Thoughts on Ted Bundy's Famous Quotes

By Jessika Endsley


Hi. This is Dizzy and I'm going to go over some of the well known quotes from Ted Bundy and try to explain them. I do believe many of them are used just for shock value and are not put into context. So, let's start with the ones I've found on this "creepiest quotes" on several websites. "I want to master life and death", this probably meant that killing was his way of mastering his own life. Killing was his urge and by doing so he was not only mastering his own urge in life but mastering the life and death of another person which to Ted Bundy was an object and as is to most serial killers. Next quote, "You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details. It's like changing a tire. The first time you're careful by the 30th time you can't remember where you left the lug wrench." That one can be a little bit disturbing to some people. For someone with no empathy and with blood lust, killing... is as morally unacceptable as changing a tire. Forgetting where you left the lug wrench to change a tire, not a big deal. Forgetting where you left the lug wrench he used to smash someone's head in, a little annoying if you're a serial killer. To a normal empathetic person who does not have psychopathy or trychopsychopathy, this is unspeakable and unfathomable.
But if you're wired in a way that makes you see a person as an object when you are simply changing the tire, then by the 30th time you killed someone you're like, "Oh, where did I leave the log that I am gonna smash this people with." So the next quote would be "Possessing them physically as one would possess a potted plant, a painting or a horse, owning as it were this individual." As I said the people were not people to him, they were objects. Something for him to use to get his urges out such as a painter using a paint brush to make a painting. And yet again this is horrific to someone who's not a psychopath or someone with a very high empathy level, strong moral compass. And the next one is, "Sense this girl in front of him." Him is the entity, he didn't like to speak without his murdered in first person, he called it the entity. "Sense this girl in front of him represented not a person but again the image or something desirable. The last thing we would expect him to want to do would be to personalize this person. Chattering and flattering and entertaining. As seen, through a motion picture screen." If you ever watched movies on Ted Bundy, there's usually a scene where there's a girl in the floor board of a car whose chattering. And he percedes to hit her with a crow bar so that she'll shut up.

In another movie I believe he goes to the trunk, hits her, get back in the car. Making a human into a human which they are... causes some problems for Ted Bundy here. He doesn't want them to be people with feelings. This might seem to some that he has a bit of empathy that might be true, however this amount of empathy is extremely small. He never killed his mom, he never killed the girlfriend that he has lived with for a very long time who went on to write the book about him. She's known as "Meg Anders" in the Ann Rulebook. Of course that may have just been because he was intelligent enough not to kill somebody close to him. And the next quote is, "The Fed is either a company that generates the anticipation that precedes the crime is always more stimulating than the immediate aftermath of the crime itself." I will try to liken this to a hunter. "Getting on your cameo, getting your rifles ready, spraying doe urine on yourself, getting in the hunting stand and waiting for the prey to pass." It's actually a lot more exciting than running up to the deer you shot, being sure it's dead and carrying it home to cook. The hunt is what matters and in Bundy's case, the fantasies. It all began with fantasies. Before he kill he actually just run up and bludgeoned the woman at her door and ran off just to see how far he could take fantasies.

Ted Bundy's quotesNext quote, "They wouldn't be stereotypes necessarily but they would be reasonable facsimiles to women at a class." The class not of women per se but a class that was almost been created for the mythology of women and how they are used as objects. Women have always been objects. The women that Ted Bundy tend to go after were college women, He preferred women of class, women with families. He said about the Green River killer that he went after classless victims because he did not have the moves to get the classy victims, one had families, ones who had been missed. There's more of a thrill to going after something that is going to be missed in serial killer land. And Bundy didn't only have blood lust, he like the chase. He knew that he was hidden in plain sight. And women to him were never something he respected, he didn't respect his mother because he was lied to his whole life, that she was his sister. What went on in his home life is still up in the air, he may have been abused and not knowing it or seen lots of abuse. We know his grandfather and possibly father was abusive. At least, his mom and the other women in the house. So, there you have that.

But in society women have always pretty much being objects and he uses this as an excuse. Another quote that people find creepy. "We all go a little mad sometimes." This is true, I believe we all do go a little mad sometimes. The reason that this seems as creepy is because he says, "Go a little mad." And what he's done is kill 37 or more possibly hundred women and describes it as going a little mad, he's trying to relate to public. Especially since he really wasn't mad at all, he was very coherent in saying he was just a blood lusting psychopath. Next thing, "When you work hard to do something right, you don't want to forget it." I don't know, I don't remember when this quote was actually said but he's making it akin to getting a job done. He saw his murders as getting a job done and getting in done correctly and he would often reflect on the past in jail he said, "He didn't want to forget it, didn't regret it." To Ted, he got the job done correctly. His murders, he did correctly. Of course you know until he was caught. And he never would have gotten caught if he hadn't ran from a cop. But yeah, that's, that's a bit out there considering it something you worked hard at and got right and in that thing being a murderer, multiple murders.

Next quote, "There was no physical abuse or fighting in the home, I led a normal life." Before Bundy's mother left with Ted, what was told about the home life then, was that there were a lot of violence but that the grandfather liked Ted and was not abusive towards him. He did witness a lot of violence in early childhood. As far as after that, it was relatively normal. He did not accept his stepfather because his father was not prestigious and Bundy being a narcissist preferred his uncle who was a musician and had money. And that's what he always wanted and that's why he liked the first girlfriend he had so much who came from wealth, was smart, in college, classy, that type of thing. So his life was relatively normal, I mean my life is probably less normal than his and I'm not a serial killer. But we all have different baselines, don't we? Next, "He reached that jump thing, got to the point where you begin to wonder if maybe actually doing it will give you that which is beyond just reading about it or looking at it." Ted went on a tirade about porn. I think this is maybe because last thing to try to maybe get out of a death penalty or to gain more time because more people would want interviews and talk pornography people were interviewing him.

Ted loved the limelight and he got it and he knew how to he get it. He got it the day before he died, I mean he loved it, he showed off in the court room. The thing is though, like I said he bludgeoned a woman just to see how far to go, now it's prior to the killing. Unless he really did kill Anne Murray when he was 15 or so. But that's another story. So yeah, it... According to Ted it started with finding things in trash bins in a certain nature. His grandfather had a green house full of pornography, it moved on to crime scene photos and from there on out his sexuality is primarily focused on violent things. Next quote, "I just like to kill, I wanted to kill." I don't really see this is a creepy quote, more as a matter of fact quote, I didn't realize it had gotten dark. He liked to kill, he wanted to kill. This is what I say about all this shooting that's going on now, all the murders, all the you know killing your kids, whatever else, spree shootings, bombings, people who want to kill, like to kill and are going to kill unless they have a tremendous amount of self control which Ted clearly did not.

Next quote, "I deserve certainly the most extreme punishment society has and society deserves to be protected from me and from others like me, that's for sure." Ted Bundy had said repeatedly that he has felt no guilt but I do think that this was a bit of a cry for pity. Although logistically speaking, he may have realized that he had endangered people, people like himself are a danger and society should be protected. That doesn't mean he actually felt anything towards society. Next quote, "Well meaning decent people will condemn the behavior of a Ted Bundy while they're walking past the magazine where I caught a various kinds of things that's in young kids down the road to be Ted Bundy's." Yes, this is yet again the porn thing. This is often read now as you know condemned behavior of serial killers while they're walking pass and it's gonna create the other serial killers. The term serial killers wasn't used yet with Ted Bundy, it was used first on Gary Riidgeway, the Green River killer. So yeah, I actually like this is another pull away for a stay on execution. Next quote, "I'm as cold a mother fucker as ever put your fucking eyes on, I don't give a shit about those people."

We all know I don't curse on YouTube but I'm quoting some writing. He said this after being arrested in Florida, Tallahassee I believe. He went on a bit of a meltdown and spilled a lot of things. Such as when they said he was wanted for 30 something murders, he said to add a digit to that. People don't know if that means he killed 38 or if that means he killed 101. So yeah, that he blatantly said he does not feel guilt. Next quote, "I don't wanna die, I'm not gonna lie to you I admit that and I'm not asking for clemency, I'm not asking for forgiveness, I'm not asking for sympathy. I know they're gonna kill me sooner or later. You don't need to worry about that but there's a lot of crimes I can solve if the state can just see fit to make me live two or three years longer, I mean look, I know I'm not like other people, I know I can't feel sympathy for other people but I'm still human." I think this is probably one of the most honest things he ever said. Self perseverance is obviously there because he wants to stay. He wants longer to live and from this he ends up working with Bob Keppler and talking about the Green River killer and his theories, and he was right about a lot of things. Although they didn't find Ridgeway until much after Bundy's execution. Next quote and this one's creepy, "Then I cut her head off with a hacksaw and I took it home with me."

There's not much to say about that. I would go into the fact that murder for a kid was entirely about possessing someone. So owning a part of that body and serial killers are known to keep trophies, teeth, fingernails, hair, photographs. They like trophies. But with Ted being a necrophiliac, you can only imagine what else that was for. So yes, I will completely agree with everybody that was creepy. Next, "I mean there's so much more to me than this guy that goes around doing this crazy thing so much more." Actually there was, he's quite intelligent. Degree in psychology, was working for a law degree, narcissistic personality disorder along with psychopathy, he like to skate, sure. But those things are gonna be overlooked when you start killing in the double digits you know. The next quote, "Sex is only dirty when you do it right." I don't know if that's creepy or that's just a perverted thing to say. Moving on, "You feel the last piece of breath leaving a body, you're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God." I suppose this is honesty from Ted Bundy for once, that he felt like God when he had the power over life and death as I said before in the first quote. He said he wanted to master life and death and this was his way of doing so. But yes, that one is also very creepy. "I haven't blocked out the past, I wouldn't trade the person I am or what I've done or the people I've known over the years for anything so I do think about it and at times this is a rather mellow trip to lay back and remember."

So like I said, he didn't feel guilt, he wouldn't have taken it back, he would have done it all over again and the fact that the mellow trip to lay back and remember the murders you've committed definentaly denotes abnormalities in the personality and then the brain. So yeah, no idea whatsoever. Of course we are talking about a psychopath. "Sometimes I feel like a vampire." I like that quote, I think he also said that when he was taken in by police in Tallahassee. I hope I'm right about mid-Tallahassee. Anyway it was Florida. He may have said that because he was primarily nocturnal. His hunting was done mostly at night. Not all the time though, at that lake he did kidnap women, several women in broad daylight with thousands of people around. But he spends a lot of time night prowling and most of his victims were taken at night. So maybe that's why he felt like a vampire but above that, the blood lust had evolved. "Murder is not about lust and it's not about violence, it's about possession." I think I explained that one already. He wanted to possess that being and by controlling their deaths and what happened to them after their deaths.

He possessed them. The next one, "Lots of other kids playing in the street around this country today who are going to be dead tomorrow and the next and the next day and month because other young people are reading the kinds of things, seeing the kinds of things that are available immediate today." Shut up about the porn, Ted. "I've met a lot of men who are motivated to commit violence just like me and would accept that and without question every word that we speak we involved in pornography." I don't buy that for a second. But... as far as sexual serial killers, I imagine pornography was involved at some point but not all serial killers have a sexual agenda. I should probably make a video about types of serial killers. "I didn't know what made people want to be friends, I didn't know what made people attractive to other people, I don't know what underlies sexual interactions." This is coming from a man who is extremely charming, who did very well in certain situations, worked for a governor. What he probably meant was that he originally did not but he learned to paint it as most psychopaths do. Put on your mask and seem very normal. I also do not know what makes people not to be friends with one another. And I don't understand social interaction. But I also don't paint it. Lots of people have that same issue.

Of course, the vast majority of us don't kill anybody. And what's, one last person on the face of the earth anyway. I'm pretty sure lots of people had said that but when you're speaking about individuals you have killed then it becomes a little bit more and more obvious than, more of this quotes I read how he literally felt for no one but himself. And then we have, "I don't feel guilty for anything, I feel sorry for people who feel guilt." I feel sorry for people who feel guilt, how do you feel sorry for someone if you don't feel guilt. Okay, anyhow, that's him brightly admitting that he has no conscience. So, these are quotes from Ted Bundy and my take on them. If you don't notice already, studing the cases of various serious killers is one of my hobbies. Because I am in the field of criminology. That's why I'm doing this. I also did a painting that it's a silhouette painting and it has many of this quotes throughout it which is pretty cool. I'm gonna be selling it IC droptune. So, stuff about Ted Bundy, there you go. I was bored and decided to make this video. Everybody have a good day, don't leave any comments about, "You're a wacko for reading this." Yes, so do all the FBI serial killer profilers and they're not called wacko so... Bye.

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1.  Greg    Monday, May 12, 2014

I think that you are 100% correct about many of your explanations of these quotes, besides one. I believe that when Ted, and I quote, said, "Murder is not about lust and it's not about violence, it's about possession," I am almost certain that Ted was referring to a certain entity actually possessing him. I believe that Ted was actually possessed something out of this world and beyond human control. Ted was most certainly an intelligent man, and many of his quotes have a hidden message that we must decipher in great detail. He wanted people like you to try and do just that with this quote, but in fact Ted was actually speaking truth and not referring to something more detail. In short, Ted Bundy was literally possessed by something that is unknown to the human mind. Whether you believe my statement or not is up to you. I just wanted to give my opinion on this certain quote. Thank you for reading and good work on this video.

2.  Cliff    Friday, August 21, 2015

Just wanted to add, when put the doe urine on something other than yourself. This can cause a deer to attack and/or try to mate with you. And no one wants a 250 lb buck up their poop shoot.

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