You're Not Schizoid

By Jessika Endsley


Hi. This is Dizzy and I'm going to talk about how you are possibly not schizoid. I go over the symptoms for now. Prefer being alone, usually choose solitary activities. People with schizoid personality disorder like being alone. They do not feel the need to have friendship unlike Aspergers and schizotypal where there's a need but a misunderstanding. They crave independence and have few close relationships yet again they don't need you. Feel confused about how to respond to normal social cues and generally have little to say. Schizoids live in the mind, they're not going to sit and wonder what they should say, they're not going to sit and try to figure out what would be the appropriate response because quite frankly they don't care. Lack any desire for sexual relationships. Some do want sexual relationships but they don't want the emotional part that's involved with it a lot of the times. But for the most part they just don't care. They are very in their heads, in other words they feel unable to experience pleasure. For most people, laymen, this sounds awful for someone who is a schizoid it's not so bad, it's along with not being able to experience pleasure, they don't like to experience much pain so it's not much of a problem for them.

SchizoidIt's actually a very peaceful existence. Come off as dull, indifferent or emotionally cold. Schizoid don't care about you, they don't care about how you feel, they don't feel anything, they are very aloof. Schizoid is the absolute perfect example of aloof okay. They feel unmotivated and tend to under perform at school or work because in the schizoid mind, why bother. They have other stuff going on much more important and it's all up here. Consistently play the role of a follower rather than leader, not because they believe that the leader is smarter than they are, it's because they just don't give a fuck . That's the best way I can put it. Schizoid don't care, they know what's best and they know it in their head. They aren't going to actively seek out, they're not gonna be a Godly figure here okay, like they don't care about the rest of the population, it's them. So what I'm getting at here is that you are probably not a schizoid. Anyone who has frequent emotional outburst and lots of paranoia, you're not a schizoid, you're just not.

If you have hallucinations, you're not a schizoid. Mostly when I'm clinging to here is emotional outburst. If you have a lot of them, you're not schizoid. Schizoids feel not much. So don't call yourself such. If you just play some of this symptoms and you do have strong emotions, strong feelings, strong morals, et cetera. You might be schizotypal and you really might be schizo-affective especially if you're depressive bi-polar or manic-type with schiz symptoms. Schizoids rarely develop into schizophrenics. They don't experience the realization in the same way that a schizotypal would or schizo-affective so do what you will with that but don't self diagnose when you are claiming schizoid but you have all these rising emotions and stuff because that's not schizoid. So, that's my thought for the day. Thank you and have a good day.

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