Adult Autism Awareness

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy, I haven't been on in a while. I'm going to make a quick video about Adult Autism since it doesn't really seem to be something that people really pay any attention to. I wrote down a few things, so I can I guess kind of rant about it.

Really when you hear about Autism, and Autism awareness you only hear about children with Autism, and people don't seem to realize that Autism is a life-long neurological thing. So people on the Autistic Spectrum including Aspergers, which is what I have, are ignored and it can be extremely difficult to be diagnosed if you're an adult. Wasn't diagnosed officially until I was 20. My documents and everything, I didn't have until I was 20, but it was suspected when I was 17 or 18. Okay, being an Aspie, which is the term we…people with Aspergers use for ourselves, is Autism. Aspergers is Autism.

There's arguments about if it's "high functioning Autism," or if it's a different kind of Autism. Of course it's something I find interesting if you watch my other videos is the original name being Autistic Psychopathy. As adults on the Autistic Spectrum it's our duty to speak up. We have so much to offer to a research world, especially in the neuropsychological field. The children aren't going to speak up. Especially the "lower functioning" ones - I hate using that term. We have to not be ashamed of what we're like. We're on a different operating system than Neurotypical people, and why should we be ashamed of that? I've been to several colleges, and….of course I dropped out…of several colleges… and when we would have lectures in psychology since that was my major, everybody would talk about Autism the same way. Like we should all be wearing helmets, rocking back and forth and somehow we never make it past age 10. I don't know why and it's not like we die, we just "stop being Autistic."

Adult aspergers and autism awarenessAll the information is geared towards parents who have Autistic or Aspergers children. Which is great because they need information…but as far of the rest of us who are adults, and I'm almost 21 and I'm Autistic. But I have Aspergers so it's looked at differently. People don't take it seriously; when you're an adult and you say you have Autism or Aspergers, it's like it's in one ear and out the other. People will make fun of your stimming, I have friends, people I've dated, everything - I'll tell them…like…I used to not publicize it. You know… I don't want attention for it, which seems stupid because I'm making a video about it, but this isn't really about me this is about everybody on the Spectrum. So, they will tease me, even after I tell them what it's about and it doesn't really get under my skin, they just really don't understand that it really is a syndrome and it's just how I work. So I'll be talking to them about it, and it's like I may as well be talking to a wall.

Yes I kick my feet when I'm excited. If I'm watching a movie, I'm probably either going to be shaking my leg or kicking my feet like an excited little kid. It's called stimming, I just do it. Other people flap, they rock their whole body back and forth, side to side; I've noticed the side to side tends to be a happier thing than back and forth like this. I clap, I don't clap but I do this… and people wonder what the hell I'm doing. Maybe rightfully so but when I tell you it's because of something on the Autistic Spectrum, maybe you should listen and not be rude and make fun of me and mimic me. Or anyone else who has stims. I tug on my hair, when I'm around people I do a lot of this… Yes I have to have my shoes in a particular order, a lot of people with Aspergers have some OCD tendencies and most of us have comorbid ADHD. No, I don't want to go to a party, no I don't like concerts.

If you're like me you're even weirder because you feel in colors. People ask you how you feel a lot of times I say "fine" or "nothing" or the usual you know…answers, but really a lot of times, I feel orange, or I feel baby blue, or I feel black - not like I feel like I'm a black person but like…the color, you know… People also won't take you seriously when you're an adult female with Aspergers because we do tend to have more facial expressions. But the longer you're around me, the more you realize that I'm a little bit off. Yes I read textbooks for fun - compulsively. I'm a bibliophile, I read dictionaries, I don't read fiction. I don't even particularly like watching fiction because my obsessions are my obsessions and I have narrow interests.

So that's adult Aspergers…which is Autism. I know I'm sounding redundant it just seems like nobody really knows anything about it, but a lot of people like to run their mouths, especially professors. So if you're an adult with an Autistic Spectrum…syndrome, ‘cause I don't want to call it a disorder because we're not disabled, then you need to speak up, and when people are shooting off at the mouth with very incorrect information, you need to stand up, overcome your social anxiety, and set the record straight. So I guess that's about it for that…

I will be opening an Etsy store soon, I'll be selling sculptures that I make, little sculptures, like baking clay. You can tell me stuff that you would like me to try to make, to sell on my site. I have a little Virgin Mary that I'm not quite done with yet but she's blonde, she's wearing pink…little bit of a modern Mary… And I will also be selling razor-whips, razor whips are a prison weapon which I have decided to make cute. They're decorative, like this. See? There's a handle, and there's ribbon, chains and razors. So unless you're into that kind of stuff, these are just decoration. I've been making these for a few years. So anyway, don't be ashamed of your operating system. Because your operating system might not be able to do certain things, but there's a lot of things that it can do that the other operating systems can't. So I hope everyone has a good day and thinks about what I've said here. Goodbye.

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