Psychiatry is political

By Jessika Endsley

Repeat. After. Me.

Psychiatry is political.

If you're not acting the way someone (and someone can get through to the government to say you're "crazy" which is very easy to lie about see GASLIGHTING) then the government makes you take drugs.

You don't like how you feel? Someone (and by that I mean the government) will tell you it's chemical - nevermind you have no job and your family fell apart and whatever dafuq. You need pills.

You are drugged into submission.

Fuck that. Everyone who goes through the DSMV will be able to find a disorder for themselves. Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, schizoid, borderline, bipolar, ADHD, anything. Anything. All of you have something.

But we can mask your symptoms of distress with pills so why not.

*eats Klonopin slowly and stand back up on soapbox*

So any religious belief that isn't new enough, any idiosyncrasy, any hyper-focus technique, overt cleanliness, an active imagination, being nervous, not wanting to go to the store, not giving a fuck about whatever, giving too much of a fuck.... you're look a little peeky, there, Mr. Normal..


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1.  Peter A.    Monday, October 12, 2015

Is this some kind of joke that I'm just not getting?

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