Cult Leader Mentality

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy, I am making my last video of the year. Yeah finally, screw this year. But anyway I am gonna make it about cult mentality and cult leaders. I am not gonna go into individuals cults that are well known because if you Google cult, every site you go to will define it differently. You go to site that is run by a Christian, they are gonna say Jehovah's witnesses and anybody who isn't their particular church is a cult. In my opinion that makes them a cult. Then there will be sites, any religion is a cult there will be sites that basically if you type in a certain story you might be in a cult according to some people but hey paranoia.

Paranoia is its own cult apparently so I am not gonna talk about individual cults however because I like what I do, I know a little bit about cults. My main character doesn't officially like star a cult with a name or religion but definitely knows what a cult leader do in the making of an official suicide pact. Anyway mentality of the leader, the leader often begins before the cult does as a delusional narcissist and sometimes a psychopath. If you look in the cults usually the larger one's are run by psychopaths, the smaller one's are delusional narcissists.

Sorry, I am looking at my notes and I dont know why I write notes because I can't read my damn hand writing. So a psychopath with heavy narcissistic traits could definitely run a cult but most cult leaders and I am referring to most smaller cults because there are lots of those that you don't hear about. I think might be more on the schizo type of spectrum with strong narcissistic traits, delusional enough to you know come up with the idea of what the cult is about but charming and caring enough about to need other people with them to actually begin the cult. I am not saying that these leaders would actually test positively at a schizo typo but definitely the traits. If you take the MMPI, everyone is gonna get scores in certain ... spectrums and that doesn't mean that you have the personality disorder but personality disorders are just personality traits amplified and schizo type would be a delusional person who has magical thinking and beliefs, things that are outside social norms which is a hallmark of cults and then the narcissism. You want to be a leader of a group of people and you condition them to do things that are outside of social norms then there is probably a little bit of too much narcissism in your system. Anyway cult members are often predispositioned to have victim mentality or something resembling Stockholm syndrome. The leader is predatory and lacking empathy, even if they do believe every single thing they say about what their cult stands for like we are all gonna drink this poison so we can go on a magical ride somewhere you know after we are dead. So there's that, they can fully believe it but they lack empathy ... and ... even though they believe what they are saying to the followers as is usually with the case of suicide pacts because the leader also dies usually you know big trick. It's easy to get to people who are just predispositioned to be like that or weak.

Some people are just weak except they can get over it. They target lonely, depressed individuals. People who don't have a lot of support, okay call like a gang. You know how gangs become like non blood-related family, the same deal for the cult. Gangs could be considered cults in a way. So targeting the correct individual like a psychopath target their victim is how the cults get their members and they can do this by scaring individuals such as the people who believe that religion is a cult, say you know satan is gonna come after you or you are going to hell that scare tactic and really anything that is a scare tactic can be is cult behaviour and... especially if you are using the scare tactics on people who have a less than strong sense of identity. A lot of times the leader will target the depressed individuals or lonely individuals, offer condolences, help, money and affective empathy, it's not real but when people are not doing their best a lot of times, they cannot recognise fake empathy versus real empathy especially if its a narcissistic person because they can very easily mimic what a normal neurotypical empathy would be that would be cognitive.

Cult leader

They do this repeatedly, they... if its a small cult they will do it individually with each member of the cult or pact and they will do this to condition them. Some people come pre conditioned for cults, they already probably been involved in something cultish like a really really strict religious household and if they are removed from that for any reason, they are still going to want that structure subconsciously and a new kind of cult could offer that. There tends to be a sidekick in cult, so a lot of people really don't know this but it is usually a person who has known the leader a long time like known the leader the longest of the all members of the cult or pact and this person may know that the leader is delusional or if the leader isn't delusional that there just... you know what they are. They are messed up or a psychopath. Even if they know that the leader is delusional, they may be infatuated enough with the idea or charisma of the person, if its not a romantic involvement that they help them complete what they want to do anyway and that would be a stockholm syndrome thing because they may know very well what's going on, they may have known the leader before they turned into a cult type person or even started having delusions but just can't let go and will go out of their way to be sure that the cult leader gets what they want. There tends to be the initial get-together, of the cult. It suddenly arranged, a meeting that is very suddenly arranged if its a small cult you know that a cult that don't have a name. It's just you know a thing and this is where the leader can watch his or her followers interact and meet, and hopefully become friends. They want see kind of, especially if they are delusional and those are the more interesting to me, the delusional ones. They want to watch their followers just interact. It's kind of like having a fish fish tank and you put a new fish in together and you watch them and see how they interact and you kind of hope that they mesh well and that's what you wanted.

This is very common in the suicide pact variety of cults, if it's a larger cult with a name such as blah blah blah church then its not ganna be suddenly arranged, it's gonna be like we are meeting to pray to you know ... Barney the dinosaur whoever they picked out to be there deal or if they are delusional enough and you have enough charisma to pray to the leader himself. Uh... well Hitlary...

And then there is the plan. Why does the cult exist? What is the point other than being the narcissists supply. Is it to kill like Manson family type stuff. Is it a suicide occult pact? Even to do good things like you know everybody is getting together to go save another group of people, a country, something... their all gonna be martyrs, you know blow up whoever for this reason whatever God or belief, idea. So it can be a murder, it can be a suicide, it can be a religious believe, it can be terrorism, it can be only eating rice once a week and drinking 80 gallons of water every two weeks, I mean something anything that a delusional person can come up with.

Anything crazy you can think up right now is probably a cult of some type like anything... there are crazy people out there and its very surprising and startling how easy is it to get other people to follow crazy people and after the followers are been conditioned, the desired people that the leader has got together and chosen... are forced for gas lighting, rats, scare tactics, promises to see things their way no matter how delusional or how outside of social norms we are talking about as much as I despise social norms, a few of them might be there for a reason such as let's not train people to go murder celebrities for fun. So yeah... I yeah... got interested in this and started doing like really quick research on it because of the fact that my book is revolving... it revolves around a suicide pact. It doesn't have like a leader, she didn't come up and put an official name for it. Its just suicide pact but she did condition them very cultishly, so the delusional people are very interesting to me. Anyway, what are your thoughts, opinions and epiphanies on cult mentality and... happy freaking new year. Thank you and have a good evening.

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