Anti Social- vs Borderline Personality Disorder

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy. Now that I've gotten some sleep I'm a little more coherent and I'm going to compare and contrast antisocial personality disorder aka psychopathy or sociopathy with borderline personality disorder. There are striking similarities but they are not the same. Some of the similarities include failure to conform to social norms. Although in the antisocial person this is normally more criminal and for someone borderline it's just going to be acting out their behavior.

Lying. They both have a tendency to lie and manipulate. They both have a tendency to be impulsive, irritability and aggressiveness. Although the reasons are very different. For someone who is a psychopath, their aggressiveness is, how do I say this? It's because their frontal cortex just isn't working correctly and they see the other human being as you know, an object that they can beat or hurt or yell at. And some of the borderline it's because their emotions are strong.

Sometimes someone with borderline will also show a lack of remorse. Although, that's because they are wrapped up in themselves not because they literally can't feel remorse. So, that's how it is. Now, these can look similar, especially considering that males don't get diagnosed with borderline very easily. Um, they're more likely to be diagnosed with antisocial. And the female could be antisocial but be diagnosed as borderline because professionals tend to just look at gender way too much and not take other things into account. So there you have it. But in borderline, people feel emotionally too vulnerable. Like their emotions last longer and they are stronger, they are amplified in borderline. And the emotions might re-spark and re-spark and re-spark instead of just nothing. In a psychopath, there's no emotion there. I mean other than rage, they don't feel. They're empty. It's just the opposite of borderline. Sometimes you end up with the same outcome as with a psychopath and with a borderline but it's completely opposite, completely opposite of everything really.

Borderlines are sensitive. They take things very personally whereas a psychopath may not. And another thing is that borderlines tend to self-injure and they tend to attempt suicide, sometimes it's just for attention and sometimes it's because they really want to be self-destructive . Borderlines are known to be self-destructive. This is because of their intense emotions, not because of just being impulsive and not caring like someone with antisocial.

animalistic-psychopathThe antisocial person wants to preserve themselves more than anything, that's their top goal. They're very animalistic. This isn't so with a borderline. A borderline wants to self-destruct. And uh, the antisocial self-destructs on accident because they don't pay attention to what's legal, what's not and they, they just have strong impulses to do things that can be quite ridiculous. People with borderline feel a lot of distress. They end up with alcohol abuse, eating disorders, having unprotected sex, and doing just everything, you know? Antisocial often has substance abuse, they could have a eating disorder but this isn't due to the same reasons as a borderline. Their impulsive behavior, it presents itself the same but it's for different reasons. I feel like someone with antisocial probably would be a substance abuser because they want to feel something. They just want to feel and they can't because they are psychopaths and they don't have that emotional range that they are wanting or that they notice other people have and they don't. With a borderline it's because their emotions are so deep that they don't want to feel anything.

They both have relationship issues. A psychopath tends to go from relationship to relationship but that's because they've used you up, then they're done and they're bored. Someone with borderline can be hard to deal with. They have very black and white thinking. And they tend to go from "I love you, you're the best thing in the world, " to "I hate you, you suck. " And they can do that like in a matter of seconds and then go back and forth. That makes it very hard on the other person. Sometimes they can be a little stalky. Well, actually, both of them can be stalky. And you know, what are you stalking about? But that's because the borderline attaches to the person and they may be aware that they're a little manipulative, they may be aware of that they're, you know, hard to deal with.

For someone with antisocial, it's because they think they own you and that's just how it is. You're an object. Just remember with antisocial or psychopaths and sociopaths, you are an object, always. Self-harm and suicidal behavior. A psychopath is not going to usually try to commit suicide ever. They want to stay alive. That's their ultimate goal. They're parasitic due to this. Borderlines are not the same way. They feel so much that they often just want to end it. Even it if I'm talking about in cases where it's not for attention. I feel like suicidal gestures or a lot of suicide attempts are for attention. Not like a drama queen attention but more like a cry for help.

And I've noticed a pattern with borderlines. They tend to have been sexually abused or um, abused at all but primarily it seems they were molested. And I haven't made quite the connection yet to how that disorder develops from that but it seems like it does. A lot of people who are psychopaths have been abused, maybe not sexually but maybe sexually. And this is what makes a difference between a psychopath and a sociopath that I've talked about in another video. Psychopath is organic, sociopath is environmental. There are different types of borderline people, just like there are different types of antisocial. Let's see what this site says about it.

Okay, there's a covetous antisocial, reputation defending antisocial; and that's the most narcissistic type. The risk taking antisocial; which has traits of histrionic behavior. Nomadic antisocial; that's including schizoid and avoidant traits. And malevolent antisocial; which is sadistic and paranoid features.

A serial killer, which is what everybody thinks when they hear the word psychopath, is probably all of these types. Now, in borderline you have the impulsive type and just the borderline type. I don't know what they mean by this. But they have a discouraged borderline; that includes avoidant and depressive features. Impulsive borderline; which is histrionic and antisocial. So that's where you can get a mixture. An impulsive borderline is probably the most likely to be the one where you're like is this person really borderline or are they a psychopath? Because they have the antisocial traits. I don't know how to say this word, petulant borderline; it includes negative, passive aggressive types. And the self-destructive borderline type; which is depressive and masochistic. I've noticed lots of borderlines are masochist. And it tends to be the opposite with a psychopath. Someone with antisocial personality disorder is more likely to be a sadist.

Anyway, comparing and contrasting these two. Most people kind of suck so, don't assume that just because someone has traits of one of these or both that they have a personality disorder. Thanks to the Internet people like to self-diagnose. This isn't always bad but it usually is. Often times you are a normal person with some emotional hang-ups and so is your partner or your friend or whomever it is this is ringing a bell with. I believe it's much easier to diagnose a psychopath even though they never go out and seek treatment than it is to do so for borderline because the borderline is so complex. And when you get down to it, the psychopath is not.

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