Anti-social Personality Disorder

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy. It's kinda dark in here so my eyes look entirely black which is kinda creepy and it's kinda cool. So it goes along with this presentation rather well. I did a presentation in psychology intro class yesterday. And I picked specifically Antisocial Personality Disorder because once I get my PhD, I want to work with the criminally insane. That's my goal. Don't ask me why, well ask me why, I don't care. It's what I want to do.

Anyway, these are the key points that I highlighted in my presentation. Antisocial personality disorder is highly misunderstood. People often call introverted, non-social or reclusive, and shy people antisocial, when the correct term is asocial. Try not to confuse the two. When someone calls you antisocial unless you actually score high on Bob Hare's Psychopathy test, you should actually be offended.

It's not good to be called antisocial. It's not. If you're a nice person genuinely, you shouldn't be called that, Okay? Criminal behaviour does not necessarily mean they're serial killers. If you watched the show Dexter, he is a primary example of a sociopath or someone of antisocial personality disorder who very well hides it. High functioning antisocials are often the lying and stealing type of successful businessmen. We all know about them, right?

Superficial charm is a learned behaviour to attain what they want. Most people who sometimes whether you have sociopathy, psychopathy, antisocial personality disorder or whatever you want to call it. Most of us have used superficial charm at some point to get something what we want. It's a human characteristic and if you have denied that you have used it, you're probably either the Messiah, and he probably used it too, or you're lying your ass off.

One of the people who discovered a test for determining whether someone has antisocial personality disorder was Bob Hare. He was a Canadian Psychologist, who specialize in Criminal Psychology. He created a test which you can take. I recommend Arkancide's test. Look up Psychopathy Test, Arkancide on Google Chrome and you'll find the test. You'll discover your score. Mine was a 27, I'm three points shy. So, take the test just... You know, curiosity. Tell me your score in a comment or whatever.

The amygdala controls emotional responses in the brain. An under-active amygdala would contribute to psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder. Someone would feign being upset about something, someone would feign charm, someone would feign any kind of emotional response; whereas an over active amygdala would cause an anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder is probably triggered by an over active amygdala, whereas a sociopath or someone with antisocial personality disorder, a psychopath, whatever you want to call it would be an under-active amygdala because they have no emotional response.

They see someone bloody from a car wreck, a mother screaming and crying because she found her daughter lying, possibly dead in the car wreck. Okay, you have antisocial personality disorder and you see this event, you watch another response, you feel nothing. You run home and you mimic the mother's response in the mirror so that you learn how to actually come across as a regular human being. You are completely rational.

antisocial personality disorderPsycho and psychopath are completely different things used in terminology in the media. Someone calls you psycho, they generally mean that you are volatile. You can't suspect what you're about to do. A psychopath, usually predictable, usually extremely rational to a fault, disgustingly logical. INTJ-like personality, maybe in ENTJ but definitely a TJ.

That's really all I have to say on antisocial personality disorder for the day. I have cartoons to watch and other fun things to do like that. But considering, I plan to work with the criminally insane as a career, I like to do research on such. And I also wrote a book about such, which is actually about suicidality and antisocial personality disorder and Asperger's all mixed up in the same character and same cast, if you could call it that, in a novel or trilogy. Go to that's to purchase this. There's a paperback version and a hardback version. I recommend the cheaper version, of course, just to get the word out there.

Thank you. I hope that I've offered insight to this disorder or whatever you wish to call it. Please leave feedback or subscribe to my page, because I plan on posting more psychological things that I've been thinking about, lately. Thank you. Have a good night.

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