Coping with Personality Disorders

By Jessika Endsley


Hi. This is Dizzy. I have tried to make this video like a million times. My computer keeps messing up so I'm going to be really quick about this. Personality disorders. I went and got my... results from MMPI in another test earlier today from the psychologist office. I'm officially diagnosed with Asperger's but I scored pretty high on schizotypal- okay extremely high. I got some paranoia, a few schizoid tendencies, antisocial and narcissistic tendencies. So aren't I fancy? Anyway, the point I'm trying to make in this video is that every human being at some point in their life is going to exhibit symptoms of a personality disorder.

"Personality disorder" is a way of saying "You behave a way society doesn't want to deal with. " So there's that. trying to medicate personality disorders is stupid. Some of the things that go along with having personality disorders like anxiety or sometimes depression can come along in there. If you're not functioning enough to have a social life and you're the type that wants a social life, unlike a schizoid, then that can help with that. But really, medicating a personality disorder is stupid. It's not a chemical imbalance, and there's actually no way to prove when someone does and does not have a chemical imbalance.Psychiatry is a great way to make money. Keep that in mind.personality-disordersSo there's paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder... unspecified personality disorder. Now, what the hell is that?

I feel like I just sang the ABC's... except this is a lot more natural for me. Anyway... I know a lot of my viewers have been diagnosed with something, personality disorder or, if you're like me, Asperger's, which in females is often comorbid or confused with schizotypal.

So... if you've been diagnosed with a personality disorder, that is not a death sentence. But the medication they're giving you might be. Luckily, I am not on the let's-take-a-cocktail-of-medication boat anymore. When I was a teenager, things were a little, little whacky with that. I didn't quite know as much as I do now. And I mean, they were putting me on medicine for symptoms I didn't have. And the medicine would cause these symptoms. They put medicine on top of that to fix those symptoms. So, then you're on 16 different pills and there is really nothing wrong with you. Bottom line, you're paranoid and you exhibit paranoid symptoms. When something really does start goin' down, nobody believes you. You're schizoid. You're detached. People are going to want you to come out of a shell that you don't have. Schizotypal. you just think oddly and you may have a feeling that you're outside of your body. You're probably really creative.Antisocial personality disorder, you're probably a psychopath and just accept it, move on and channel it correctly.

Borderline personality disorder, just try to get a grip. I know it's hard... but just try, work on your self image and identity.Histrionic personality disorder, you're not gonna stop what you're doing and we all know this. So... just keep doing what you're gonna do because there's no way to stop you.Narcissistic personality disorder... you're not as fantastic as you think you are, but you're also not as bad as the psychiatrists are going to try to make you feel. Avoidant personality disorder... medicine might actually help you to be able to feel a little bit better about making friends because you do feel like you want them, unlike a schizoid. But... other than that, you have some inner psychological issues to work on and maybe need therapy.Dependent personality disorder... you're gonna need therapy.Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder... maybe a little anxiety medicine can help you but... therapy. And if it's not really interfering with your life, any of this, it might be bothering... really... therapy... dialectal... co- I can't pronounce it. Di- dialect therapy, because I can't say "dialectical" without trying to say "diabolical", uhm... probably the best thing and if you're from cluster B, aka the antisocials, histrionics, et cetera, just try to slow your roll and maybe some cognitive behavioral therapy. Really, I'm just kind of making fun of everybody right now. This is not meant to be taken seriously, y'all. What I'm making fun of is... the business of mental health. And it's a business, and even though that's the field I'm going into, I know that psychiatry, which is not what I'm trying to do, is full of crap. They want to medicate everything and everyone. Almost everybody is on something or has been on something for depression. Guess what? People get sad. Bad stuff happens. The economy sucks. Your wife sucks. Your husband's cheating on you. Being a teenager's hard 'cause you're getting bullied or because you're a teenager. It's just hard. Trust me. I was there.

You don't need to be medicated. Being medicated, getting all this medication in your system, being medicated for years will actually alter the neurons and the receptors and actually cause a chemical imbalance. And really, all you had was a personality disorder, which is really just your personality. And if people don't like your personality... tough shit, it's your fucking personality. So, unless you are one of the people who really wants to be helped out of your pattern... of thinking and acting... don't, don't go... getting all kinds of crazy medication and... at least try therapy before you go to the medication. And maybe if the therapist suggests like "Bro, you are too far gone and might, might need a little medication to help you out", then maybe.

But... America is just overmedicating itself... into the ground. And. if you go through the DSM, and I'm telling you, anybody, I don't care if you've never been to a shrink, there's nothing emotionally wrong with you, you're just happy, dandy... as anything, you go through the DSM, you will probably be able to find at least ten things you could diagnose your self with. That's all I'm saying.Anyway, I kinda had fun getting my results. I like hearing all this stuff from a professional standpoint, even though sometimes it feels like they're kinda calling you names... when they tell you all these things that you scored high or low on. Anyway, what's your diag-nonsense and what do you think about it? Do you take medication or not? Why or why not? And zero fucks are given. I'm out and have a good day, everybody.

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1.  Guest    Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I tried meds but they made me anxious. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, dysthymia, and a possible personality disorder, but I didn't stick around to hear about it. I suppose there is something wrong with me.

2.  hill    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sometimes people with PD's can develop psychosis and recovery can take a long time. Medication does help these unfortunate few, but after awhile it becomes apparent to treating clinicians that it isn't schizophrenia, yet the label persists and so does the medication, even though there is only a very small chance of a psychotic relapse for these PD people. This is what happened to me and now I'm addicted to my antipsychotics, I've stopped taking them through the day but I have to take them at night because I've developed a kind of insomnia because of the antipsychotics. Misdiagnosis, over medication and improper psychotherapy can be devastating for this type of PD patient. These unfortunate few are often labeled "treatment resistant, and anti-psychiatry". They're often (institutionalized) or (de-institutionalized) and forgotten, into a world of limited services, few family and friends, discrimination, abuse and neglect. To make things harder, a lot of these people are unaware of what's been done to them. The legal system is rigged in favour of the clinicians, and very very few ever have to face charges of malpractice.

3.  Borderlicious    Saturday, May 14, 2016

sorry but borderline personality disorder = "get a grip?" are you serious? i could just as easily turn around to somebody with aspergers and say "get some social's really hard, but just try."

it's not possible for someone with borderline to "work on their identity" either. you can multiply 0 by a million and still get 0. it's like being a qualified builder except you have no bricks. i would suggest you keep your prejudice on disorders you don't have to yourself. If you had said that to someone with borderline in real life, they would probably have made aspergers "rage" look like a meditation class.

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