Psychopath's Insider Friend

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy. I'm going to talk to you briefly about the psychopath's insider friend. This is a bit of a conundrum when a psychopath has a friend who is an empath, a normal person, a non-psychopath, oftentimes with a Messiah complex from what I've observed, who they drop their mask around. Some of the signs of this, and I'm hoping that if you're watching this you might already be somewhat well-versed in psychopathy and sociopathy, is that they drop their charm only around you. The two of you could be in a social situation together.

You could be friends or partners actually and be an insider friend. And the psychopath in question will be very charming, very nice, compliment, "Oh, I like your hair that's so great. Where did you get it done?" Their demeanour is a certain way, and then when everybody leaves, they may turn and totally just deadpan you and just be like, "That person's hair looked like... " And there's always that little bit of... It's almost kind of a joke, like you get that a lot [01:25] ____ and you're onto something, because people who are psychopaths and sociopaths tend to be self-aware. They may not know the exact terms of psychopath and sociopath, but they know that they're different. If they didn't, then they would not be able to manipulate the way that they do.

Another thing is that they will openly admit to having no feelings. And let me clarify to you that having feelings you can't explain and having no feelings are very different. Most people, at some point, will feel nothing or they feel, "I don't know," because they can't explain what they feel or they're just a little blank. But feeling empty and feeling absolutely nothing most of the time, is a symptom of psychopathy, not that it's not a symptom of other things also. Like I said, lots of things go into be a psychopath, not just having no feelings.

friend-of-a-psychopathThe predatory stare. Since I have Asperger's, I'm not very good at recognizing what's going on with eyes. But since people who completely lack empathy, and are on the psychopath/sociopath spectrum of the brain, they only use their reptilian brain and they focus entirely on being a predator. Everything around them and everyone around them is something to be used. If you've heard the term about 'eyes being windows to the soul', which really makes not much sense to me, they do have an intense stare that can make you feel uncomfortable and naked, and they may use it to manipulate people around you and you can watch it happen and they may use it to keep you where you are, because psychopaths like to have an outlet.

Go Google psychopath blogs; you'll find victim blogs and you'll find actual psychopaths using technology as an outlet for their thought process. Psychopaths always want an outlet and as the insider friend, you are an outlet. I'm not telling you if you are in such an identified relationship to drop the relationship, but you will not gain anything from it. Also, they will do open stalking. They may grab your cellphone from you and just start going through it and absolutely not care that it upsets you. They may hold it above your head and like, "Ha-ha, I'm going through your stuff." or they'll go through your computer, they'll go through your purse, they'll go through your backpack, whatever they can go through. And they might just do it in front of you and if they are caught, if they were trying to be sneaky, they don't really care and they'll keep doing it.

So this is just very basic about being the insider psychopath friend. You might be married to them and they drop the mask around you all the time, but that's highly unlikely. You're more likely just a side friend. They may even try to keep you separate from the rest of their friends and acquaintances, because they will openly talk about their thoughts and belief systems as superior, and the end-all. But around other people they will pretend to be a lot more tolerant, because they are social predators. But around you, they let you know that's what they are. They won't openly say, "Hey, I'm a social predator. I'm a psychopath", but they say it without saying it, if you're an insider friend.

So if you have any thoughts on this, if you're an insider friend, if you're a psychopath with an insider friend or if you just feel like saying something, leave it in the comments.

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1.  Jen    Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm an insider friend sometimes, other times i'm the psychopath...i have multiple sclerosis and on the occasional, it give me periods of not feeling squat! anyone can relate? commenttsssss

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