Empathy Quotient

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, I took the Baron Cohen Emotional Empathy Test. I believe it's just called the Empathy Quotient. This is used to diagnose psychopaths, people with the autistic spectrum. Really anybody. You don't have to have any kind of particular word to have a-, an empathy quotient. Everybody has one. But let's see. When I moved to New York it was June in 2011. My score was ten on this same test. I had this book on it somewhere over there and my score, you know, my score was ten. I just took it again and my score is six. I'm not surprised because my experience in New York was a little bit traumatizing, you know? Enough to make somebody have a little less empathy or maybe it's just cuz I'm older. I don't know, I don't care. Maybe I had a bad day because I had to go to court. Who cares? Anyway, low empathy is common among people with Aspergers. So I'm not really surprised. And I decided to take it again because I was researching the amygdala and there are questions here like "I can tell if someone else wants enter an conversation."

And I put definitely disagree. And then "it doesn't bother me too much if I am late meeting a friend." I disagreed even though I am very punctual but it wouldn't bother me. It's not like I'll feel bad. Other things I very much disagreed on was "I tend to have very strong opinions about morality." No, I don't. My opinions about morality are that there is no objective morality. Let's see here. "I found it easy to put myself in somebody else's shoes." No, I do not. I will not walk a mile in your shoes because I will not fill your shoes. "I'm good at predicting how someone would feel." No. that's how come I end up in so many awkward situations is because I offend people. "I'm quick to spot when someone in a group is feeling awkward or uncomfortable." It's not my problem if you feel awkward, okay? So, I don't even look for it. And I'm definitely not gonna help you out. Another one that was strong is "I enjoy having discussions about politics." When I was a teenager I was also-, I was about to be expelled from my school for defending two kids who were gay. So maybe as a teenager, a younger teenager, yeah, I cared. But other than that, no, I don't care about politics. We already know this. "I don't tend to find social situations confusing."

Empathy-quotientI disagree. I don't understand what's going on. Even at court today I was like, what? There's a bunch of the ones that I had a strong I disagree on. One is "I get upset if I see people suffering on news programs." No. don't feel a thing. As awful as that may be to you'll I happen to not care. Not because I don't realize they are human beings and they are suffering but because I don't have any kind of like pain of anything towards them. There's no, there's no empathy there. And that's what this test is about. Another question, "I often start new hobbies but quickly become bored of them and move on to something else." I do have ADHD and I do jump around a lot but it's all in the same hobby. So, no. If I am obsessed with something, I am. And you can kinda tell from my videos what I am obsessed with. "I would be too nervous to go on a big roller coaster." No. give me the biggest roller coaster you can. See if I puke. I dare you. Let's see, nothing here is interesting. Oh, "I tend to get emotionally involved with a friends problems." No. that's why I originally thought I would be a good therapist is because I, I don't get emotionally involved. I'm highly objective.

And God, why do I look tanned suddenly. I'm not really tan. But no, I don't get involved. I don't feel anything. But I can offer a more objective and logical solution to their problem. Which I think is a lot more helpful than somebody who gets caught up in their problem and starts crying themselves. So, it is what it is. As far as my empathy quota going down, that could be because I'm getting older. And as I get older I feel like the Asperger has become a bit more pronounced. But then again it could be due to experience. So, I would definitely recommend taking this test whether you have Aspergers or not because one thing that I found funny is that me and my ex/current editor had that was so different was that it says-, okay, my score is six. Zero to thirty-two equals low. Most people with Aspergers Syndrome. or high functioning autism score about 20. I scored six. Let's 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, I'm 14 points away from being normal for Aspergers.

I am 14 points away from being a low. And average is 33 to 52 and most women score in about that.

Fifty-three to sixty-three is above high. And 64 to 80 is very high. And 80 is the maximum. I scored a six. It's much like when I took the eye test. Where it would tell you if you could identify emotion just from looking at the eyes. And it would show pictures just of the eye section. And I did very poorly on that. Meanwhile, the person who scored a lot higher on this empathy test did very well. I got like a four. It was awful.

I can't identify emotions by your eyes or by anything else really. But I found this to be an interesting test. And this person is extremely smart. You know, Baron Cohen is... The Science of Evil is a good book. I recommend it. so, I'll put the link to this test in the comments and you can tell me your score and your opinion on it. and I found that quite interesting personally. So… also, if you have any opinions on why I get 14 points lower than a regular Aspergers person and I'm diagnosed as an, an Aspergers person. why am I so much lower? I am obviously not a low functioning autistic person. You can tell that from any video you watch of me that I am relatively normal.

I mean, people question if I even have Aspergers. Yeah, my empathy level. Check that out. So, take the test, look at that questions, and then tell me what you think. Thank you.

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1.  Chris Allbritton    Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm going to comment bomb your page Jessika :P

Oh and if it helps, I'm a four. A four. I'm not sure dropping pure MDMA can fix THAT. But it explains why I feel so... conflicted often enough.

A four, are you sure I'm not a rock?

2.  mr noone    Sunday, July 13, 2014

What happens in your head when you see a person with clearly visible strabismus and try to establish contact or other way around?
I think that would be a great test (not politically correct but...) to see wheter person understands the importance of eye contact. I can say that it hurts me a little to see crooked eyes.

I have eye contact deficits because I just look briefly but I get a hunch immediately. So I don't see the point to stare. I'm like "Oh case is solved... Time to move on and lets cut the usual crap".

I think I'm logically deducing instead of emotionally seeing the situation. Anyways it is normal eventhough some might see me as retarted in that area. I propably have very low sympathy quotient but EQ is normal might be even higher than average.

3.  mr noone    Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just to make sure. I'm not able to torture or kill people. It just I don't show sympathy overtly at least in public.

4.  Jessika Endsley    Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eye contact, having practiced it a few times since this video, is extremely overwhelming and can give information-overload. A glance can be far too much.

I also do not want to harm anyone lol. That is on the "negative empathy" spectrum containing personality disorders rather than just "low empathy."

5.  Aunt Lucy    Thursday, August 28, 2014

Though I haven't taken the test, it could be that the visit to New York had the effect you stated. Moving to a big city especially in the Northeast can result in extreme isolation and cynical attitudes towards the human condition. Maybe this lowered your score from the previous ones. You know yourself better than anyone, so that was based upon your suggestion. This is great info BTW, just found your site last night.

6.  Jessika Endsley    Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's possible that the isolation in NY (I was living with some seriously not-nice people) made me less empathetic. I am sure my empathy score had gone up due to pregnancy. May be interesting to re-test.

7.  Mikke Musen    Friday, March 13, 2015

Cohen is smart, his test was shitty.

The test is way too easy to fool. 70+ score is nothing.

You gotta keep in mind that there is a lot of self deluded narcs who take those tests. They just "luuuuuv helllping people"... (because other persons will then be in debt to them).

Being hones and non-pretentious about myself, scored me 54 points. Going back and just changing the first 5 or 6, to what I thought would be optimal empathy, gave me 60. I got tired of the test, so I didn't change the rest.

The more narcish a person is, the higher they will score. It simply just doesn't translate to real life. Their false-self will yield a high score.
Btw. I've lied and messed with so many narcs, but I shall tell you one thing for sure. They same persons would have answered "I can detect dishonest people immediately" (I cannot remember the exact words).

Personally, I would prefer hanging around people with low score on this test. Less deluded, in general. But of course, some high scorers are probably honest about it. I am waiting to meet one though. I sure will ask that person for a lot of help :)

8.  Tallis Spire    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do I not see the link in the comments section. Right now (prior to passing my comment) it says there are 7 Comments. But none of them have a link...

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