Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer

By Jessika Endsley


Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer.

Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer

(The sound is terrible, apologies for that!) Hello, this is Dizzy and I want to talk about Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer. Gary Ridgway was born in 1949 and he went on more or less, a 20 year killing spree. He's one of the most prolific serial killers but one of the least known about. His body count ranges from in the 40's to 71. He switched up a lot. He'd say oh, I killed 60 something, oh, 40 for sure. Oh, I killed 71. You know how serial killers are. They really never, well, psychopaths, they never tell the full story because some murders are too sacred to them. His mother was extremely abusive and he would have fantasies of sewing up her vagina. Abuse isn't a stranger to me but I don't know how abuse translates to wanting to sew up parental genitalia. So basically, this guy preyed on prostitutes. Bundy said when he was talking to capital vicariously about himself, but in order to help catch River Man, that he didn't have a use for classy victims. Now, what a classy victim is according to Ted is someone with family, someone with roommates, college students, normal lives.

Prostitutes tend to have very unstable lives. They do what they have to to survive. They're streetwise and it's not uncommon for them to go missing or a few days. So it would take quite some time for someone to actually report a missing prostitutes especially get into the car with strange people. So, I mean, as a prostitute you're not looking for good things to happen to you. You're not asking to be murdered, but you're not, you're, you're putting yourself up for a risk when you're a prostitute. And I understand that sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but Ridgway was very manipulative. He would make dates with prostitutes, build up a good reputation, he would ask victims about their friend prior to killing them so that he would have other dates, it would help build up his reputation with the pimps, the hookers, as a good John. He would also, in one case at least, make a date through a pimp with a prostitute, he would kill her and then call him later on to set up a date with that same prostitute. Because if he thought that she was still alive in order to make a date, then of course, he couldn't be the murderer. Body disposal. Ridgway had several methods of disposal.

Obviously, he got his name because he put a good amount of his victims in the Green River. But the bodies were found so he would try to sink them with rocks. He had one move where he would drop the victim off dead on the side of the road, drive far enough away to where if a cop were to pull up they wouldn't see the body, walk through the woods up back close to the highway, get the body, drag it into the woods, next to a landmark. A big tree, something unique, a log, a large stone. He was very knowledgeable about the landscapes. A lot of serial killers that come from the Northwest and that region, there are a lot of good drop spots. Mountains, snow, etc. So he even took the bodies out of the state so that he could stay hidden and to throw off the investigation. He kept good track of what was going on. Ridgway wasn't smart. Cunning, true. Not smart. His IQ was I think 83. that's not smart. Bundy's was 124, and that's not genius but it's intelligent. So he got away with it, he wasn't caught till 2001 and he wasn't even a bright cookie. And serial killers have groupies.

Like, in the Bundy trial, there were girls just dying to get, you know, in the front row to see Ted because he was good looking. Dahmer was good looking. Ridgway, not so much. Definitely not in my opinion. If you go to Tumblr and look, and you type in serial killers you see lots of fan pages for serial killers. People shipping Dahmer and Bundy, the more attractive serial killers, they get groupies. But my theory on why Ridgway doesn't have groupies is because he wasn't too cute and he wasn't too smart. He was a bottom feeder. You know, he couldn't prey on the classy victims, he couldn't pick up girls that wouldn't be missed for a while. So, there's that. Then there's the FBI profile. For some reason the FBI is stupid. Over and over, and over and over, and over and over they create the same profile for a serial killer that they're looking for. And there are quite a few active ones right now and they're probably using same stupid profile that they've been using since the Ted murders. You know, a history of violent crime, running into the law, loners, drifters, you know, and even though quite a few of them are drifters they're functional drifters. They drift because they're working, they drift because they're going to college and different places. Live alone, keep to themselves, creepy, that's not the case.

Serial killers tend to be very charismatic, very normal. That's the point. They're very normal people. They're somebody you trust to give you a ride somewhere. Somebody you could have a chit chat with. But the FBI, for some reason, sticks to this lone wolf, creepster type profile. You know, white male, in their 20s, keeps to themselves, lives alone, no. Ridgway was married, he had a son, he even had his son in the, in the truck asleep while he had necrophilia going on with a victim. He often left them next to the rocks and other landmarks so he could find them later for postmortem sex activity. So the FBI, I think, keeps this profile because if they're normal people, what are you gonna do? Go through every normal guy there is to see who your serial killer? So what're you gonna do? So, their profile often makes them, you know, a serial killer, he's killing for 20 years, I don't know. Bundy was right about a lot. The Green River Killer, which we called River Man, was very accustomed to the terrain, the mountains.

He knew which girl worked which corner, when, when the pimps were around, which ones would be easier to target, he knew the scene, in other words. And Bundy, of course, spoke vicariously through Ridgway while he was trying to help capital find the guy. Even though it wasn't even capital's place, you know, when you're passionate about something you just are. He was a religious man, supposedly. Lot's of psychopaths are. Even the non-violent ones. He went to Pentecostal church, he was married, he, of course, had extra marital affairs with the living and non living and he was just a very normal guy. He worked as a truck painter, nobody suspected him, anything violent, the only thing, really, one night he and his wife had been drinking at party and when she unlocking the door he got her in a choke hold and she kind of passed it off as oh, he was being playful because we had been drinking. So, everybody was rather shocked at the whole conundrum. And of course he said he wasn't killing people, he was just killing prostitutes. That's why there was speculation of being missionary killers "doing God's work"' That wasn't his thing. He got off on it, got his rocks off.

And, of course, there was speculation that it was racial. And really it wasn't. He just wanted easy prey and there were a lot of prostitutes in Salt Lake City happen to be black. So, that's the Green River Killer for ya. He didn't get the death penalty and I don't quite like that because Bundy got it and quite frankly, Bundy's a lot more interesting than Ridgway. Even with that body count I just can't take him seriously because he wasn't too bright and because he, he's a bottom feeder. He went for easy prey. I agree with Bundy, he just didn't have any moves. So, he was caught and he's been in prison. So, I've done a lot of research on Ridgway. Probably need to do a lot more. My research is never ending. And, I will, at a further date, make another, better informed and a more organized video about my thoughts on the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway. So, any thoughts, questions, epiphanies on the Green River Killer, have at it in the comments. Thank you.

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1.  John    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You said "Gary Ridgway was born in 1994" He wasn't born in 1994, but born February 18, 1949. I guess that is lysdexia?

2.  Aunt Lucy    Thursday, August 28, 2014

Though you stated you're not into politics, consider the advantages of legalizing prostitution across the U.S. If prostitutes could work legally in the safety of a brothel, this would make killing them like GRK did nearly impossible. Beatings by pimps/clients and other abuses would also be greatly reduced under legalization. We know many other lower end serial killers beside GRK target prostitutes and this pattern won't stop anytime soon. This society devalues the lives of prostitutes despite their being the oldest profession. Elsewhere disabled individuals are allowed monthly visits by sex workers and the government supports this. All legal, safe and documented. Of course the U.S. also has the highest rate of serial killers in the world, most likely a result of adult isolation and childhood abuses. Both these social tendencies could be fixed collectively, otherwise this nation is just a serial killer making factory that keeps churning out monsters like GRK. I have more respect for someone like Ted "Unabomber" Kaczynski, though I don't feel bombing secretaries is the way to get out an important political message.

3.  Bee4zee    Thursday, March 19, 2015

The entire "article" is so flawed, I didn't even notice that.

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