Self-destructive sociopaths: The Katie Nicol Case

Just like the great majority of muslims aren't terrorists, the great majority of psychopaths aren't violent criminals. However, most terrorists are muslims and most violent criminals are psychopaths.

In order for a muslim to become a terrorist, something else has to come into play. Extremely religiosity, for example. Or having had a family member killed by bombs dropped by the West or by militants, supported by the West or militants that popped up after the West effectuated a "regime change". In order for a psychopath to become a violent criminal, there are always other factors into play as well, such as XYY syndrome, a bad childhood or drug abuse.

Roughly 1% of people are psychopaths, but it's a spectrum. Likely less than half of those are "full blown clinical psychopaths", let's say one in 300 people. Of those psychopaths, roughly half (1 in 600 people) suffer from a combination of character traits that make them a liability to themselves. We call those type of psychopaths self-destructive. A self-destructive psychopath is a "full blown clinical" psychopath with insufficient intelligence to stay out of trouble. Psychopathy is characterised by impulsivity, a propensity to engage in risky activities and a total disregard for fairness or the wellbeing of others. When the psychopath has a low IQ, these characteristics often cause the psychopaths to engage in selfish behavior of which the negative consequences for the psychopath greatly outweigh the advantages. Our research into psychopathic behavior, based on having had 75000 customers yielded a clear picture of how self-destructive psychopaths rapidly escalate self-destructive behavior with total disregard for the consequences to themselves. We found that in those cases, the psychopath simply is unable to envision a negative outcome for themselves. They think they found an easy prey and can pounce with impunity. They disregard any warning signs as irrelevant and waste no time - they file a fraudulent chargeback, in our case. This kind of crime is similar to pick-pocketing a wallet containing hundreds of dollars from an old lady, or shoplifting an expensive item. It's theft and in the US people can go to jail for life for it (three-strikes law). Normal people do not commit credit card fraud, just as normal people do not shoplift iPhones or burglarize houses and steal jewelery. In our seven-year experience with many dozens of people who stole from our store, we found that nearly all exhibited psychopathic behavior, when we contacted them. Many were wise enough to deescalate when we warned they would be publicly blacklisted or they backed down when we actually blacklisted them, but some were unable to take any such consequences seriously and decided that the loot outweighed public exposure.

The reasons a psychopath may have for going ahead with a crime, in spite of being warned of consequences are manifold. The psychopath may think the threat is moot, that their victim can't or won't defend themselves. For example a thief may think that a merchant will not "deface" their site with public blacklistings, because that would be "bad for business". Or the thief will think that a public blacklisting, even when they gave explicit permission to us to do so in case of a chargeback, is "illegal" and therefore easy to get taken down. In some cases, the thief thinks they can hide behind anonymity. They may have used a false name or a delivery address they don't actually live at. They may have a very common name. Sometimes, the thief habitually defrauds merchants because a buyer often gets away with "unauthorized transaction", especially in a time where merchants are paranoid about getting bad reviews. When a merchant "protests too much", the thief will threaten to destroy their reputation, which is with established, larger merchants worth orders of magnitude more than the value of the transaction. This way, nearly all psychopathic thieves get away, time and time again, with stealing. Not when they steal from us though. When they steal from us, there is a real cost. Katie E. Nicol from Victoria, Australia is an example of a psychopathic thief who stole from us and disregarded our warnings that we would publicly blacklist her if she would not return our property. She responded with a barrage of verbal abuse and threats. Then we indeed blacklisted her. She responded with a massive libel campaign on various websites.

Katie E. Nicol, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Katie Nicol, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Then we wrote this article, in order to shed light on what motivates psychopaths to persist in behavior that damages themselves severely. Our conclusion, based on dealing with scores of similar people, is that the behavior is most likely caused by low intelligence combined with high impulsivity. The ability to envision possible outcomes requires the intellect to plan ahead, taking a variety of factors into account. Not everyone is good at that. Some psychopaths may be in principle able to predict a negative outcome, but their impulsivity and anger at being opposed often leads to a temporary blind rage, and things escalate until there is no way back. This may have happened with the Australian thief and pathological liar Katie Nicol.

Katie Nicol purchased an expensive electronic device from our online store but she mistakenly ordered one with a EU plug. She knew full well that it was her own mistake because our store had sent her an order confirmation, listing an EU plug. Nevertheless we apologized for the inconvenience and offered to refund her an amount, equal to the cost of a universal travel adapter. But Katie Nicol accused us of lying about the order. According to her, we were "spastic" and had falsified the order record to show a EU plug instead of an Australian plug. And for that alleged intransigence of ours, she demanded a full refund (AUD 257). When we told her that such a hostile, insulting way of demanding a full refund for a device that was 100% as described amounted to fraud and would lead to a public blacklisting, she told us: "Give me my money back or I'll destroy your business online". When we declined, she immediately did the following: (1) Filed a "not as described" chargeback, (2) Told PayPal we are a criminal organization, demanding them to terminate our payment processing, (3) Posted in many places online that we are criminals, that we threaten, blackmail and intimidate people and that we take people's money but not ship the merchandise.

Mrs. Nicol, meanwhile, apparently thought she had obscured her identity reasonably well. She had used the name "Marisa Lavars" for the delivery address. She claimed the delivery address was her work address. We had little to work with. It was very hard to obtain a photograph of her, for example. Our customers give explicit permission, before they finalize their order, for us to publish all personal and professional details we can obtain of them, including pictures, in case they file a payment dispute. Katie Nicol is a common name. Some sleuthing divulged her middle initial, E. When searching for Katie E. Nicol, we discovered that she had received a scholarship at La Trobe University. We found a photo with many young women. Impossible to know who Katie E. Nicol was. We saved the photo for later and searched social media. All Twitter and Facebook accounts by all people named Katie Nicol, and there were quite a few. Some had profile pictures, some had not. some had a profile picture with several people in it. Eventually we struck gold: We found a Twitter account belonging to a Katie Nicol with three women in it. One of the women also appeared in the La Trobe University photo. Bingo. Then we did a Google image search on "Katie Nicol" and found another Katie E. Nicol that was the same as the one in the photos: "Sennheiser girl" Katie Nicol. We verified that the Katie in the pictures lives in Victoria, Australia. We blacklisted her thieving ass - photo and all.

While Katie thinks she can sue us, we are certain we can sue her. Australian defamation law is strict and we have a watertight case because she used her real name in a RipOff Report, and those are not removable so we will be able to use it as evidence in court. Contrary to Ms. Nicol, we can demonstrate significant damages. We can prove that Katie Nicol committed fraud, libel with intent to do financial harm, perjury (to PayPal) and blackmail. Since the damage Katie E. Nicol did to us is much more than her theft, we're nearly certain to sue her for penalties and damages for the unremovable libel she published against us.

Her callousness is typical for the criminal psychopath challenged in the IQ-department. "I did not know what libel meant but I looked it up and oh yeah I'm gonna libel you!!" and "I'm looking forward to filing a chargeback tomorrow!" and "I will enjoy getting you out of business, you spastic! The whole Internet will be warned what a criminal you are!".

Katie Nicol from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is impulsive, untrustworthy, she is a pathological liar, a multi-faceted criminal and a full-blown clinical psychopath. Prospective landlords, banks, employers, business partners and romantic relationships: Beware!

Update: PayPal has asked her to send the merchandise back. She claimed she did, but we noticed in the tracking information that the weight was ten times less than it should be. Yesterday, our customs called us, said they X-rayed the insured, tracked package and were surprised to find it empty. Katie Nicol sent us an empty box! They told us the reason they kept the package for eight days is because they found the situation puzzling, a large box, insured for hundreds of dollars, weighing nearly nothing with only some crumpled newspaper inside. They asked us what to do with the parcel (they have a close relationship with us because we move an enormous volume of merchandise through the border in both directions, so we talk to them nearly every day) and we asked them to return it. We asked them to email us a confirmation of this issue. as evidence, which they did.. Katie Nicol cheated us one more time, PayPal already refunded her (which is very strange, since PayPal claims to only refund after delivery) but we appealed the decision, have filed a Police report against Mrs. Katie Nicol at PayPal's request and we will sue her in Australia for libel.

Katie Nicol fraud

UPDATE: PayPal sided with us after we sent them the correspondence with our customs, who confirmed she sent us an empty box. We were refunded and we quote our PayPal account manager: "I have just taken the time to review the matter again with a colleague of mine and we have found in your favour on the matter. We have moved ahead to issue you a credit for the full amount of the transaction as you were covered through our Seller Protection policy program. We will also move to take action towards the buyer on the matter, however due to data protection I am not able to share any further details on this matter with you."

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