INTJ Female

By Jessika Endsley


INTJ-femaleHi, this is Dizzy, and I'm a female INTJ. There is a debate in the Myers-Briggs community about whether or not female INTJs actually exist or not. I find this actually kind of laughable because I score almost 100% on every single aspect of I, N, T, J. I believe the most common type for a female is ESFP. If you're an ESFP, get the fuck away from me. I don't want to be around you; you're the most surface type person there is. You're an Extrovert, which makes you someone who only deals with external factors of life; that's not entirely true, but that's how you come across to me and it gets on my nerves. You're Sensory, which means you're going to want to hug me. Don't do that. You're Feeling, which means you're going to base all your decisions on your gut instinct, which is most likely wrong, because you're an Extrovert and you're Sensory. And you're a Perceiver. If you don't have a list or an agenda or a plan, get out of my face.

Anyway, about INTJs... Yeah, my introversion is extremely high. I have no friends. I'm okay with this fact. If that makes me a hermit, I don't really care. It's not that I would dislike having friends, but finding friends who are suitable to be around me and I could deal with them and they can deal with me is extremely difficult. As far as being an actual INTJ: I fit the whole thing perfectly. People think that I'm annoyed or upset when I'm really just thinking. I could be totally spaced out, calm and comfortable and people will think that I am entirely pissed. This is something I would term the "INTJs stare," which I think anybody with a J and a T would have. Efficiency is top priority for me. But another aspect of being an INTJ is that we space out a lot, that's because we're constantly thinking. You think we have time to think about tying our shoes? No, because we're trying to cure cancer and we're trying to murder some dictator in another country, and we're also trying to figure out whether or not God exists all at the same moment. So that is why we forget to tie our shoes, forget to lock our cars and forget our names. So absent-minded we are, male or female.

That's not to say that hormones don't come into play for the very few female INTJs. Yes, we do have our periods. We do get our PMS. I do feel that we interact with it a little differently than the typical FP type of female; not much different when they're on PMS 'cause they're always tripping about, "Oh, I have to paint my nails. Oh, my boyfriend broke up with me. Oh, this. Oh, my life is so sad. Oh, everything is so colourful." Yeah, I don't care. Shut up and go talk to your Barbie. I don't care. Don't talk to me. Maybe this is why I never had female friends growing up. Maybe this is why I was such a tomboy, 'cause I just really cannot stand that. I keep going off topic on a rampage about how much I hate ESFPs or FPs in general when that's not really what I'm intending to do. Like I said, spaced out.

Typical female thing, watching romance movies. No, not going to happen. You try to make me watch a romance movie, I'm going to throw up on your face and walk out. And then I'm going to laugh at you while you barf because I barfed on you. And then I'm going to go walk into the next room and watch a horror movie and laugh the entire time and make everybody extremely uncomfortable. Yes, that's how it works. I watch someone get stabbed on TV and I'm like, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you're smarter than the hero. Clap, clap, clap. Good for you." And by clap I don't mean the disease. My boyfriend is in the room with me and he's laughing and I'm not sure why. But it is infectious.

Let's see. Stupid people annoy me. That's not to say all INTJs are smart. They're not. They should be, if they want to utilize their personality. And I'm not getting into Socionics with this crap. Let's see... INTJs, we tend to lack empathy. What are you laughing at? We tend to lack empathy, which is not a feminine trait, at all. I've been told I'm an extremely aggressive person. Rude, blunt, bitch, whatever you want to call it. I'm fine with it, because I don't care. You don't like me, get away from me. It's okay. And if you're ESFP, definitely get away from me, because I'll cut you, verbally. My brain never stops moving. I feel that's pretty much a constant theme for INTJs, regardless of gender. Most females are FPs.

What are you laughing at? There's nothing funny about this. You've lost your mind. Yeah, boyfriend's throwing me off now, 'cause he's laughing and I'm not sure what I've said is funny at all or if just gone off the rocker.

There's a site, here, that says, "Part of being an INTJ is when you greet a person with the term, 'I've been thinking about... ". I just realized I do that on a daily basis with the two people, in total I talk to. I've been thinking about how aliens and dolphins are related in some fact. Finding loopholes in anything, scientifically, religiously or anything. I will go out of my way to prove other people wrong. But if they're right I'll admit it and then walk off. I've a tendency to speak in the same fashion as a textbook, and people have taken notice of this. One of these people includes my boyfriend and one includes my therapist. So now I have a new nickname and it is, "Textbook". So maybe I should change my YouTube name from Dizzy to Textbook.

I've a tendency to speak and then people will look at me and say, "What?" That's happened to me, a lot. And then I'm like, "Okay, if you didn't get it the first time, then get out of my face, FP". I'm obsessed with typology. I will sit at a table with people I've never met, I randomly blurt out, "ESFP! INFP! ESTJ!" And then later on, if I can coax them into taking the test, I'll determine if I'm right or not. And more often than not I'm right. Which makes me very happy, inside. For about five seconds, before I resort back to a monotonous, emotionless, psychopathic feeling of emptiness.

The debate about whether female INTJs actually exist is just entirely laughable. So... Really, whatever gets you through the day. Do you want to say we don't exist, I mean... Bottom line, you say we don't exist, but considering we're INTJs, we don't care. Because we're smarter than you. It's all good. I read thesaurus' for fun. What do you do? You paint your fingernails? Masturbate in your free time? I mean what do you do? I'm smarter than you. Anyway, proof of female INTJ. Thank you and have a wonderful night.

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