Lizard brain: Disturbed with instincts

By Jessika Endsley

I have excess energy and no one to talk to, therefore, I blog.

The Reptilian Brain - I keep finding articles by professionals about "quieting" the lizard brain due to the "irrational human behavior" it causes and I must say I quite disagree.

Yes, the lizard brain (although a cutesy-fied way to say "most primitive part of your brain") is similar in concept and functionality to the brain that the modern lizard holds. The lizard brain is at the top of the spine, telling your body what to do automatically through electrical/chemical signals. Because this part of the brain is so primitive and far removed from "how dandy damn safe our modern society is," we have psychologists and other types of scientists telling us to be careful because it is irrational. I am going to explore the main functions of the lizard brain.

  • Fight, Flight, or Freeze - When threatened, should I fight, should I try to escape, or should I just stand perfectly still and hope it doesn't see me? Yes, let's make this function stop so that we can be even more open to social predators. No social predators? You probably know a psychopath and know them well. You may know many. Do you watch TV? How do you feel after you watch the news? Like running? Well don't, because here in America we should ignore our primitive brains.
  • Food - Is it edible? Is it ripe? Is it poisonous? Let's also ignore this one so that we don't read the food labels and keep ingesting lots of fluoride causing mental illness and stupidity to the general populace.
  • Reproduction - I guess we all know what that is. - Ignore this one and follow what we are teaching you, take our pills so you won't get pregnant. You'll miss periods, but that's "normal." Hey guys, we're going to get gay men to set the standard for the women that are socially acceptable for you to find attractive, and they're going to take infertile boy-body women and give them the implants and lip injections just enough for us slide this into your mind.
  • Overall Survival - Breathing, heart beat, body growth and maintenance etc. - Just don't trust this one, you clearly don't need it. I heard it from a PHD so it must be true.
So what I keep coming across is a trend of psychiatrists and psychologists promoting the "quieting" of the lizard brain. How exactly does one do that? They don't fucking know, they're telling the same usual self-control techniques they give people with impulse control issues in cognitive behavioral therapy. They're giving it to the general population.
If your lizard brain is working right, it will tell you when to use these functions in conjunction with your thinking brain. More likely, if your thinking brain is working right, the lizard brain won't have to over-work and make you seem like you have impulse issues. You don't need to quiet it. Psychiatry and psychology keep getting more and more political and if this makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, that works.
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1.  Chris Allbritton    Friday, April 4, 2014

Psychiatry has always been political, and there are scholars and thinkers who agree (and at least two psychiatrists).

2.  tjeulink    Friday, October 9, 2015

now this is a very black and white view on the stance of supressing the lizard brain. the lizard brain is not in control, its a gate where things pass trough. that it is the gateway doesnt mean its always right, thats why you have to use your youngest part of the brain (creativity, inpulse controll etc) to overcome this. our brain is very addaptive, the lizard brain doesnt need to have an impact on our thinking, we can control what we feel. we can filter out what we need to feel and what we dont need to feel. you recognize the feeling, use judgement on the situation, and if the feeling is passing on the situation, you send a messege back to the lizard brain that says: yea, you're right. otherwise you send back a negative, your perception doesnt fit reality. this is what psychiatrists and psychologists mean with overriding the lizard brain. you are in control, not the lizard brain. you are not submissive to the lizard brain, the lizard brain is submissive to you.

3.  tjeulink    Friday, October 9, 2015

and psychology and psychiatry is based on hard science, its very unlikely that it is political. what i think is happening is that the data they use doesnt fit your political views.

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