally volatile for yourself. While engaging in that conflict, was there a power struggle between the parties: raised voices, loud body language, overemphasizing adjectives and adverbs, use of absolutes (always, never, every)? Did it get out of hand only to later seem ridiculous even embarrassing at how heated it became?

If you were able to think of and put yourself in that situation, you remember how strong those emotions felt and how hard it was to control your reaction. Likewise, at that time you would have experienced a decrease in your ability to see your opponent's side of things (aka empathize). Now imagine feeling emotions that intensely on a regular basis but especially during conflict.

17.  romney2011    Saturday, March 12, 2016

After living with a "borderline" or psyco-socio for 6.5 years being lied to, cheated on, handed out the most illegal and evil behavior I am glad to be away. She was and is a literal whore. I have seen one of her diaries packed in my papers. Reads like a cheap sex novel, full of rage, her own justice system and everyone is at fault, very materialistic, claims to be Christian and there is not indication of it.
My counselor says many therapists won't treat a borderline due to they can be very content with the counselor one minute and ready to attack them physically, legally or anyway they deem is justified. This woman noted in her Diary that she would kill her mother's Dr. if she thought she could get away with it. Or at least ruin his marriage or practice. At the end of her diary she had cursed out every person noted in the diary; even her # one lover. Of course she cheated on him and her best girlfriend with the girlfriend's fiancée. I finally realized I had done nothing wrong; 95% was her mental state. ANY COMMENTS? Convincing? She has the entire legal system in her corner protecting her. She stole my car via a fraudulent notary. A criminal. Works in a church nursery, but states she hates children. Wanted to "slap the hell out of her niece when she was only a toddler.

18.  Jessika Endsley    Saturday, March 12, 2016

She sounds a lot like my soon to be exhusband who I believe is borderline. Very manipulative.

19.  Resting B Face    Thursday, May 12, 2016

I agree Dave...I was diagnosed with BPD years ago. Perhaps wrongly according to my new psychiatrist, who as a responsible physician is disregarding ALL previous diagnosis and starting over from scratch. However, I understand what you mean, I have a constant overwhelming feeling of empathy for anything as small as a butterfly with a broken wing to my family or friends going through a grievous moment.

I did have some moments of promiscuity when I was very young, I addressed those issues with impulsiveness, I continue to have issues with codependency however and is something I'm still in ongoing treatment for. BPD is tied, statistically, to childhood or young adult traumatic experience(s) which I can attest to. I had been repeatedly abandoned, sexually molested, raped later, abused by my APD diagnosed murderer of a father, gone on to be abused in every adult relationship etc. Which while I'm codependent with the wrong people, I am paranoid and distrustful of almost everyone else.

Trauma is or can be a very big part of any diagnosis. The actual lack of empathy by some posters here is rather insightful, perhaps therapy and a diagnosis might be in your near future as well. Holding on to hate can eat you up, just a note from my own personal experiences.

20.  Morgan    Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thank you for not lumping us in with those soulless parasites that destroy lives because they can only get enjoyment from seeing or even just knowing that others are suffering (emotional, mental or sometimes even physical), because of THEIR behaviours. I enjoyed your article and understand better now what it means to be a borderline. Keep on educating people and hopefully they will spot a psychopath before he or she gets the chance to idealize, humiliate, devalue and discard their newest target.

21.  Hello Girl    Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm a woman with BPD and with this, some kind of transient sociopathy. Meaning I feel things to extremes but once I turn I feel nothing. We don't set out to hurt you intentionally. We just want to be happy like everyone else but most of us have life experiences that make us feel like we can't trust anyone and we're going to be screwed over when we least expect it. So we tend to get in there first. I can understand you're hurt by infidelity but I'm not sure whether the type of person to label 'whores' etc has the right temperament to be in a relationship with someone like me.

22.  Hello Girl    Monday, July 25, 2016

I tend to slip into sociopathy when I'm overwhelmed. I'm BPD and normally very sweet.

23.  romney2011    Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Update, the ex-fiancée has seen a psychiatrist for decades on a not too frequent basis. I do know he prescribes some ancient Rx that even though has been on the market for at least decades, it still runs around $200 plus per Rx. Anyone have a clue? I never did see a change in her. Traits still there and running smoothly.

24.  Moon Shay    Friday, September 30, 2016

have or had… girlfriend that my friends who understands about this explain to me she savir borderline
It's very exusting
You don't know from 1 day min to min what's going to happen
She gets angry 😠 like insain angry
This moment I really don't know what's going on
We not in same country right now
Seem to be over
On the reason of 1 min call 📱 where I said the line is bad
Cant understand what you say
This happened just few days earlier
When she rang me in middle of the night
I kept saying what what
Can't understand she got angry 😠…
Like it's my fault
But we did get to talk a thing's seemed still ok
But last call 📱
It was mad
A after came vicious email
Full 9f hate
It's not 1st time
I feel as she also sadistic
She just cut relationship
Was no real reason
Their is ni expernation
Ti why she really got so angry 😠
A from Love
It turns to complete hate
Insulting swearing
She was wishing I was dead
It's totally insane and confusing
I love ❤ a miss her
But things getting so bad
And I lost my trust
I never had experienced such relationship
This Love ❤ hate thing been going in for a while
Sometimes she feels worthless
Sometimes superior
A talk really from up
Extreme mood a behavior
Like I never seen before you can't plan nothing
You make plan a suddenly she go mad a forget everything
It's driving me crazy
Does she even really love ?
She has record 0f sexual abuse
A she 8s Full of hate

25.  CaThRsys    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Agreed. I have empathy...sometimes. Then other times it's like an off switch. I can just turn it off and be comepletely empty and disregard others feelings. Other times I'm overflowing with emotion, but not for others though. Specifically my own emotions. I find it difficult to empathize with anyone other than myself.
I'm too young to be diagonised for either, but it's kind of difficult to understand because I share major traits of NPD, ASPD, and BPD. If anything I'm more of the Impulsive Borderline.

One thing's for sure, I'm absolutely a true narssist. I am very manipulative whether intentional or not intintional. I am a pathological liar. I lie about little things just to get my way.
I have this strange superiority complex that I know I'm better than everyone else, but at the same time I hate myself and everyone else.

I never quite understood the masochist part. I have to say I'm more of the sadist than a masochist. I've wanted to kill myself before , but I've always never gone through with it because I regard myself so highly. I am very insecure and extremly socially awkward. I just can't replicate a normal reaction to certain things.

I've never had a hard time with seeing other people suffering. I've been extremely livid to the point where I am completely remorseless. In fact majority of the time I'm remorseless. I can't feel sorry for someone if I can't feelwhat they feel to begin with. I can't feel their sadness, but I can read their sadness.

I've been bullied before, and it has stimulated extreme rage to the point that I wouldn't care about murdering them.
I have gotten in alteractions as a child where I have broken people's limbs and taken out my aggression on animals.
The only thing holding me back is the law. If there were no consequences and I could get away with it, I would. I'm an oppertuinist. I take my chances.

I don't really care about most people to begin with. And if I do, it's probably because of an ulterior motive. (For instance, after my overbearing abusive parents stopped hitting me, I completely detatched myself and only stayed with them because I need their money. I sink into a deep depression when they belittle me, not because I think it's true, but because I don't understand why they'd do that. But then I get livid and I retaliate to the point to where I will make them cry and I wont even say sorry. Sort of a self gratifying thing for me. I feel nothing when they cry. It's just..just awkward to look at.)

My relationships are usually parasitic. I do feel, I guess, but it's either so supressed that I ignore it, or I'm feigning it to get something out of someone.

But if they wrong me I hold it over their head and usually retaliate with no guilt. Most of the time when I see others crying, I find it awkward. I just don't know what to do.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but it's definatly hindering my life and I've tried theropy, but each time I lied or I will purposely forgot to mention something because I know my therapist will inform my parents of I tell her how I really feel and what I really think. Or worse, I'll be out back into a mental hospital. But I'll just manipulate my way out like I always do...

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