What is Schizoaffective Disorder

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy, and I'm here to talk to you about Schizoaffective Disorder. Schizoaffective is basically schizophrenia combined with a mood disorder, an affective mood disorder. Usually this will mean depression or bipolar, so if you're schizoaffective you are generally going to be a depressed type or a bipolar type schizoaffective. I think it's pretty rare for a different type of mood disorder to get in there.

So anyhow, not many people know about this mental disorder and/or mental illness, whatever you want to call it, but depending on the symptoms of depression or bipolar, it affects everyone differently. If you are more likely to be high-functioning schizophrenic, then you can be a high-functioning schizoaffective person. And it may be impossible to tell that you have any schizo symptoms whatsoever, in my experience, until you are around the schizo person a lot or schizoaffective person a lot, and you discover that they are delusional, they'll have imaginary friends, but to them they are not imaginary. So, if you don't go about it correctly, you could possibly upset them, alarm them, yeah, whatever.

It's best to just not... It's best to figure things out before you start talking when you are dealing with someone who is having a delusion, but has no idea they are having a delusion. People with schizoaffective also hallucinate. The most common form of hallucination is auditory, but I imagine that they could have a visual hallucination too, or anything, any kind of hallucination basically. But, auditory is definitely, the most common.

schizoaffective-disorderDisorganized thinking, it may appear disorganized outwardly to people, because someone who's schizoaffective is dealing with the outer world and the inner world and has no idea that they are separate, until they're told they're having delusions and seek treatment and all that. Or, are force into treatment, which is most likely the situation, unless the mood disorder causes them to seek help, and then the schizo traits are found and they are diagnosed as schizoaffective. Odd or unusual behaviour, slow movements or total immobility. When you are living in an imaginary world, it can be expected to move slowly or to just be immobile, because you are dealing with the hallucination and it may present itself in a way in which you feel being immobile is the best way [03:48] ____ it gets. Lack of emotion in facial expression, and speech. This is common with a lot of things; schizoid, Asperger's, schizoaffective, sometimes in depression.

This might be due to the depressed side of the bipolar, or the depressed type schizoaffective, or it may be due to the fact that a lot of people with schizophrenia have no facial expression, not often. Poor motivation, that could stem from the fact that once again, you're dealing with two worlds and probably every time you try to get something going it goes wrong because, you perceive it as something that it is not, or that's just me. And then, you don't know why it went wrong, and that's because your delusion or hallucinations, or whatever, and plus the mood disorder are interfering with the motivation.

Problems of speech and communication, well, it might be hard to communicate while you're having a delusion or you are hallucinating, it might be hard to speak when... Or to actually communicate when you're delusional, because if your delusion is one of grandiosity, then you're going to be a jerk to deal with. So, obviously that wouldn't bode well with most people.

So, that's basically all I have for schizoaffective. It's not really that common, but, oh yeah, it can be genetic. It can be brain chemistry and then it can be environmental, which are things we all need to know. The onset is between age 16 and 30 usually, 0.5 of the population... I don't know, I don't trust statistics I find online. There's treatments, which is medication, which is America's favorite thing to do; psychotherapy and that'll help you get your thinking organized and to recognize what may or may not be a delusion. And just help in general. So if you have that or if you know someone with it, I hope this helps you.

And everybody have a great Friday.

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