Aspie Army: Discriminating Professor Alert

By Jessika Endsley

So I recently started college again for the fall. One of my three classes is "Academic Seminar" which is required, and it basically teaches study skills. I was actually hoping it would help me learn to learn things I find incredibly boring. Except in my class...the big fat bitch professor has us throwing tennis balls in the hallway and doing volunteer community service. Sorry, but this is college [as she keeps pointing out] and I'm too fabulous for that bullshit.

I very blankly state that I do not have time for that. I already have to do community service so I don't do go jail. I'm not going to do it because a professor refuses to take work off when 6 months pregnant and doesn't feel like actually teaching. She tells me "There's the door." Ummmmmm....No. I said I do not have time for that, not that I am not going to take the class. I paid your fat ass to teach, not to get snarky. Sure that's a good idea?

Nevertheless, after 40 minutes of playing ball with a class of 19 year olds, I walk up to give her my disability papers. I made sure to write at the bottom: Aspergers [a form of Autism.] I stand there and ask her "What precisely is your problem with me."

She begins listing all kinds of odd and irrational behavior she does not tolerate. I say okay, fantastic, I didn't do any of those things. What is your point. This dolt taught several people in highschool who had Aspergers, so she says, and she demeans them by saying one is married and rolling her eyes and she "doesn't know how that is going to work." When I asked her if she knew anything about Aspergers, she got very defensive, yet she clearly doesn't know that Aspergers doesn't = fear of public speaking, fear of human beings, or explosive behavior. Although at that point I was about to exhibit quite a bit of explosive fucking behavior.

Excuse me bitch? How did you get a job in the educational system? Then she further demeans the spectrum [and her voice is already abrasive but it got worse] by giving me a "safe word" for my meltdowns because she "isn't having explosive behavior" in her class. My safe word is bow. Why? Because I wear bows in my hair everytime she sees me.

So on top of being condescended to for simply existing, this woman clearly has issues with people who have Aspergers. She disliked me on sight - not totally uncommon [I do not know why other than perhaps something in my demeanor] , but people usually warm up to me, especially professors. Then she kept going on about how hard this class would be for me because it's a "very social class."

Okay, whoop-dee-fucking-doo, I am not afraid of people, but I will not stand in a circle and dance holding hands with these kids if that's what she's getting at. Other than class banter, which I love for the simple fact that I can make everyone else feel incredibly stupid, how social can a 50-minute class get when we are supposed to be learning study skills actually get? Trying to scare me some? And then to go on and ask me what field I'm going in and telling me I should take less courses, and telling me that being a prison psychologist or criminologist requires social skills, looking back on yesterday I cannot believe I did not fucking report her. Sometimes it takes me a bit to process the idiocy of a social situation and I have learned from years of being perhaps a bit too quickly reactive that sometimes it is best for me to take a break and then reflect. The action will be taken, but it must be planned. And it must be recorded on a voice recorder.

I made a vow to myself this year to not wear the NT mask just to blend in better in class like I have several times in the past. It is too tiring. I will not do it to make some negative-number IQ professor from harassing and discriminating against me. And therefore my Aspie brothers and sisters. You're going to hear to hear me roar. And it's rather easy for me to roar. [revenge.over.any.reasoning.]

Discrimination of autism/aspergers



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1.  Richard Schabler    Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've had a similar experience with the "Introductory English", college entrance course. I think these teachers are already the lowest ranking educators so they can do almost anything without consequence.

Our teacher was a white lesbian drilling us on White Privelege, and our obvious inability to identify our exact Sexual Orientation.

Incidentally, being an Aspie, I did really well, since her emotional slurs when right over my head, I got A's across the board. Unfortunately I didn't realize that I only got one shot at Post Secondary schooling and that was the only course I was sponsored for, and it ended there.

2.  HKS666    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Well okay then I`m buying your damn book ;)

Maybe some of your cleverness will rub off.

3.  Jessika Endsley    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Haha well, thanks. I hope you like it.

4.  Jessika Endsley    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bit disturbing how the education system is, isn't it?
I have had racist teachers, homophobic teachers, teachers who hated women etc - but I had naively hoped that would end in college. WRONG.

5.  Richard Schabler    Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am starting to think I found a secret to life: that our experience is authentic only the first time, repeating anything puts us into a dream of the past. I think it must be difficult for teachers who repeat the same course over and over again.

They should rotate their classes too. Education is Not worth the price it costs here in British Columiba now. Only rich chinese immigrants can afford it here.
I spent $17,000 Canadian, for a Computer network administration course, and they said buy this foot and a half tall stack of books and read them, we'll test you on each one.
I barely ever saw an instructor, and they didn't give me a certificate in the end because I worked instead of doing the practicum.
The education system is disturbing. (disturbed too I think ;) .

We need some hidden camera acton on this dark corner of society.

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