Emotions: Logical but not Rational

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy, I have a new topic that I's going to talk about. A while back, I had a conversation with someone on YouTube about whether or not emotions are logical and even has someone who pretty much hates emotion, I had to come to the conclusion that yeah, they are logical. The definition of logical is "according to or agreeing with the principles of logic" or "reasonable; to be expected." Now think about what emotions are. Emotions are happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy - anything, anything you can feel I guess would be an emotion. Emotions come from chemicals. Chemicals are a logical thing. They're tangible. So emotions are logical but they are not rational. Emotions are never rational. I wrote some notes about this - on first of all, why they're logical.


Jealousy is one of the big emotions that is forbidden by religions. Just as religions tend to try to make everything that is human illegal. Jealousy maintains relationships and makes one strive to be the better mate or you know, in this society, the better mate, the better worker, the better everything. Jealousy makes you really strive towards survival of the fittest. It's logical on an evolutionary basis. We wouldn't have made it without jealousy, we would not be here today. However, it's not rational. One of the examples, that may be a little off topic that I came up with when I was talking about this is, if you notice, a lot of teenage girls and even older females - you know the cackling type of girls that have a group of friends - they will usually have a fat friend. Or there are many girls who only have female friend who they deem less attractive than them. They might not be conscious of this, which makes it not rational by the way, but is it a logical thing to do? It doesn't necessarily come out of insecurity. It could, but it doesn't necessarily come out of insecurity. Because…let's pretend it's the ice age or something, right? If you're surrounded by a group of less attractive potential…you know… mates… they're your competition. They're your friends in this day and age but they're your competition evolutionarily. If you're the best looking one…I mean come on, don't surround yourself by supermodels when mates are scarce and only want pretty ones because generally the more attractive you are, and I don't mean on a social basis, I mean like chemically attractive, child-bearing type, you're going to be the one that's chosen. So these girls who chose ugly friends are actually subconsciously very smart. It has no meaning these days, ‘cause everybody sleeps with everybody, nobody cares what you look like, you know, not until it's time to really settle down, then they care. So it's logical but not rational because these females don't realize that they're doing this. They don't even…if you bring it up they'll get mad, and be like "I don't pick ugly fat friends." Yeah, you do.


Anger is another big emotion, also forbidden by religions. Evolutionarily it has helped a lot, it's very primal… It protects property for survival, basic instinct… Also helps with the mating process because you can…Anger can cause you to kill someone who's trying to take your mate. That's also outdated. We still have these chemicals and they are logical, these emotions are logical - they are not rational. Most of them have no place into todays society at all, we don't need them.


Happiness - happiness is kind of a confusing one, but I've pretty much come to the conclusion that we feel happiness because it's a control mechanism to cause a human being to keep doing what they are doing because if you're happy, you're probably taking care of your hierarchy of needs. Unless you're just one of those dumb people that's happy all the time. But it's also not rational, because it's not conscious. Anything that's not conscious - you're not consciously deciding "I'm going to feel this way!" and make yourself feel that way. It's not rational. You understand? A lot of people don't understand what I'm saying right now I'm pretty sure. So yeah all these things, all these emotions - I'm trying to think of some more, I don't feel many, so it's kind of hard for me to think of some…


Love - there's a debate on what that is, if it's an emotion or not… a lot of people think it is just a chemical reaction that causes monogamy which is a rational thing to do to carry out a family and genetics without having a female have a bunch of children and no hunter to take care of the family and it keeps men having offspring that are copasetic to continuing their lineage. Which was very important when you know…back in the day, like way back in the day…apparently we gave up on that, have you been to Walmart lately?

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1.  Commony McProletariat    Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I have always had difficulty handling emotions, any type of emotion. I cannot even handle the excitement of going shopping, I stay up all night! And random shallow emotions are all that most people have to offer. I feel like the psyche is a clear running stream, and emotions are rocks and pebbles dropped in it, making it muddy for some time. I have always benefited from being logical and rational, emotions have always just taken from me.

But sometimes I get these very emotional nightmares in which I cry for no reason until I cannot breath and wake up and cannot breath for few seconds and I fear what do I do if these emerge from my subconscious when I am awake? It would be hell. But then my front lobe kicks in, back to the safety of logic.

2.  Aunt Lucy    Thursday, August 28, 2014

My emotions are somewhat on the "reptilian" spectrum, various types of anger and lack thereof or "blissful contentedness" which may just be a lack of anger? Most of my anger is directed at "the system" which I believe is steadily trying to destroy me. Recently I've understood the concept of "star children" and despite my initial skepticism of extraterrestrials I am becoming a believer. I do not fit in well with other humans, including my peers who are labeled mentally ill. What the "reptilians" helped me with;
There are several escape clauses to avoid emotions like jealousy; cuckoldry (m/f. gay/straight) enables being turned on by your significant other cheating on you. Bye-bye jealously and all that heavy baggage! Sadness is only regret of past actions and experiences. This takes practice to avoid, my response is to convert all sadness to anger and add that charge to the fight against the system. Getting a divorce from my husband Uncle Sam may help ; ), though I have to say he's hooked on me and will never leave!
Thanks for letting me share. This really helps!

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