Types of stalkers and stalking behavior

By Jessika Endsley


Hi, this is Dizzy and I'm going to talk about stalkers and stalking behavior in all genders. Since my last video was basically me ranting, I figured out as well make a useful video. So, stalkers. The word stalker gets thrown around the whole lot but it's very common. Many people are stalked at some point. Usually this is seen as a man stalking a woman. People think that it's a dangerous man chasing a woman down, peeping in windows, that's not usually how it happens especially in this daily age when we have computers. Stalking is common. I just said that. A survey shows that 8% of women, 2% of men have been stalked at some point there in their lives. I do not trust surveys and definitely do not trust that statistic. I think far more people have been stalked in their lifetime, especially men. I think that men might actually being stalked more often than females. But because females are all the "weaker" sex, content to be supposedly less dangerous, it is not taken seriously. If you have a man come up and say, "I am being stalked and it's scaring me and is interfering with my life", people might look at you like: "Bro!".

The Rejected Stalker

But there are different types of stalkers. There are the rejected stalkers. This tend to be the largest and most common group of stalker. That behavior's brought on by the ending of a relationship usually like a romantic partner. But sometimes with broken families or friendships that ended. These types of stalkers are, they have ambivalent feelings and want reconciliation but they also want revenge regarding the stalkee.

Most of these people probably have personality disorders. I mean really if you're stalking and you're an adult then you have some hangups or some delusions. These types of people can be dangerous but honestly they're more likely the type of sending messages, call and text and call and text and call and text. Crazy ex-girlfriend types or crazy ex-boyfriend types. A lot of times they'll send a message which is very threatening like, "Oh, you better call me or come over or I'm gonna beat you up." or something like that. Then they'll be like, " I love you. I love you. I love you." This happening and a fight in a regular relationship is not necessarily stalker behavior but if it happens over a period of time it's stalker behavior. I mean everybody goes through crap.

The Intimacy-seeking Stalker

Anyway, the next type is the intimacy-seeking stalker. Obviously this is based on the stalker wanting to have an intimate time with someone that does not necessarily want to have intimate with them or may not even know them. These stalkers may have decided that they have found their one true love or something. These people tend to be very delusional and if they're not delusional they are often morbid and can be dangerous. And they're very persistent. They're very obsessed.

The Incompetent Stalker

And then there's the incompetent stalker. I kinda feel bad for this group because I think a lot of people with aspergers which I have can fall in this group and not mean to do what they're doing. Incompetent stalkers lack appropriate social skills and knowledge about courtship. This can be romantic. It can be friends and it can also be a mixture of being incompetent and being rejected. They may see someone, know someone basically be a good friend or good romantic partner. Most of these people are not aspies but I can relate that these stalkers are infatuated and obsessive and the person they're stalking may like them but not to the same degree. They may feel like they're entitled to this relationship because they just know that this is the person. This is like a personality style. People who do this, do it over and over and over and over with different people. It's very teenagery but it can go into adulthood obviously and I kinda feel bad in this group. I've never been the type to stalk but I've had people stalked me in high-school and even after and even sometimes now and they don't mean to. These types aren't are most dangerous as the other or they're just, they're childish.

The Resentful Stalker

Then there's resentful stalkers. These stalkers will do things like put tacks underneath your tire or throw stuff at your window. They're behavior is dangerous and it's meant to distress or frighten the victim. This would be not quite a Ted Bundy but getting there. They're petty and they want to cause harm. They're just disgruntled and often choose who they're stalking like at random. Like they may have a prototype. Like they may decide to stalk a woman with red hair because they just don't like them. Just like much like a serial killer will have a prototype victim. But these aren't serial killers they're just stalkers - probably delusional.

The Predatory Stalker

Then there's the interesting one, the predatory stalker. This is what most people think of when I think of a stalker. They tend to be men. They stalk with a sexual attack in mind usually. They want power. They enjoy the stalking. They usually have a paraphilia and many of these people are convicts or sexual offenders. But the thing is, is that the predatory stalkers are actually less common than people think it is.

Female Stalkers

All of stalking is anti-social because it's not socially acceptable but it does not mean that these have anti-social personality disorder although the predatory types do. And female stalkers tend to have borderline personality disorder or PTSD. I'm really not trying to demonize stalkers or people with personality disorders at all because I have aspergers and I completely understand what it's like to be a little obsessee about a certain one. Like that's my friend, you're my friend that means we do friend things together. I mean it could be funny a little bit but it can creep people out. By that time, I was like 18 or 19, I started kinda being aware of it like other people did that to me and then I started seeing that I was doing that like to one person I wanted to be close friends with, already had a social group and wasn't really wanting to be my friend. I wasn't stalking them but I was definitely, I definitely felt they've liked me more than they actually did. People who make you feel uncomfortable like if you have avoid going somewhere because you might run into an ex then one of you has a problem. And I mean like not on the, you know we're still trying to get over at thing and we don't wanna see each other. It's more of a he/she sees me then they might follow me or might try to threaten my new romantic interest or stuff like that. Most of the things on the internet that I've found about stalking behavior, I think it's just wrong. Saying that most stalkers are men. Most predatory stalkers are men but more women, I think actually do low-key stalking. That's where I run into an issue into statistics because, well females are possessive. I mean males are too but biologically, women are possessive and if they are rejected or a relationship is ended prematurely without, you know and they don't deal with it right.

Stalking and BPD

Stalker behaviorA lot of people with borderline personality disorder have abandonment issues. And many female stalkers as I've said are borderlines and again I'm not hating on borderlines here. So, the abandonment issue comes in and they will stalk. They will check your Facebook. They will make a new Facebook or something to find out who you are. They'll make a fake thing to talk to whomever you're dating now. Males and females do this, not just females. Drive past your house, seeing who's there. Dropping in uninvited and not in the way that you know is acceptable because you're closer, because it's early in the courtship or something and you know people do that and it's normal. But you've broken up and they're not welcome anymore and they just keep dropping in or they keep referring to you as a friend or a romantic partner after a breakup has happened because they will not accept that it's over. Basically, a lot of like 1/3 of stalkers are supposedly ex spouses or ex lovers, 1/3 supposedly acquaintances and 1/3 supposedly strangers. I hate fractions. Basically, the thing is stalkers don't take no for an answer. They have a obsessive personality. They're often very intelligent. They tend to be loners although not always. Predatory don't tend, I don't think they tend to be loners. They often have low functioning or they are really over neurotic. They don't display the discomfort or anxiety that people naturally feel in certain situations. If you've ever hunted like an animal, I do archery so I've hunted. It's a little, it gives you adrenaline to hunt. And stalking is a little similar to that I think and stalkers don't feel the same rush necessarily that a normal person would if for some reason they were forced to stalk. Like somebody would held a gun to you and said, "Stalk this person." But anyhow, I lost what I was looking at. I hate when that happens. Okay. And stalkers often suffer from low of self esteem. Well most people who have abandonment issues do. If you feel like you're being stalked by someone, virtually, in real life, a family member. Let me touch on this real quick and then I'll shut up.

Stalking by Family Members

Family members. Co-dependent parents, can display stalking behavior. If you're an adult and you don't live with a parent or something and the parent is having issues letting you go, like cutting the cord, they will display a lot of same stalking behavior that an ex lover would. Keep that in mind. I know it's weird and kinda hard to comprehend that but I think this is actually more common in mothers although there are the very protective fathers who will do it too. But non-stop calling, wanting to see what you're doing, being an overprotective parent and then crossing that line, it's kinda hard to tell but it happens a lot. And nobody wants to sit there and say, "Wow, my parent or sibling, whoever is stalking me." There are restraining orders. There's, you know, guns. Do what you have to do just don't let people threaten you or don't feel like your being controlled by the whereabouts of someone else. Basically, that sums up stalking. Thoughts, opinions, epiphanies, whatever, I hope this will help some of you out there who maybe need to know about this stuff. So, have a good evening.

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1.  Unknown    Friday, October 10, 2014


2.  Unknown again    Friday, October 10, 2014

I deal with the exact same thing. I love still love him and accept it as emotionally unstable and insecurities... And we help eachother as much as we possibly can.

3.  Dog    Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I know what it feels like when a woman stalks you at work who is a co-worker and to make this story short.Anybody who had this happen to you.My advice is tell them to stop following you around and if she ask you if you wanted a ride home because it would help your mama out.Do what I did and just say no.If that does show her your not intrested then tell her you will contact the authority's but sometime even like the 50 something year old female co-worker did to me.Stalkers will push you to call the police to see if you will.It strange but it happens to young 20-29 year olds males all the time so just don't hang around those kind of people.

4.  M.    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That is a good question. Had something similar happen where it seemed someone I worked with was trying to come onto me and was very clearly flirting and so forth, but then acted differently at other times, almost like they were trying to provoke a reaction. I was always neutral, careful, logical, as I was suspicious. I think sometimes men like this may be very narcissistic, especially one who may be telling someone you are stalking him, when it's actually the guy playing the mind games. If what I remember is correct, I read somewhere that borderline and narcissists (and all borderlines are narcissistic) tend to make up stories about being stalked or sexually harassed sometimes...they are just delusional and sometimes cannot cope with the thought that someone actually isn't taking a liking to them in the same manner as everybody else.

5.  M.    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I have had that with a female coworker in the same age range, and I am younger and married. She keeps asking me to go see a movie and hang out, and something about it just strikes me as very weird. I suspect she may think I am in an open relationship and am open to new experiences because I'm different in some ways. I can totally relate to the feeling you must be going through. This lady always wants to give me a ride home too and I always have to make up an excuse or say I prefer to walk. It actually almost feels like she wants to control me. My own husband has to make up stories about why we prefer to go our own way instead of going in her car. It's very frustrating. I think if the harassment continues you need to speak to your HR dept.

6.  M.    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I think there can be something lovely and interesting about "obsessive love" but only when the love is two sided, like Romeo and Juliet. Then there are people who DO lead other people on and confuse them, and borderlines are notorious for this by the way. But in general, if anyone gives you a very creepy, uncomfortable feeling, I would say that is a good sign you are being stalked. I have been stalked before, and in real life as well. I got rid of my stalker by screaming at him in a public place. Never bothered me again. He also stalker other young women going to college every day. I feel bad for him because he has mental issues, but at the same time, it's almost as if he knew what he was doing, and it seemed malicious. His own mother had a restraining order against him.

7.  Grammar Foreigner    Saturday, March 28, 2015

I refuse to take this writing seriously since you clearly don't know the differance between "They're" and "Their"

8.  Leja S Harju    Friday, May 8, 2015

Jessika - I looked everywhere for an email address for you, as I'm interested in correspondence. I am a 25-year-old female diagnosed with APD, and I scored quite high on Robert Hare's PCL-R:SV and a separate Psychopathic Personality Inventory test. Would you be at all interested in some guest contributions so I can provide my own insight on life as a female sociopath? I dig your site quite a bit.

9.  Leja S Harju    Friday, May 8, 2015

If so, or if you'd just like to correspond for curiosity's sake, you can shoot me an email to: leja siv @ gmail.com (leave out the spaces, of course; just didn't want any spambots getting my email address).

10.  AtlantaITGirl    Sunday, May 24, 2015

I have to talk to someone about this. My ex has been stalking me for the last 6 monthes. I mean, longer than, but 6 monthes ago, I filed a restraining order. Every since then, 2 weeks has not gone by without a text, or him coming by leaving a note or flowers. From our arguments- he destroyed 4 computers. Stole a watch. Threw garbage on my floors. Stole my car and threw my keys the grass. Just 2 two days ago, he tracked me down, while I was out running at 5:30AM, pulled up beside me. Do you know how scary that it is?? That is the second time he has done that. All AFTER the restraining order. I am so angry. And confused.

11.  Lady Deadpool    Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It must be quite scary! Since you filed a restraining order he is definitely NOT supposed to communicate with you anymore. Since he is still stalking you even after the restraining order, this can get him into very serious trouble. What you need to do is contact your lawyer ASAP, and immedietly tell him/her that your ex boyfriend is still stalking you. If you don't have a lawyer, find one. Fight for your rights, because your ex has NO right to stalk you.
Don't lose hope because he is doing something very wrong and you are completely right in this situation. You can do it.
Good luck and hope things all go well :)

12.  Lady Deadpool    Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental illness that causes unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. It usually begins during adolescence or early adulthood.

13.  Vanessa     Monday, August 10, 2015

I am female and have BPD but that doesn't make me obsessive

14.  Robin Foster    Saturday, September 5, 2015

People in authority who stalk for respect who want a slave returned have been my worst stalkers yet. This includes parents and religious groups. They're like murderer gangsters. I've been suicidal from it for years. Ppl who cannot let go and feel you are property and can be punished tortured and reformed to join their idea of reality have led me to windows to overdose on sleeping pills. It's torture to be stalked.

15.  mindy    Monday, September 14, 2015

what does it mean when a guy tells you i would never stalking a woman mean

16.  Jill    Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hi, I need some advice. My mother is mentally ill, she has had borderline paranoid schizophrenia (myself and my siblings have narrowed it down to this as my mother has never seeked help and thinks there is nothing wrong with her). Ever since I was a young child she has had paranoid delusions and believes an army of people are against her and they follow her around the uk. I am often part of this 'army' and she has convinced herself I am mis-treating my children. She has become so obsessed with this and she keeps turning up at my house, bringing unwanted food as she thinks I am starving them, and generally ignoring my requests to leave me alone. I have fallen out with her, but she still keeps coming and blanks my messages telling her to keep away from me. I can't deal with the constant bombardment of messages and her turning up at the house as it is becoming very distressing for myself and my children. Is there anything I can do to stop her coming?

17.  Aurore    Thursday, September 17, 2015

I assume you mean a guy tells you he would never stalk you, which, depending on the context, could mean that he's already been stalking you but doesn't want you to think that, or is trying to play off something weird you've noticed about his behavior around you or others as something less harmful. Or he could be testing your reaction to his declaration to see how you feel about him.

18.  Patsy    Friday, September 18, 2015

My stalker is a cop. I barely know him. His cobra eyes are creepy. I avoid him.. I stay safe. .

19.  Emily Vaughn    Friday, October 2, 2015

I'm being stalked by a friend of a friend of the same sex. We are both straight women. She's a narcissist. My friend cut ties with her and she's been after me. I closed my social media, I've been thru the courts 10 months and she abused it to the point that I can't get help. She's threatened me, my husband, my kids and my animals. She's sent ppl to my property and has ppl drive by my house. It's a game to her. My mom always said that a person can only argue with themselves for so long before they stop..wrong!! This woman is 45 yrs old and has a criminal record for this, but nobody believes that me not reacting to her, makes her worse. I've booby trapped my property. She needs help and she needs to leave me the hell alone!

20.  Lisa    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

There's no such thing as 'Borderline Paranoid Schizophrenia' You're either Schizophrenic or not. There I no Borderline involved. I think you're confusing it with 'Borderline Personality Disorder'.
Perhaps you could have her committed to a hospital for an evaluation. If you aren't willing to do that you can either have nothing more to do with her or seek help yourself. Otherwise, having contact with her hoping she'll change is insane in itself.

21.  Emily    Saturday, November 28, 2015

I am being stalked by someone who was never a friend. We are both women and have mutual friends. She's been stalking me for a year..harassment, threats, outrages lies. I took out charges on her and she lost control. She started filing fake charges against me..things she literally made up and created the emotions to go with it. After researching her actions, she's a narcissist! So now she's playing victim to the courts. THIS IS HELL!

22.  Crystal ruffin bathel    Thursday, December 10, 2015

Delusions are a coping skill when rejection causes us to value self worth and only see self worth in the guy that reminds of Daddy. The Daddy that abandoned the little girl that their are inappropriate memories attached to the Father that was supposed to protect and love above any just assumed wrong. This assumption is broken and the truth hurts.Over and Over the daughter picks the guys who have the same characteristics of the dad that left her feeling unloved and used and abused.All the boyfriends are abusive in some way or another. She created delusions from innocent assumptions that now leave the woman facing rejection in a repetitive cycle and this is her whole life. Innocently and childishly daydreaming making a fantasy into reality. This broken woman needs professional help .What can you do to change this woman into a miracle ?? Can we as a collective people actually try to understand though it looks easy to one who hasn't been in the shoes, try to identify and not judge too harshly. Often this girl that was abandoned and abused left growing into a woman with no self esteem and many many bad memories its sad and lonely to her . Drugs help her cope. This woman is the neighbor everyone loves to talk about cause she's always playing for their attention good or bad! This woman needs all the prayers she can get.

23.  disqus_deFk895V6a    Thursday, December 17, 2015

Some of the most successful people on the planet have had dyslexia or problems with reading/writing, including Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Picasso, Alexander Graham Bell and Richard Branson. Does this mean you would take none of them seriously either? Would you say that the founders of Apple, Microsoft, Virgin, inventor of the telephone, multiple Oscar winning director etc.. cannot be taken seriously because they had problems with grammar and/or spelling? Would you say Steven Spielberg's screenplays are no good because of his problems with writing correctly? Do you use Apple or Microsoft products? Telephones? You misspelt 'difference.' Does that mean you should not take yourself seriously?

24.  RobTulleto    Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hi Jill. Sounds very much like paranoid schizophrenia. I grew up with a single mother who quite literally believed she was Christ and or "an army of saints in one body." Until I reached 20 years of age, I didn't think her condition was treatable. Luckily, my older brother had her evaluated & admitted, and she's been on Risperdal (4 mg) for 14 years now. We have to make sure she takes it, otherwise she'll "forget to." The one time we left her to her own devices, she lied and said she was taking them, when in fact she wasn't, and the relapse wasn't that she thought she was Christ, but rather, I was kidnapped & held hostage (because it had been 24 hours before I returned her daily call) so she had the cops look for me. When they "found" me, she said I looked like "a concentration camp victim" (meanwhile I'm a good 20 lbs overweight) and tried feeding me crap food I don't eat because I only eat organic. I never had a good relationship with my mother (she's rather cold) but I'm compassionate, so I do what I can even though I'd be happier running away from it all and into the quiet country somewhere. I live in NYC and she won't budge. Alas, we do what we can for others OR we remove ourselves from their disorders. Me personally, I have major guilt, but am looking into city mental-healthcare assistance/housing. There are programs to free up your mind & personal space ... not the best, but ... what the heck do we pay taxes for? For the potholes that never get filled? I guess look into what healthcare your mother may qualify for. Best to you.

25.  RobTulleto    Saturday, December 19, 2015

You wrote "differAnce." HAHA!

26.  Anonymous    Friday, December 25, 2015

I'm being stalked by a stranger, a cyberstalkers and his gang. He eve burglarized our house to see things he missed watching via the phone camera.he even wants to know my inner garments. His daughter helps him a lot in this regard.

27.  David Mauricio    Sunday, December 27, 2015

There is also group stalking or community based harassment and it is world wide.

28.  perri    Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This is brilliant. I have a female friend (not sure if I want that to be the term) but Im definitely being stalked by a younger female colleague/friend. What do I do though. As you say she does not take "No" for an answer. She crosses the line a million times with pushy texts saying " I love you , I want to see you" a lllll the time. and I feel very angry now and upset that I have perpetuated it and encouraged her by being so nice and friendly. Now I am feeling open-game to other stalkers because my boundaries are all worn down and a male neighbour actually groped my breast and thigh the other night. So I told her I couldn't hack the cycle of obsessive friendship and all the boundary crossing. she always says " I know, I don't want it to be intense I want to just hang to and be normal" but now its never going to be normal and i feel smashed down by her persistence. she's so persistent , what do you say or do, just ignore? engaging doesn't work and ignoring makes her really sullen then I have to go crawling back with sorry, i didn't mean to reject you but i felt overwhelmed. she is super nicey wicey and everyone thinks she is the nicest girl in the whole world. plus she is my sons teacher. ahhhh so many boundaries being crossed. help me cut it off ! thanks anon

29.  Anonanonanon    Monday, January 11, 2016

Am I a stalker? I've been with my husband for 8 years now but at 3 years I found out he was cheating on my while I was pregnant and even told the woman he was cheating on me that it was a "mistake" but it sure wasn't a "mistake". I found out on my own and ever since then I wanted answers he wouldn't give me. So then well, I made a profile to look for that woman and I finally found her 2 years later. I asked her kindly is she could answer my questions and told me to leave her alone because I'm a stalker since I've asked questions about her to her friends. Well, I told them if she can contact me. I looked for her everywhere to talk to her. I tried looking for her, I tried remembering her email to e-mail her. I found some old usernames she had but she was no longer using them. I somehow found a family member who I found but still no answer from her. I found out where she lives just by her name, but that wasn't useful because I didn't want to see her, or beat her up, all I wanted was too ask her questions, I just wanted answers. I only wanted to know if they were intimate in they're relationship since I was pregnant at that time but she didn't give me an answer and wanted to put a restraining order for stalking, which I wasn't trying to get any where near her but I just wanted to have an answer.

30.  Chris    Saturday, January 16, 2016

This entire article is based upon speculation by some random person on the Internet. The very fact she self deprecates herself by saying "in my last video I was ranting, now I'm going to make something useful" is already enough to tell you that she's speculating. Wtf does "They don't display the discomfort or anxiety normal people feel in certain situations" supposed to mean? So a Secret service man is a stalker cause he's calm and confident in extreme situations? Or a professional athlete is a predator cause they've learned to remain calm and confident in tough situations? Or a CEO is a stalker because he try's to make decisions in confident and calm manner when there's panic? 90% of human social problems come from miscommunication. If someone knew or thought what they were doing was wrong, THEN they wouldn't do it! If someone is doing something we don't like, or don't understand, it's better to try and understand their point of view before labeling them with any negative connotations like "stalker" or "predator". ASSUMING who were talking about is mature! I don't recommend this article for any type of solution or help to solving related issues or problems regarding stalking. Even using it as a guide could mislead you into a wrong conclusion regarding the matter.
The part about family being stalkers was total B$&*%#*£. Seriously get a life! A parent cares about his/her children, and probably works his/her ass off for them as much as they can. It's normal for parents to constantly think about their kids. ITS also NORMAL for people to think about each other quite a bit. It's how we all are! The examples here are way to general. You have to realize the core problem not stereotypes. You can apply the same stereotypes talked about here to the most romantic and fulfilling relationships to!

31.  Michelle    Thursday, January 21, 2016

No, you are not being a stalker. You have no malicious intent, for one thing. You want closure. Years after my husband had what is termed an "emotional affair" I contacted the other woman and asked questions. She was polite and answered. I got my closure. I did not want to hurt her in any way, but this had been plaguing what is otherwise a happy and healthy marriage (now, but it clearly was not then).

I know it's hard to compare your husband cheating sexually to turning his admiration, affection and confidences to another woman, but I have experienced both sorts of cheating and I can only say they both hurt very much. Some people will take sex as they can get it while others equate sex with love and are likely to maintain monogamy. You know your husband and only you can know which type he is, or if he is the fist type you are the one to know if he can reorient and change.

I hope you get your closure. That person owes you answers, in MY opinion, whether she knew he was married or not. The fact that she refuses and spitefully suggested a restraining order says to me (just my opinion!) that she is the sort of lazy slitch who chases married men so she never has to commit and has the sick thrill of doing something "naughty", but I tend to think the worst of women who sleep with married men. For all we know she could tell you a pack of lies aimed at destroying your marriage and self esteem. Wishing you and your family the very best. -Michelle

32.  Michelle    Thursday, January 21, 2016

Yes, I can help. She needs DBT aka Dialectal Behavioral Therapy but she must want to change. The book about it is on amazon. I hope she sees the light and changes so she can be a happy, confident grown woman. She deserves to be happy and to be loved for who she really is.

33.  Michelle    Thursday, January 21, 2016

Or defensive, heh. You're never wrong. We are all mean.

34.  Kyla Ewing    Sunday, January 24, 2016

I stopped talking to a "so-called" friend of mine several months ago, and recently I feel I'm being stalked. She will walk or ride her bike past my house, and just the other day, I was pulling in my driveway, when she was riding past my house again in her bike. She is doing this on purpose so that I might see her, or she is nosing around to see if I still live here, who knows? To make a long story short, she became distant with me and when I politely questioned her if anything was wrong, she kinda backed-off and I did not hear from her for several months. Of course, I felt hurt, but I moved on and realized that she wasn't really my friend. I just felt like our friendship wasn't going anywhere, and it was also very hurtful for me when I saw her on FB posting pictures of her hanging out with friends, while she was ignoring me the entire time. I just feel like she only wanted to be my "friend" when it was convenient for her. Now, it's so weird and kinda creepy that she rides her bike past my house -- I find this very annoying! I will be moving soon, so that is a good thing!

35.  Natasha Clifford    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This is interesting. For a couple weeks my phone has been telling me about being hacked. And so has my tablet. Then two weeks ago about, a friday night between 2-4 am someone was either using a stixk or there naila on my screen. It acared me but i thought it was a few friends they all comfirmed in the morning it wasnt them. I hated i didnt call the police that night. I have a child. And they have been back becauae of the footprints just i must of been sleeping. They dont go to any other window but mine. Whats your take on this?

36.  stocked heir    Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why does a person you knew twenty years ago, suddenly re-appear in three states you moved from running from him? I never told him I was rich , however, it started up two week after my mother died and left me a large amount of money. And again after my father died and left me a large amount of money. His wife seemed to think I was following him. However, I considered him a creepy wired nut thirty years ago. Police could'nt help.
I've moved to my home town and I've seen him here. Lucky go me, my family had been here sense the seventeen century. Everyone knows my family. Therefore, the situation had stopped.

37.  Girl_with_the_lilac_hair    Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yes. There's a certain male friend of mine, who is so hard to get rid of. He turns up at my flat uninvited like you mentioned here. He doesn't have any other friends. I just tell him I'm busy these days. I meet him in public places only. The odd time. I shouldn't feel sorry for him, though, because he constantly tries to pester me. He knows I have a boyfriend, yet it's never quite enough to deter him. Whenever I think I'm at risk of another man trying to touch me up, the first thing I mention is that I have a boyfriend, because it's my defense mechanism. When my boyfriend can't be there for me at the time. I also try to mention how wonderful my boyfriend is, and how much I love him, because the more I do this, the less any other man but my boyfriend, will want to touch me. I act like he's always on my mind. He is ANYWAY, but sometimes you just have to exaggerating, so that no other men think they have any chance with you.

38.  Garon Taitz    Saturday, June 4, 2016

I'm going to admit that I have stalked someone in the past. I had a crush on this one girl who I always thought about. She kept telling my friends that she only liked me as a friend, but I didn't see it that way. Next thing I did, was follow her on trips, around school, and messaged her a lot on Facebook. She eventually came to a conclusion that it was being creepy, and I realize now that I was being creepy too. So I have dropped all contact with her for over two years, and I hope now that she is at peace, and happy with her life. If I hadn't stopped stalking her, she threatened to call the cops on me over Facebook. I'm glad I did stop stalking girls. They don't deserve it :) I was also only stalking her because I was afraid to live my life alone, and never getting the chance to date anyone. But I eventually got over that, and am now way past that. I just wish I never stalked that girl, because it must've really scared her, and I feel so bad about that. I deserve whatever bad karma comes my way, and I'm not going to fight it. All I'm going to say about that.

39.  Steve    Monday, June 20, 2016

Hi! I live in the UK. I have a friend, same sex, who won't leave me alone. Unannounced calling at my home, texts, voice messages. Every few weeks I have to tell him it isn't convenient etc. but he eventually starts it all off again.
I'm married and retired but my wife is away a lot sorting out her late mother's estate or visiting our daughter and grandchildren and those are the times I think he perceives my vulnerability and just comes round again and again, sitting watching tv until he dozes off, telling repetitious stories about his long-ago love life with women, stories I've heard time and time again. He like me is overweight, but grossly so. I'm attending a gym that he too goes to but rarely. At a recent gym session, he watched me intently until I feigned dizziness just to get away.
I haven't confronted him properly and hate myself for this, other friends say I must. My wife seems to see it as some sort of joke, like a homoerotic crush, and makes droll comments but sometimes she can see how much it screws me up.

What should I do?

40.  Cheryl Bacsardi    Thursday, July 28, 2016

there was this guy that i really love and he said i could talk to him about anything and i kept trying to talk to him because his wife died and i wanted to see how he was doing well i havent talked to him since may 18th and then all the sudden one of my friends sent him a message and he told her i was a stalker he lives in Scotland and i live in Pennslyvania. before he gotten back with his wife he made it seem like i had a chance with him then all the sudden he was acting strange. so like i said my one friend sent him a message on facebook asking him to talk to me and that is when he called me a stalker and this was in july which i havent said anything to him since May 18th so how could that be stalker and another thing he said was that he only talked to me because he felt sorry for me i just dont know what to do i been crying everyday because of him

41.  gunna    Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm being stalked by all these people. And they talk about me behind my back
I am recently aware of my own friends stalking me as well as trying to have sex with a female friend of mine. If I call them and tell them to come over, they will lie and say they half to go to work in the morning, then call my female friend who is also a neighbor, go to see her while spying on my apartment . I have reason to believe they are also using certain apps to monitor my cell phone. I felt a kick as if someone kicked the outside of my apartment as I wrote this. There is also a deranged guy stalking me,who I don't know. Every now and then he will pop up and let me see him by the store. People in indiana are stupid . everyone here stalks. My sisters stalk me on Facebook. Women seem to stalk me on Facebook from the dating site just to hate. This is rediculous. They are forcing me to either make an ass of myself, or go into hiding. Also, every job I get gets sabotaged, and my bosses never tell who before they start yelling and talking trash to me. I no know why my sibling never answer my call, but stalk my posts, and even make posts starring at me cwhile in the comment section their friends know what they're talking about, and its usually about me but not about me.

42.  Theactor    Thursday, August 18, 2016

I left a business partnership approx 8 months ago after she admitted she was in love with me and wanted me to leave my wife. After I rejected her she became irrational and started accusing me of trying to destroy the business so I left. and since , I have had my ex business partner who lives the other side of the world bring lawsuits harassment suits and tried to stop me from obtaining further work . I have tried ignoring her ,I've tried the police who seem to think it's funny how a woman could stalk a man and I've tried the legal route to no avail. Would you have any suggestions on how to deal with this?

43.  Jessica    Friday, August 19, 2016

When i was in high school approx 15 turning 16 a 24 yr old guy wouldnt leave me alone. Met him at my sisters bfs party. He charmed me into giving him my email and cell number. After that point he wouldnt leave me alone...texts and random calls throughout the day and night hours...got mad if i didnt immediately respond...then started showing up at my school. Before and after school...and would offer me rides home...i knew something was wrong but was freaked out to the point where i didnt want anyone involved...untill someone anonymously called the cops saying a guy in a sports car(he drove a really nice sports car) would park at the high school the entire day. So the cops showed one day and made him leave...the stalking got worst..he started showing up to my part time job...and i started to skip out on school to avoid disappointing him bc he always wanted me to hang out with him instead of go to school. I was pressured into skipping school drinking with him.. Pressured into being a "cool" adult..he always tried to make me do things i shouldnt be at 16..like when i got sick for drinking..he then became a hero by then holding my hair and being fucking creepy twards me...but only did that untill i realized he was being manipulative and somewhat aggressive and sexual...hed say something completely sweet after pressuring me to kiss him or be close to him..we would get along fine and joke around one minute and the next hed be jokingly yet forcefully picking me up even after i told him i didnt like it...and if i didnt go with whatever he had planned he would make me walk home from where ever hed taken me. I let him know i didnt want to talk to him anymore but hed always think it was my friends and family influencing me...he thought i liked him when i really just wanted to get away and then he got upset started letting me know he had been in the military and knew how to use guns...eventially i got caught skipping school to avoid him and had to do 4 months of Saturday school and pay a ticket for skipping school..i tried to get a restraining order but cops we called simply told me i couldnt...he even showed up to saturday school where i got kicked out for having a "frend there" bc he walked all the way in and the security was like you 2 out..so i had to leave and he made it seem like he wanted to say sorry and part ways and giv me a ride home when he then instead drove to the aqueduct and yelled at me for like 2 hrs..and showed me bullets to his gun and dropped me off at my exes house. ..im still not aware of how he knew who my ex was and where he lived...he even described his car. .. Cops said they couldnt do anything for me.... My experience has changed me as a person...i have anxiety depression and paranoid to run into him...

44.  Seth Caldwell    Friday, September 2, 2016

what to do - move on. he has. It's hard, but it's the best thing for you. You can't care about someone that so obviously doesn't care about you.

45.  Us To Sleep    Saturday, September 10, 2016

I am actually getting viciously stalked at the moment. It's online, however, he uses his friend to make new accounts against me as well. (Even if his friend isn't that bad. At all. But only cares for the stalker's safety/life and it's merely one account.)

He is my 15 year old ex and he commonly threatens with comitting suicide. Up until today, he actually send a ''nice'' message (he does it pubicly on purpose) where he claims to be my servant, that he loves me, etc. even to the point of trying to speak my native language. (AKA using Google Translate because my native language is one of the most difficult ones in the world)
But guess what he did in those past few months, BEFORE the message? Stalk me, harrass me and my friends, blackmail me, and since I am underaged, contribute child pornography to several persons. As well, btw, as invading privacy and I can even sue him due copyright laws. So, I just deleted his messages (It's not on Facebook but I will keep it private as it is a private matter to me) and moved on. Then he sent me 5 messages on my other page, my main account which includes my real name. He was being as mean and rude as before, saying that before he goes he will make Everyone hate me. Even if he can't, since in his behavior it's already clear that he is mentally unstable.

He has been making over probably 10 accounts to stalk my pages, as well as his main account is dedicated to ''offensive'' posts about girlfriends and stuff.
He is a pathological liar at that too. He lies that when my friend talks to him, that he will leave me alone for now but he always comes back.

Also, the reason he thinks I am responsible for his death is because he thinks I am and was provoking him. A month after the break up when I made it clear I wanted no contact whatsoever, alligations of abuse got towards me. Sure I cheated on him twice and it's not alright, but he got away with cheating on me 12 times. The battle is wobbing and going unfair.
However, I am not responsible for his death. At all. If he DOES commit suicide, it'll be the most selfish action ever. Before I met him, he wasn't suicidal. When I was with him, he wasn't either. But now he suddenly is. He says I am cruel for not helping him and is surprised I don't talk to him after everything he has done. He already told a few times he was going to commit suicide but never did it.

To this point, if it's this bad, I just want him to be gone entirely. Not around me nor near me. But I don't want the police involved unless it's really needed.

I am living my life and school currently has started again, I am doing great and I hang out with my friends. Everything is usual but he ruins the online fun for me.

Any advice on helping me deal with him?

46.  chaney    Friday, September 16, 2016

I am a 26 year old gay male. And at the time I was 24. I was stalked by a guy in his 40s. He met me at a bar and I told him to go away. At the time I didn't know this but he followed me home that night. But then I caught on he was stalking me so after weeks of living in fear I contacted the police and they did what they could. But it was a bad idea because as soon as I contacted the police I think my stalker felt more rejection (even though I had no idea who he was hardly, not even his name) and got more angry. He started putting death threats all over my apartment door 4 times a week he would follow me absolutely everywhere I went, even work and my parents house. So I started using drugs to either stay up at night or escape my mind which was bad I know. But the police hardly would help me at all. So after a full 5 months of hell I took my trash out because I didn't see his car outside in any of the parking lots he came up behind me and stabbed me twice. I totally fell and passed out. Luckily my neighbor saw what happened so the guy was caught hiding in a creek bed behind my apartment building and I spent a week and 2 days in the hospital. So after I got out and healed I used drugs even more but have finally got clean 1o months ago. But now I'm living in even more hell. Now that I'm sober all my PTSD and trauma is tearing me apart and I cant cope very well. I'm in constant fear and don't trust one single person I hardly ever go out except to work. I have no friends and my parents travel, I seriously feel like I have no one. And even though my stalker is in prison I still feel like another guy is waiting to hurt me or something. I know this is all crazy talk but I feel like I have no man hood at all. I feel so weak and vulnerable. I'm getting worse and don't know what the fuck to do. I'm having fainting spells from panic attacks and I'm peeing in my sleep from nightmares with him in it. I see he still has all this power over me and it's all just a joke to him.
If anyone has any advice i'll take it please email me at bchbroadway@gmail.com

47.  Some Comments    Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I am male and have this male neighbor is just the worlds biggest pain in the ass manic pot head behavior calling me up every other hour "what are you doing?" its like oh sht think of something quick before the manic non stop talking hostage taker grabs hold.... Bla bla bla bla and I saw this movie.... ever see that movie ???? You know that movie ,,,, you saw that movie... Bla bla bla bla ,,,, are you hungry ?? Say yes so you get stuck in a restaurant with me talking bla bla bla bla , hey I got this idea ,,,, bla bla bla bla Ring goes my phone... Whats up, what are you doing ??? I always ask what are you doing cause if you answer nothing or hesitate it means I can come into your day and I wont go away. AND I live right next door don't try and hide... I am a psycho hypomanic pot smoking 51 year old that acts like a 14 year old , I have fragile feelings "whats up what are you doing today ? " Bla bla bla I never shut my mouth never bla bla bla bla bla and I just made another crude sex joke isn't that so funny ? bla bla bla I talk and talk and never shut the F up now pay attention to me and I never have an unexpressed thought I am talking bla bla bla bla...

SICK OF IT !!! Everyone else in the dudes life runs but I have the pot head screw ball right next door !!!

48.  Nastacia Anastakkis    Monday, December 5, 2016

I hate hunters and think you're pathetic for getting your kicks off an animal who can't defend themselves. Try toe to toe with someone who has the same resources as you. Of course you're a pussy ass bitch and wouldn't get a rush sticking your tail between your legs and running like the punk bitch you are.

49.  Jean Dark    Friday, December 30, 2016

In my opinion I was stalked by a workmate back in 2013, he followed me around, arranged breaks to coincide with mine, then one time 'walked me home' (followed me) and hung around outside my house until I had to be rude to him to go in my front door. Then he got my personal email - I would never have given it to him voluntarily because I thought he was creepy - and sent me a 'love letter'. I complained about it to HR at work, under their guidance I wrote a letter telling him I don't want him and to keep away from me. However, I was not believed by my other colleagues or superiors and eventually had to leave my job because of the hostility. That was almost 2 years ago, I thought I was free of it, I changed my job and moved house, although there have been seven acts of vandalism on my bike in the past year (which I have reported to the police as random vandalism) and things that made me think somebody was coming into my garden at night, I convinced myself I was imagining it . Yesterday I noticed he has been viewing my linkedin page, I don't know what other social media he has been watching me on, but I think he is stalking me again, how do I deal with it? last time I tried to do anything I wasn't believed and this has made me doubt my perception.

50.  Sarah Mason    Monday, January 23, 2017

i just read all of the different types and recently had an experience with this guy. Who at first was someone i met in my apartment building. Slowly we started talking and exchanged numbers and would hang out once in a while.. Eventually (long story) i ended up living in a motel and we had gotten a little closer and he stayed with me there my first night. I saw a completely different side to him that night alone in the motel room and asked him to leave then but he wouldn't. When he left the next day I told myself id never hang out with him again. But he came to get the rest of his stuff that he seemed to "forget" and didnt seem to pick up on my social cue of me not being comfortable around him after that and just ignored my clear vibe of confusion and distance and just acted like he was going to sleep over again. I was shocked that someone could be so ignorant and didnt even know what to say. So he stayed again. Eventually he just got more crazy would never leave when I asked him to tried to kill me one night. I lost my temper because he wouldnt leave after i kept asking him to i practically begged him to go and i got so mad that he wouldnt listen i put my hands on him and physically tried to pull him off the bed he pushed me back and i lost my temper and hit him and shit got out of control and he choked me out and put a pillow over my head. I had never felt more vulnerable and weak. Especially cause i knew i never watned him there in the first place and i knew there were some red flags but there wasnt much i could do. I would threaten to call the cops and he would threaten to blackmail me. I really didnt want to get the cops involved any way because thats just a stressful situation to get into and i was afraid of how he would react after they left and he came back. Any way this went on for months and i had no where else to go and he wouldnt fucking leave. He even tried to tell me he had aspergers one time and i thought it made sense because his social cues seemed so off and how he didnt get that when someone really wants you to leave that you should leave. But then he said he was lying about that. And everything else he said just seemed like a lie and a game and i felt trapped in this game of his and i had no where else to go. I finally reached out to family and told them the situation and have since moved back to get away. Now he is in rehab claiming he is trying to change. For wahtever reason i kept answering his calls IDK if it was fear or what but I am so fucking sick of feeling like he is dictating my life i have never let anyone have any control over me before it makes me feel so weak but i know i am a really strong person deep down and this entire situation has just completely fucked with me over these past 9 months. Just knowing i had no control over the situation. and knowing i knew to get away from him and tried to in the beginning when i first saw these signs but there was nothing i could really do to get rid of him. I know i could have called the cops i guess but its so fucked up that i let the fear of him keep from making a decision sooner i know this is going to take a little while for my mind to get over.

51.  Joshua Matthews    Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm just thinking. Some people have actually done dreadful things to their exes and their exes may have 'good reason' to want revenge. Having feelings of resentment and anger are perfectly normal. Also, expressing feelings can be too.

52.  Sarah Mason    Tuesday, January 24, 2017

crying because he thinks your a stalker or because you miss him?

53.  Sarah Mason    Tuesday, January 24, 2017

so your saying that its the person who is being stalked's fault? especially if they are a girl

54.  Cheryl Bacsardi    Tuesday, January 24, 2017

its both because how can i stalk him when all i wanted was someone to talk to he made me feel like i mattered to him he was making me feel so good inside. i do cry for him because i still love him so much. i sit at night with noone to talk to and when me and him would talk it made me happy. i would always stay up late just to talk to him.

55.  Helpless    Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I have two stalkers that coordinate their stalking. One is a twice convicted sex offender and the other is one of his co-workers. I have complained to the police, the employer and all my friends and family. Nobody cares enough to follow up. I have had to do my own investigating. These men have broke into the property I work at, drugged me, sexually assaulted me repeatedl, and physically and mentally tortured me. Everyone thinks I'm paranoid of crazy. I guess when the finally murder me it might occur to someone that I was telling the truth!!

56.  Joel    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I lost my love and best friend. We've known each other 15+ years, we were first kisses, and our chemistry is simply undeniable, however, I really messed up and continue to do so...

I'm not stalking her intentionally or anything, but I sacrificed all pictures with this beautiful lady to keep piece with her daughter's Father. Now, 2 years later, I have zero pictures to remember the time we spent together. All i wanted was a legitamate shot at a relationship without all the running, hiding, and sneakiness.

All I really wanted was to spend my life growing old with this woman. To see her continue to astonish me as a single mother gives me strength to keep moving. I would never lay a finger on her and it really breaks my heart to know she thinks of me this way.

I have so much unconditional love for this woman, but my heart feels like a blackwell that's run dry. I miss her smell, her dimples, her voice, and they way she could make time stand still in my life.

I feel deeper without even realizing it. Fresh out of a 5 year relationship in which I didn't feel ready to marry, this woman had me filling out a marriage license and saving for a ring within months. It just felt like we were always suppose to be...

57.  Nathan H    Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hi. I am looking for advice as to whether I am being a stalker or if I am being treated unfairly? It's a long story so please bear with me as I could really use some outside advice.

I met a girl 3 years ago whilst backpacking in Thailand. I had another girlfriend at the time but there was definitely sexual chemistry between this girl and I, but nothing happened for obvious reasons. Anyway we remained in infrequent contact via Facebook afterwards and would message every few months to check in and see how each other were. I eventually broke up with the now ex girlfriend and last year the contact between this girl I met and I became more frequent to the point that come the summer we were messaging on a daily basis and it was very flirty and suggestive.

She lives a 2 hour drive from me (we're in the UK) and we eventually agreed to meet up as friends. I drove to hers and we went out drinking and ended up in bed together that night. After that we agreed to maintain a casual relationship, and were meeting up every 2 weeks. We even went on a long weekend away together at the beginning of December, after which I realised I had developed stronger feelings for her so I came clean with her about that. She said she wasn't sure if she had romantic feelings for me but asked for a little time so she could think things through. We agreed to meet in a neutral location about 10 days later to talk things through, during which she said she cared about me a lot was really attracted to me, loved spending time with me, talking to me, that I was one of her best friends, and that the sex was the best she had ever had, but that she still wasn't sure if she felt that romantic connection, and that we should stop sleeping together, but she still wanted to hang out with me from time to time going forward. I was obviously disappointed but accepted her decision, but still drove her back to hers and we slept together again that night.

After I left hers the following morning I started worrying that this would also be the end of our friendship, as if we were both going to date other people, then inevitably we would eventually lose contact and I didn't want that, so pursued it with her again and tried to get her to see reason, as the things she had said about being attracted to me, etc, seemed like a pretty good foundation to pursue something more than just a casual arrangement. She got really annoyed at me for doing this and even said that before I started trying to convince her otherwise, she had every intention of considering a more serious future with me, but wasn't sure if she could now as she felt like I wasn't respecting her. This is when it all started to spiral out of control.

I got scared of losing her as a friend more than anything and kept apologising for not giving her the space she asked for, but I could not understand any of her logic. I messaged her asking her to give me a chance and when she wouldn't reply I would send another message explaining my reasons as to why she should and that I didn't want to lose her, but this aggravated her even more. I got really upset and spoke to a friend about it who also knew her from when we met in Thailand, after I got upset when she told me she was going on a date with another guy. He then messaged her asking her to talk to me as I was really upset. She called me that night and we were on the phone for 3 hours during which she wasn't giving me an inch and didn't seem to fully understand what I was saying to her. I was emotionally hysterical and I ended up saying some horrible things, which I know I can't take back, but were said in the heat of the moment and I didn't mean any of it. I am truly sorry for anything I said that night.

Since then I have come to realise that any kind of physical or romantic relationship with her will probably never happen, and I can accept that. But more than anything she was like my best friend and I didn't want to lose that aspect, so I kept trying to apologise and looking to rebuild that as I know it means a lot to me and she did say she cared about me and that I was one of her best friends. All of this didn't seem worth throwing that away for. So I persisted with trying to make things up to her. I sent her flowers, asked for forgiveness and tried to assure her that I would never hurt her or put her in any kind of danger. I wrote her an apology poem and posted it to her, as I know she likes creative writing, but she said it was the stupidest thing she had ever received. Over this time she has gradually blocked me on all social media platforms (Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram), but not all at the same time, always leaving at least one or more open for me to contact her via and have visibility of. Until now that is.

I have politely asked her if she will meet with me and sit down face to face to get everything out on the table and try and put this saga to bed and hopefully try and rebuild the friendship we once had. But she says that she has no desire to be friends with me at the minute (I emphasise the 'at the minute' part) and that meeting with me would be of no gain to her. My argument to that was that by meeting there is everything to gain and nothing to lose, as things can't get any worse than the current state of affairs, but by meeting at least there could be a chance of gaining our friendship back. I've confessed to her my mistakes and have apologised profusely for them, but that my actions were out of caring for her and fear of losing her entirely. Not that's an excuse, but my intentions have always been honourable. I have not sworn at her or said anything mean during this entire saga, other than that night on the phone. She has now blocked me on everything after I pleaded with her to give me one hour of her time face to face, and said I didn't feel she was being entirely fair on me, as I feel like I have no closure on the matter, as it all escalated out of nothing.

I don't feel like I have asked for a lot by wanting to meet for an hour face to face. I also feel like she is dismissing the times I was there for her last year when she was experiencing some health issues and that I was the one who made her laugh, smile and listened to her when she was feeling down about it all. I even offered to take time off work to come and keep her company in hospital if she had to have an operation, which at one point looked likely, but thankfully didn't it the end.

I understand why she got angry at me, and I am sorry for anything I said or did. We all make mistakes right? But I have admitted to mine and am sorry and would have done anything to put them right and make up for my wrongdoings. Can I please get some advice as I am so confused? Is she right to feel threatened by me and cut me out of her life entirely, even though she has stated that she never wanted to have to do that? Or has she been a little unfair on me or even toyed with my emotions to a degree? I don't think my actions or behaviour has been of an unforgiveable nature. But I may be wrong and hence could do with some sound advice.

Many thanks.

58.  Toni    Monday, March 20, 2017

My ex whom i went into a dv refuge drove over 3 hours and parked in my street late at night. I did not know until my neighbor told me as he had parked his car on my grass one night and his brake lines were cut. The stalking went for 7 years, hopefully it will stop but having a child together makes it difficult. Violence does not always end when you leave.

59.  Wendy    Monday, May 8, 2017

I've been stalked for 2 years after i tried to end a friendship when i realized that he was sending me threats via multiple accounts then pretended to be my friend and help me when it was him all along, now I'm afraid of his mental state. i have a restraining order than expires this week and cannot renew it as he's rich and his lawyer is demanding a 2 hour cross examination with him in the room (a legalized form of continual torture). i dont want to go through the cross examination and cannot afford a lawyer and he knows this. I dont know what to do when the restraining order expires. the police said i can have him charged with criminal harassment but he will probably hire the best lawyers to get off the charges then come back and kill me or something. i dont know what to do!! :(

60.  Wendy    Monday, May 8, 2017

i know the feeling and noone will understand unless they experience it themselves.

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