How To Spot A Psychopath

By Jessika Endsley


This is Dizzy. I'm going to make a video before I go to bed so yeah, no make-up, hair's a mess, don't care. Okay, how to spot a psychopath. I've seen a few videos on this and they always kinda got some key points, a certain points that are also missing. One of the first things that you would notice is that they seemed very normal, at least in public. When you're alone out there they may have a flat effect. But in public they would be very flairfully dramatic I believe would be a good term. Body gestures might be a little more you know flamboyant and talking with the hands and the charisma that, if you're in a relationship with them you won't see much when you're alone. Because in public they're gonna put on a show and when they are first courting you, they are going to put on their same show. Emotions. They will blow up in extraordinary fashion and display very strong anger, seem very distraught just out of this world emotion and a few minutes later it's like it never happened. The empathetic person, the partner or friend of the psychopath will be in shell shock for God knows how long depending on what the blow up was like for the psychopath.

Another thing, psychopaths are narcissists. All psychopaths have a narcissistic personality. You can argue with me all day long about that but professionals are going to agree with me. What they want is for them. Psychopath doesn't care about you. If you know, if you've seen the Honey Badger video, yeah, Honey Badger don't care, Honey Badger cares more than a psychopath does. And the psychopath will manipulate you make it sounding like, "This is for you. This is for the best. This is for your you know whatever." And there's always an agenda. They may not even be aware of their agenda. They may just think, psychopaths don't often know, it's rare for psychopaths to be self-aware of their psychopathy although this is a growing thing thanks to know DNA what it's called, learn as quickly as you can which technology in the internet and what not. There's more self-aware psychopaths but still the frontal cortex is not functioning like a normal empathetic person.


Mother Teresa, Psychopath? Yes.

And you need moral, you need of that heart dropping into your chest or into your stomach. I've heard about it doesn't really happen to psychopaths so. Everything's mimicked, that's why the emotion things like can be extreme and then I can just go away. So that's for spotting a psychopath. There's always an agenda, see what else, lack of empathy. Psychopath is likely to talk about their problems, continue talking about their problems, talk about their problems and expect you to listen and to empathize.. You talk about your problems and unless it's in a courting period, hm, they're not interested. You're not gonna get much feedback. In some instances they will offer great advice which is usually to gain something or it come across as being more empathetic than they are, which could be point one percent as they tend to lack empathy, a psychopath. So during an courting period, they'll listen, they'll be very sincere, overly sincere, heart wrenchingly empathetic or so it seems but they don't really feel it, it's mimicked. Psychopaths had shown to have conduct disorder and they haven't learned quite yet how to believe then. They're impulsive, even the high functioning, professional type psychopaths are impulsive.


Steve Jobs, Psychopath?

Companies often go down completely, lose all their stocks, lose everything because an impulsive I mean psychopath. That doesn't mean psychopaths can't plan ahead but there's always that impulse they are rich to do something. Lower functioning ones, of course there's the criminals. Most psychopaths don't have big criminal record. Most psychopaths are not in prison and most psychopaths are not serial killers. Psychopaths are not scary looking, psychopaths are not wearing a sign that says psychopath. They're hard to weed out until you're very close to one. So the best thing to do I would say if you're in love with a psychopath, don't be involved to them romantically unless you were also a psychopath and you both know eachother's agenda. Even then it could boil up. If you're friends with one and they know you know, there can be a level of respect that could be a semi-functional friendship. Psychopaths often have a lot friends but they tend to switch social circles a lot. They tend to have friends who don't know each other. They rarely have one group of connect friends, like a circle. They have three or four friends over here, two over here, one over here, and none of them had met each other.

Some of them may even be invented - they may tell you about friends that don't exist. I know this guy you know blah blah blah, he owns this this this, they're making it up, compulsive lying, they also either will just lie on top of a lie if they're caught in a lie and not be fazed at all or they will become very defensive when caught in a lie. How dare you, and of course grandiose sense of you know self-worth. They do one small thing and suddenly they're on top of the world. They can have a small accomplishment or an imaginary accomplishment and it makes them an expert. They're always an expert at something. So there's all that. I've been through the check list on other video is pretty easy to find about Bob Hair, psychopath checklist. They tend to be drifters even if that doesn't mean they move around a lot. It means they don't really have stable path in life and like I said once we do ten, they're still make you all submerge in their business lie. Anyhow, romantic relationships with psychopaths, not the best idea for most people. Of course about the time you figure out they're a psychopath it might be too late. And letting go of that could be quite difficult I suppose. I wouldn't know but anyway that's just me rambling about psychopathy again before I go to bed. Weird, I know. Anyway, goodnight y'all.

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