How would 1000 Schizoids look like?

By Jessika Endsley


Hi this is Dizzy, I'm going to talk about Schizoids. I'm also going to talk about Aspergers and Psychopathy, too but it's really in relation to Schizoid Personality Disorder. I have a video comparing Aspergers and Schizoids because I believe can be very easily mixed up in diagnoses. I don't know if healthcare professionals actually pay any attention to this - I don't think they do, just like they don't pay attention to most things. But I am going to compare and contrast and try and paint a picture of this.

Psychopaths are socially charming and people with Aspergers are socially awkward. I believe Schizoid is closer to Aspergers than it is Psychopathy as far as being able to mix up a diangois, even though Psychopathy is extremely hard to diagnose. I believe Schizoid is just pretty much overlooked. And as far as social awareness in Schizoid, it's very different than with somebody who is a psychopath and is very charming and someone who has Aspergers and is just real awkward. Aspies are more accepted by society than Psychopaths, even with many commonalities including low empathy which society really kind of frowns upon not having much empathy. Aspies have a childishness about them - or we have a childishness about us, I should say, and a tendency to be naive at least about a lot of things… makes us appear less threatening collectively. A group of childish and naïve people at least to some degree and about some subjects just doesn't appear threatening.

Imagine a group of Aspies, like 1,000 of them. It looks like a group of probably oddly dressed, awkwardly positioned, counting, obsessing, reading, maybe going off on a tangent, once in a while… but mostly keeping to themselves. So that's what I imagine kind of…

Think of 1,000 Psychopaths. What do you imagine? A blood bath? Something like that? A bunch of CEO's standing around…

Schizoid personality disorderAnd my question is - what to 1,000 Schizoids look like? Can you imagine that as easily as you can the other two? Unless you have it or know someone who is a Schizoid, probably not. Okay, I have some notes on Schizoid so I can keep up with this. Schizoids are less likely to enjoy animals. It seems - this is based on the Aspie realm - people I know. They are even less like to put up with putting any thought into their appearance and clothes than people with Aspergers, they're not going to make an effort to dress eccentric like a lot of people with Aspergers do and Psychopaths tend to be very mindful of how they look because they understand social cues and rules. Schizoids may actually know social cues and understand them but they fail to see a reason to participate. Aspies just may not know them at all. Schizoids may understand rudeness but fail to display the usually expected anger about it, and Aspies may not even see the rudeness or hear it or know it's there, A Schizoid may not plan as much as an Aspie would because we freak out when our schedules are interrupted. The Schizoid just doesn't really plan that much - at least not as rigidly as we do. Aspies are often talkative - like going on tangents, and making videos like I am right now. And Schizoids don't feel the need to have a monologue, and of course Psychopaths are very talkative you know… Schizoids are indifferent, no rigid schedules, or rituals, Schizoids don't tend to have strong paranoia, or have hallucinations, and that's relating to the fact that it's on the Schizophrenia Spectrum. People with Schizophrenia tend to be paranoid or well, they definitely at least have auditory hallucinations - that's the most common type. Schizoids don't speak oddly. It might be flat, but what they say makes sense. Someone with Schizophrenia make not be able to make a sentence that makes total sense, and Aspies tend to have odd ways of speaking, also. Or at least in a flat way and sometimes they will say things that are odd. I know I say things that are odd and people don't know what I'm talking about. But that doesn't matter since I'm probably talking to myself anyway.

Schizoids tend not to get offended. They are probably the hardest people I've never met to try to offend, not that I try to, but they don't get offended and a Psychopath would get offended because they tend to think that they are a lot better than they actually are. You know….self-aggrandizing. And people with Aspergers can get offended or at least be caused to have a meltdown. This Schizoid's just like "Naw… I'm out…I'm out son." Schizoids are also less likely to care about leadership roles. Psychopaths will take I readily, usually. Aspergers person could probably be prodded into it if it has something to do with their interest or if it's an Extroverted Aspie, which does exist. So the Schizoid's just going to be like, "I don't care."

So, that's all. But still I have the question of what does 1,000 Schizoids look like? I know what it looks like in my head but y'all can just tell me anyway, what y'all think. Thank you, and have a good day.

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1.  Ted McMuffin    Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh Dizzie, in this video, you look like an anime character Sometimes when you speak about the subjects that you are passionate about, your power level exceeds 9000!

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