Malignant Narcissism = Psychopathy

By Jessika Endsley


Hey, this is Dizzy, I'm back. I haven't posted for a while any videos. I moved back to Louisiana. That's not what I'm here to talk about. Anyway, since I've been writing my fourth book, I've decided that my serial killer is gonna be a multi-narcissist and I've noticed a lot of similarities between psychopaths and narcissists. A malignant narcissist may just be a psychopath because I mean they don't feel any empathy and malignant pretty much implaused if they could be dangerous, you know even they're not all psychopaths or dangerous. You know yeah, they are, they are dangerous, never mind, forget I said that. Maybe not physically but you'll deal with one, one day if you haven't already or if you're not right now. Anyway, narcissism, there's obvious self-focused like that's what a narcissist is like it's all them and they do not understand how come everybody else has their own lives. They only think about themselves, they lack empathy completely. They truly believe they are normal and that everybody else think exactly like they do. They are hypersensitive to any insult and they will dig for compliments but they don't wanna dig too hard, you should already think they're you know, the best thing in the world. They feel shame but they don't feel guilt. Those are two different very different things. They feel shame can be, and usually is entirely self-focused.

They will flatter but only so they can be admired and given flattery back. They hate people who don't admire them because they truly don't understand why, you know how come not everybody wants to be them or be with them. They're on the pedestal definitely. They claim to be experts on everything which is something that a psychopath would also do. But a psychopath might very well know that he's not an expert but claiming so could end up, you know having someone believe and gaining something. So, narcissists brag, and narcissists cannot walk in your shoes, narcissists will just no, it's all them, like seriously. The whole world revolves around them. This is, I mean this is all stuff that everybody knows about narcissists but they're, they're shameless, you know other than you know if they do something to harm their, their image. A lot of times they'll think that their, you know they have superpowers of some kind and that they are Jesus. They are arrogant obviously. They have a lot of envy and if they are malignant, they might put you through some hell to get what their envious of. They're entitled to everything.


They just won't, they think that everything should be given to them because of how great they are and if you don't do it, they will go into a rage that's either emotional or physical and that's true with regular narcissists and I'm talking about clinical narcissists not regular you know 16-year old brat narcissists, a malignant one is much more dangerous. They have bad boundaries, they don't necessarily realize that other people aren't an expansion of themselves and their world and these people are everywhere by the way, good luck. Now, as far as in tying in with being a psychopath, I, and I'm going, I'm gonna post this so if any of you think you might be a psychopath or a narcissist then I want you to take this test but it's Bob Haire's you know test for psychopathy. Glib and superficial charm, the psychopath will do this to gain something and because the psychopath has learned to mimic behavior, it's totally, totally fake charm and that's also true of a narcissist, they think they are something that they are not. Grandiose self-worth, that's straight up narcissism and that's part of being a psychopath. These were stimulation or proneness to boredom. Well, the stimulation in narcissist's needs is it's all focused on other people complimenting them or you know gaining something you know about them to raise their self-esteem. Pathological rhyme and narcissists will contradict themselves in the same sense like, like you'll start, if you're talking to one you'll wonder if you're the crazy one or if they're the crazy one.

They lie, they'll say they did this and that and all kinds of things they never did just to keep you know their image the way they want it. They lie to themselves and they believe it. Cunning and manipulativeness, they do that. Lack of remorse or guilt, absolutely. Shallow effect, there's no, there's no empathy in a narcissist. A clinical narcissist therefore, yeah, shallow effect. Any emotion they show you is to get something out of you. Calsman said lack of empathy I just said that like 80 times, parasitic lifestyle. Narcissists can be parasitic, they can have high end jobs but their reason for having it is because they want to be a certain person. Also they will be parasitic, maybe not in the same way a sexudo psychopath would be. Poor behavior controls, I don't know, I don't know if that ties in with narcissism so much. Promiscuous sexual behavior, narcissists do that and so do people with no mental problems. All that they are doing is early behavior problems probably that's more of a psychopath thing. Lack of realistic or long term goals, narcissists reach their goals but the thinking behind their goals is just screwy, compared to how a supposedly normal person would see it. They do what they want and they know what they're doing. Impulsivity, I suppose it depends on their personality, not all narcissists are the same.

Irresponsibility, they don't want to be responsible for anything, they believe you know the layman should do work for them. Besides narcissists, psychopaths just don't, they don't care. Value to accept responsibility for own actions and narcissists never does anything wrong in their world so of course that's how it ends. Many short term marital relationships. I don't know if narcissists always do this but it sounds like it would work because some people might not be able to stand living with a narcissist but they do it, they pull it off. Juvenile delinquency not necessarily. Criminal versatility, once again that depends only if it's malignant. Anyway there's a major connection between these two and it's entirely like not talked about it much. I know a lot of psychopaths are narcissists. I think most of them probably are because they can't feel empathy so by not feeling empathy you're automatically your own being, your God to you. So yeah I don't know why, it hasn't been like you know talk about it more, there's a few books on it. But I think a malignant narcissist and a psychopath might be synonymous maybe. I don't know, I haven't done as much research as I probably should have to make this video but anyway, I want everybody take this test if you want to. I, I would just like to see a different scores, I'm gonna allow comments for this video and no, I don't wanna hear about I look like Ijust got trashed 'coz I know that, be freaking adult about it, so I'll click the link in the little thing so you all have a good day.

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1.  hill    Friday, May 1, 2015

Hi dizzy, I really liked your article here. From a lot the stuff I've read most people at this end of the antisocial spectrum, those who score 30 out of 40 and above on hare's checklist, meet criteria for both antisocial and narcissism. Hence they are given the diagnosis of psychopathy. I'm pretty sure it is what makes them distinct from sociopaths, maybe sociopaths meet other PD criteria? They walk up to the abyss but stop at the edge, where as the psychopath never looks back. Obviously disorganized serial killers meet different PD and affective criteria as well, though they're still psychopathic.
You where asking for new subject matter, I think the concept of Pro-social psychopathy is very slowly gaining traction with experimental experts in the field like Kevin Duttun and James Fallon (not the talk show dweeb). If Pro-social's have healthy, loving, well balanced childhoods are they really psychopathic/sociopathic? Also callous-unemotional children is a interesting topic, the movie "I think we need to talk about Kevin" is very interesting and thoughtfully made. Also there's interesting theories about psychotherapy such as teaching antisocial's to respond to rewards like "if I don't kill this person then I won't go to jail!". All known psychotherapy doesn't work on psychopaths as far as I know. Conduct Disorder and it's relationship to ADHD, substance abuse and related therapy is also an interesting topic.
Keep up the interesting work :)

2.  hill    Saturday, May 2, 2015

I think people who are diagnosed with Malignant Narcissism are just people who meet all the criteria for Narcissistic PD. Those who don't meet all the criteria are not labeled as such, and for those who do meet all criteria, it doesn't automatically mean they also suffer from Antisocial PD.
hill :)

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