Ted Bundy's Patterns and Irritable Male Syndrome

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy. Isn't this cool? It's an apple candle in a cup. Anyway, I've been doing research for about seven months on the male menstrual cycle called irritable male syndrome as opposed to our PMS. I believe that this exists in every male in different levels and I definitely believe that it can influence the patterns of psychopaths, particular murderers which could give us insight. It might still be considered a pseudo-science which I don't really like to include in my deductions but it seems rather relevant here after looking at dates and I've memorized most of the dates. But here's my sloppy work of dates, fortunate band-aids so that I don't get nerve wrecked by this little camera watching me. Okay, 1974, January 4th to February 1st, one approximate month between murders. March 12th to April 17th, a little over a month, note that the female period and menstrual cycle is never just on time and you know it can last up to seven damn days. May 6th to June 1st, things are getting a little more frequent and this is only in 1974. Then June 11th, less than two weeks later, a murder, then a cool down. July 14th, that's not so much longer but two victims in a frenzy.

So this one month period, it, it's part of frenzing for Ted and he uh, murdered two victims at the same time and he got rather brave in a certain you know... kinda picked them up at the same spot in the middle of daylight. Uhm, let's see... it's a three month cool down, then October 2nd, 18th and 31st, there are murders. I will consider it a frenzy, this is common among serial killers to go up on frenzies. So that's nothing out of the ordinary except of the fact that you know being out of time that passes. November 8th, my birthday, there is an attempted abduction slash murder and then there is a successful one. 1975, January 12th, there's a murder. March 15th, there an-, there's another murder, that's a one month break. So as Bundy said he did try to control his compulsion. This may have been what it was but then on April 6th, there's a murder and then again on May 6th, that's exactly one month. Then in June, almost two months after... considering the actual date and that would be a small cool down, very small.

Monthly Testosterone CycleOr there are murders that hadn't been with you no, completely verified so we don't know the exact pattern but there's definitely a pattern that I feel is definitely related to the male menstrual cycle. 1978, now it's the year he's in prison right, he escaped twice. Uh, the four frenzing with the G Omegas. January 15th, five victims unorganized, he didn't even move the bodies, that is a definite sign of an unorganized killer and he had always been organized. He moved the bodies, he didn't move these, he left them at the sorority house, he was in and out about 15 minutes. Five victims, a few survivors of the bludgeonings and rapings. Less than a month later on February 9th was his last murder. If you can consider that as his last murder because I believe that fleeing to this only state at that time that had a death penalty was suicide which could be considered murder. Anyway, if you look at these dates and really consider some things... we'll definitely think that the male menstrual cycle has something to do with it and Rule who was Ted's co-worker and friend throughout his early 20s all the way up until he was executed, uhm... She also kind of noticed this when a friend gave her an envelope to only open at a certain date to see if her, you know opinion was correct even though I don't involve myself much in astrology because it's pseudoscience.

I believe that the murder would be on a specific date and this astrologer was right. So, I believe that the moon does have a logical explanable scientific influence on human beings, especially females because we get periods. But we all start out in a room without a gender so things must affect us in some way that has not been made concrete yet. And I definitely believe that when these murders were part of what they so eloquently are calling "irritable male syndrome". But that's my research for the moment on Ted Bundy. This figured maybe you were gonna look into that considering, uhm, the timing. I don't think maybe people look into the timing as much as they look into the methods and the necrophilia. Who cares about that? The timing is everything. Thank you.


The under-research Male Testosterone Cycle can contribute to Irritable Male Syndrome for many. This is still left unacknowledged and untreated due to the flawed assumption that "only the weak are influenced by hormonal surges".

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1.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, March 9, 2014

Very interesting observation and I believe you are correct in identifying a male monthly cycle that affects behavior.

I do have a question about the actual underlying cause and the terminology ("male menstrual cycle"). My own hunch is that males have a monthly testosterone cycle (would have to look this up in the medical literature - too busy, lol) and that we could call it "(monthly) male testosterone cycle" instead?

So, could it be that a monthly spike in testosterone "caused" the murder sprees? Also, wouldn't a monthly male Testosterone cycle nicely tie in with a monthly female fertility cycle?

I also want to make the reader aware that the female montly period is not exactly calendar-monthly because during human evolution, our Moon actually moved around the Earth faster. The average current female period cycle is actually identical to the Moon phase cycle when humans evolved.

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